11-12-2013 | Dream Fragment | A Basketball Court On An Island With Floating Faces And An Unknown Old Man And Trying To Escape A Worldwide Strange Weather Event And An Attack?

English: basketball court
English: basketball court (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I only remember part of one strange and confusing dream that does not make much sense, partly because I forgot some important parts of the dream and the dream was confusing, but I will try to type what I remember of the dream.

I remember being on a small fictional island on a basketball court near the sea/ocean/water with kids, young adults, and one or more adults during the evening or night on a nice blueish/blackish colored night where you could see the clouds a bit in the dark blueish/blackish colored sky; and I remember playing basketball with the others and having fun, and at some point I remember some large floating faces (taller than a human) trying to play basketball with us or something strange/confusing like that.

I think that the faces were like flat projections/holograms (maybe a bit like Zordon from the TV show Power Rangers) of just eyes and a mouth with only a bit of face in a rectangular-like shape standing up vertically and they floated around the basketball court and they could talk, and I remember one of the faces possibly looking and acting a bit like a demonic clown like the demon Violator from Spawn; and it seemed like the faces were really in another dimension mostly and so the faces were possibly just a projection of them or only a small part of their body touching into our dimension, but they probably could fully enter our dimension if they wanted to and/or if they had help.

The floating face that reminded me of the demon Violator was the most aggressive and negative of the faces, he kept threatening violence, and I tried to get him to calm down; and we got into a bit of an argument with him threatening to enter our dimension fully and killing me, I was afraid of him and I felt that he could easily kill me, but I continued to stand up to him because he was threatening violence against the kids and others on the basketball court.


Spaceships In The Sky

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Lazy Overview:

I had this dream about two months ago, fortunately it was short and my memory of it is pretty good, considering the amount of time since I had this dream.

Some of my family and I were walking to my grandfather’s house in the day and as we were about to walk into my grandfather’s house, I noticed something appear in the sky.