A Good Day

Sinead Keenan in Being Human (2008)
Source: IMDb

Dream 1

All that my voice recording of this dream said was something about: from nighttime to daytime, from alive to dead, *something that I could not understand* the person who is oldest dying last… ; but that is all that my voice recording said, and I have no memory of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is of me being inside E Manor during the day and my dead grandmother DE was alive again somehow and maybe my dead grandfather CE was alive again, and some of my family was probably there; and I remember the dream being very positive, and my grandmother DE could talk and I probably briefly talked with her and helped her a bit around the house.

At some point my grandmother DE was inside the kitchen cooking and so I happily went inside the kitchen to see what she was cooking and to help a bit, I remember that one of the things that she was cooking was French Vanilla Pie, and she had the pie crust mostly ready and she was working on the pie filling while also working on the rest of the meal.

I remember joking and talking with my grandmother DE as I washed the dishes as she cooked, the dream was very positive/happy/fun, and at some point I remember leaving the house to walk to my parent’s house and I remember my brother GC being in my parent’s yard; and somehow I was naked now holding only a whitish colored towel or something like that to cover the front of my body but my butt and the back of my body and the side of my body was showing.

I noticed that I was now naked so I tried to quickly get inside my parent’s house through the back door, I saw my male cousin ME and his dad/my uncle JE walking toward E Manor to the gate by the boat port/garage, but they saw me and they started walking toward my parent’s yard; and then my former male schoolmate CT (brother of my former male classmate MT) joined them to walk in my parent’s yard, I told my brother GC that they were coming, and I quickly ran inside the house and I closed the door so that I could put some clothes on.

My former schoolmate CT knocked on the door because he saw me go inside, I cracked open the door and I told him just a moment because I was trying to get dressed, and I remember him making an awkward facial expression and he said okay; and then I closed the door to put some clothes on, and after or as I was getting dressed somehow my body changed into/became either the character Nina Pickering from the BBC television series Being Human or the actress Sinead Keenan who played her.

I was confused about this and my voice and accent even changed to hers and I was shorter and weaker and lighter but I was still me mentally/inside, my clothes now looked baggy on me but it looked like it was part of a style that I was trying, and then I wondered how to explain this to the others and what they would say/think and if they would believe it was really me or not.

I opened the door and I told my former schoolmate CT and the others that somehow my body/voice/accent suddenly changed but that it was really me and I probably said a few things to prove it, oddly they believed me and they did not seem shocked or surprised really, and I asked my former schoolmate CT what he wanted; and I remember him joking around with me by holding an object over his head that I was trying to grab, but I was now too short and weak so he smiled/laughed as I struggled trying to reach it without luck.

My new body was shorter/weaker/lighter compared to my old body and this annoyed/angered/frustrated/embarrassed me at first but then I started to smile/laugh as well because he was only joking/having fun with me because I was so small/weak now and it was funny when I realized that I looked like a little/short girl/kid with short/little arms trying to reach something that an adult was holding in the air so that I could not reach it and I decided to use my short height and lightness and quickness to move around in ways/places that my former schoolmate CT could not, and I probably finally grabbed the object from him; and it felt good to have done this by being smart and using strategy, realizing my weaknesses and strengths, and using this to my advantage.

Still happy about my victory I once again asked my former schoolmate CT what he wanted and he told me to follow him, I remember us walking until we reached a fictional parking lot that had some stores/businesses (one being a grocery store) and a gas station in it, and during our walk I remember somewhat seriously and jokingly telling/reminding him who I was so that he would not forget that even though my body was now female that I was still me inside so I did not want him getting attracted to me; and so I told him to consider me one of his family members to help prevent him from getting attracted to me, and so I told him that he should now consider me his cousin.

I can not remember if I ever learned what my former schoolmate CT wanted or not, maybe we went inside a store or the gas station but I can not remember what happened or what happened to him, and all that I can remember is walking into the gas station alone and I assume that I changed back into myself because I felt taller/stronger/heavier and my normal voice/accent probably returned and my former classmate DS was able to recognize who I was; and my former male classmate DS and another man (maybe my former classmate MM) entered the gas station as well acting happy and like they were ready to get into some trouble, I remember greeting them, and a male worker with whitish colored skin with short dark yellowish colored hair was behind the counter.

