Pretending To Be Doctors | College A Cappella

Dream 1

This dream involved some of my coworkers and some other people and their children and I going to some kind of park-like / amusement park-like area that had various games, activities, and indoor / outdoor places to explore.

Some one else and I were pretending to be HEIC doctors (whatever that is) so that we could all get in free, the other person and I were dressed like surgeons with scrubs and face masks and head coverings and gloves et cetera, and we only needed to pretend for an hour or two.


Thank You Hanes For The Free Cloth Face Masks


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During this COVID-19 pandemic the Hanes clothing company kindly donated some free cloth face masks to the city of D / B Parish, and the mayor / city / volunteers / et cetera distributed them throughout the parish at drive-through pick-up locations.

Up until that point I had wanted a reusable face mask, but I could not find any particular brands or model that were recommended by the government / media / et cetera.


My Coworkers And A Pile Of Walmart Products

All that I can remember of this dream is that maybe a forgotten part of it took place at Walmart and / or another store that was possibly connected to or near what looked like The E House that was also somehow The BP Library even though it mostly looked like The E House.

Whatever happened during the forgotten parts of the dream, which was most of the dream, possibly partly involved my parents and I shopping.

We possibly returned to The E House / The BP Library with a pile of stuff (products) from Walmart that was put in the hallway that one of the entrance / exits doors is on, the pile of Walmart stuff was near the opening of the hallway by the living room, and everyone was free to get stuff from the pile.

My coworkers ran to the pile grabbing all that they could, I was in the living room and maybe so was my dad, and my mom was in another room.

After grabbing mostly everything, my coworkers all split up and they went to different rooms to go through the stuff that they quickly grabbed and possibly even shelved up with actual shovels, and that left me with little to nothing.

The last person at the pile before I walked over was our branch manager Mrs. MB, I briefly talked with her about how fast our coworkers grabbed things, and Mrs. MB told me that she liked Walmart stuff and so this seemed exciting to her and them especially because this was all free.

Mrs. MB joked that it was probably bad and a bit embarrassing, but that it was true and then she went to a room to go through the stuff that she grabbed from the pile.

I possibly said something to my dad and then my mom, and then I went to see some of the things that my coworkers had picked out and to see how were they organizing their stuff et cetera.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Introducing: A Diverse Free Stock Photo Library

Source: The Blog

The Blog had a post called Introducing: A Diverse, Free Stock Photo Library where they talk about how users have access to free images that they can use in posts / pages that can be accessed directly from the Add Media option under Free Photo Library on itself when you are making a post / page, and how they are working to be more inclusive and increase the diversity of those free images:

Unfortunately using these images requires that they be added to your Media Library when you select them so I can not use them because I use hotlinked images from sources that allow hotlinking when possible because free accounts have a limited amount of storage in the Media Library so I do not want to risk running out of space because I make posts for every day, but these images can be a great resource for those who do not have this concern who want to start adding free images to their posts / pages that can be added directly from itself now without having to find them somewhere else.

It would be nice if these images could be hotlinked as well and / or if they did not count against our storage limit because then I would use them too when possible.

Thank you

The end,

-John Jr