My Former Classmates And Exercising With My Brother CC And My Mom Trying To Return A Charger To HSN And Two Forts In Age Of Empires III

I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night that started inside maybe a mall-like building that had several businesses and a school, and I seemed to be in maybe 12th grade again with my former classmates near the end of the year maybe; but this was a fictional school inside the building that had probably mostly glass walled classrooms where you could see people walking around the building to classes and shopping at the businesses like at a mall.

I remember going to one or more classes inside one or more small classrooms, and I remember seeing my former female classmate MW several times in the dream; and she stood out from other characters/former classmates in the dream for some unknown reason(s), which is somewhat common for dream with her in them, and I remember looking at her closely and thinking about her as she walked by the classroom that I was in.

I talked to several former classmates of mine during the dream, including my former classmate MW, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I was inside another part of the building that was somewhat dimly lit and I remember joining my brother CC as he exercised in a fitness / training part of the building that had various exercise areas with various mostly non-traditional exercise equipment, and several of the areas had a coach who would have you follow their fitness routine when you are in their area.

I remember us climbing monkey bars / ropes / nets / et cetera, going through obstacle courses, running, and doing various unique exercise routines with coaches sometimes guiding/coaching us through the routines; and at some point it was time to take a shower, but for some reason we were going to use the women’s bathroom (maybe the showers in the men’s bathroom was broken).

My brother CC started taking a shower but before I could enter the womens’ bathroom I saw my mom and my aunt JE walking toward the bathroom because my aunt JE needed to use the bathroom or take a shower, and so I told them that my brother CC was inside the bathroom; and so they waited until he finished, and then my aunt JE went inside the bathroom.

I still had not taken my shower and I waited for my aunt JE to finish as I talked to my mom who showed me a large flat blackish colored square-shaped charger that she bought from HSN (Home Shopping Network) that was supposed to be able to charge various electronic devices at the same time just by sitting your electronic devices on it, but my mom told me that her mobile phone was not compatible with it; and so she wanted to return it back to HSN.

She told me that there was a HSN building or the HSN headquarters in this fictional city that we were in and so she wanted to take it there in person, and so later in the dream we left to this HSN building/headquarters; and all that I can remember is that there was a delay/some confusion or something like that where we were not sure if we could return the charger or not or where to return it.

During this delay/confusion I started daydreaming about playing the video game Age Of Empires III where I was playing as the British and I had the home shipment card for an extra fort, and so I used both cards to get two forts; but there was a delay/confusion on where to build/put my two forts on the map or if I could do it without the enemy destroying them before they finished building.

I moved one fort to the right side of the map as close as I could to the enemy and I had it protected by several soldiers, and I did the same with the other fort on the left side of the map but I only had some monks with it and no soldiers; and then there was a constant confusion/delay that prevented me from building them, but I woke up as I tried to figure this out.

The end,

-John Jr


The Will Of My Grandfather CE

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I somewhat remember part of my last dream but I can not remember the beginning to the middle of the dream, but I think that the dream took place during the day in maybe V where my former classmate DH lives or in M where my uncle JE lives or in SC where my brother CC is doing basic training.

My mom and her siblings were there to have the will of my dead grandfather CE read to them, and my dad and I went with my mom to a building where the reading of the will was to take place; and my dad and I got to enter the room to hear the reading of the will surprisingly.

Two unknown men and an unknown woman with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair wearing maybe pin-striped(?) suits (except for maybe the woman who maybe wore a purplish colored suit) were the ones reading the will, and at some point they reached a part in the will about a fictional family business that my dead grandfather CE owned.

The two men and the one woman stopped reading the will like they were about to lie about what the will said so that they could somehow get some of the profits from the business, I seen them pause and hesitant with negative-looking grins/smiles, and then they started reading the will again; but I can not remember what they said.

The next thing that I remember is riding in my parents’ automobile with them and my dad was driving, and my mom had my dad drive us near a small one-story old military fort that the Air Force or Air National Guard were using and a small park was connected to it.

My dad drove across the grass trying to find the parking lot, my mom and I saw a sign that said not to drive on the grass and so we told my dad this, but he did not listen to us; and then across the grass/field I saw what looked like a male police officer with whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair signaling to us to get off the grass.

I told my mom and dad about this but my dad continued driving and then it seemed that the police officer was running across the field at us, and so I told my dad and my dad panicked a bit and he started trying to drive away quickly; and I warned my dad to stop before we get arrested, but he kept driving in a panic.

We saw a building with a ramp that led to an upper floor and my dad drove up the ramp hoping to find a way back to the street but the ramp stopped at a door or window on the second floor, so my dad parked the automobile on the ramp, and my dad and mom ran into the building; and I ran after them telling them to stop and that the police officer would know who were are from our license plate number.

They were still panicking and then I started to panic and I ran with them, down the hallway was a desk with a female worker behind it with yellowish/whitish colored skin with shiny blackish colored hair and my parents’ probably briefly said something to her, and they ran into an open stage-like room that over-looked a room on the first floor.

The room on the first floor looked a bit like an outdoor area with maybe carpet and/or artificial turf/grass and there were several dogs in the room, the police officer entered the room on the upper floor where we were and we were trapped, and so in a panic I jumped to the room on the first floor with the dogs.

One of my knees hit some dog feces that was on the floor and so I got dog feces on my blue jeans that I was wearing and then I heard the police officer yell at us to put our hands in the air and he reached for his pistol, and so we put our hands in the air; and he handcuffed my dad first, and then he went to focus his attention on me to handcuff me next once I climbed back up to the upper floor where they were.

I put my hands behind my head and I asked the police officer if I could spray the dog feces off my pants before climbing back up to the upper floor, the police officer smiled and he started to laugh, and he told me that I could spray off the dog feces with a water hose that was near me.

While I was spraying off the dog feces I explained to the police officer the situation that earlier we had looked for the parking lot, but then we panicked when we saw him and that we were not trying to cause any trouble or do anything illegal; but that we made a mistake and then things got out-of-control.

The police officer continued to relax and to laugh about the situation, and then we started to relax and laugh as well but I woke up before I could climb back to the upper floor where they were.

The end,

-John Jr