Helping A Little Girl Win A Prize

Last night I got stuck in a quicksand mode or whatever you want to call it, where you get pretty comfortable in bed & sleep a bit deeply & have a hard time getting yourself to get out of bed and/or stay awake, and so the waking & going back to sleep multiple-times and sleeping deeply can cause you to forget your dreams.

Dream 1

Somehow I managed to remember part of two dreams, I know that I had several dreams and that I remembered them at some point, but most of them got lost in the quicksand sleep mode or whatever; one dream involved me changing the water for my brother KD’s bamboo plant & cleaning the glass jar that it was in because algae was building up, but that is all that I can remember.


9-27-2012 | Dream Journal | Talking To A Fictional Neighbor At A Hospital

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Last night I had several dreams involving Saints Row: The Third related things like recruiting/protecting people, taking over territory, doing missions, et cetera; but that is all that I can remember about those dreams.

The only dream that I can really remember part of, is a dream that took place at a fictional apartment/hospital that had a lot of floors, and I had an apartment on one of the upper floors.

The hallway that I lived on had doors/apartments on both sides of the hallway, there were no windows in the hallway, the hallway had dark-colored carpet/maybe walls/maybe ceiling, and so it was a bit dark looking; and it was a lower class/income apartment, but it was clean.

I remember that two of my neighbors who lived on the same hallway as me were/was a man who looked like the actor Adam Rodriguez and he had a young sister or girl who lived with him, and I remember there were various dream scenes from different days that showed them/us coming & going from our apartments each day but I can not remember the details.

One day I went to a hospital that was probably connected to our apartment, oddly hospitals are often combined/attached/joined to other types of building in my dreams 😀 , and I walked on one of the upper floors to an area in the hospital that had several doctors offices.