My former classmate DS and the other man walked up to the male worker and demanded that he give them something and all the money because they were robbing him, they seemed like they were serious but they were in such a good mood that it seemed almost like they were joking, and so I decided to apologize to the male worker telling him that they were only joking and I paid him for the items that they wanted; and I gave him a tip, and I gave them some money as well so that they would leave before they got themselves in trouble.

Oddly the money that I gave the male worker at first looked a bit fake like I had printed it on paper and I possibly even had some printed on paper that were not cut yet, the tip that I gave him looked even faker like Monopoly money, and my former classmate DS and the other man noticed this; but the male worker did not, and so I told my former classmate DS and the other man that we should leave because I was afraid that it was counterfeit money.

Once outside they were excited about the situation and the possibly counterfeit money, they felt that I was good luck and that with me around they could get away with and survive any thing, and they told me that they wanted to have a good day; and with me around they predicted that today would be a good day.

We started walking up the side of the highway/street and I was still afraid that had been counterfeit money and that the male worker would notice and call the Secret Service or FBI or police or someone like that, and as we walked I remember hearing police sirens so I was afraid they were coming/looking for us; and I remember several blackish colored cars and SUVs (sport utility vehicles) driving by us very fast like they were Secret Service and/or FBI agents possibly rushing to the gas station, but they did not notice us.

I remember my former classmate DS and the other man celebrating them not noticing us and they continued to believe that I brought them good luck, and then some damaged automobiles driving fast drove on the sidewalk where we were almost hitting us but somehow they missed; and once again they celebrated the good luck that they thought I brought to them.

We walked to a fictional version of N Street which was larger and more dangerous because of gangs, and we got attacked by two different gangs who did not like my former classmate DS and the other man; and one gang did a drive-by shooting on us and the other gang shot at us from porches/on foot, but we somehow survived without getting hurt.

My former classmate DS and the other man celebrated each time that we survived something/a situation and they grew more over-confident each time and now they really felt invincible, they were ready to do anything they wanted (possibly including committing all the crimes that they wanted, but I told them that they should not do that and that I wanted no part in that) and walk through the territory of any gang, and I remember them celebrating/having fun/enjoying their good luck as we continued our journey until the good luck ended; and at this point they felt like demigods with me around, but then a sniper from a gang with an automatic rifle started shooting at us from the window of a house in the distance.

My former classmate DS and the other man were having fun as we ran to avoid getting shot, we ran toward an area that had a drop where there was broken concrete/rocks and a river or sewer drain, and on the other side was a house/small project housing building and land/wilderness behind it; and there were many people of various ages with dark brownish and blackish colored skin with blackish colored hair in the yard of the house hanging out until they stopped to watch us getting shot at and running.

I felt several possible bullets/gunshots hit me from behind in my back and I probably tried to tell the others this but they still felt invincible and they were having fun and then my former classmate DS and the other man got shot as well and they fell into the river/sewer drain, and I jumped into the water to avoid getting shot again, to save my former classmate DS and the other man, and to get us to the other side to escape into the wilderness.

Once in the water I possibly got bit by a snake because I felt a sharp pain in my arm or hand and then I started to feel weaker and drained like poison was weakening me, my former classmate DS and the other man were dead in the water and it was clear that the luck had ended, and I felt a bit sad at first because they were so happy and they were so sure/confident that with me around for good luck that they were safe; and I grabbed their bodies and I swam with them to the other side; and I asked the people watching to help me pull/carry them up to the entrance/trail of the wilderness, and so they helped me and we put them on their backs on the ground and I thanked the people for helping and maybe I gave them the rest of the money I had.

I assumed that the sniper and his gang would arrive soon so I needed to run into the wilderness before they realized that I was alive/there (they did not even know me, and they were trying to kill my former classmate DS and the other man), but I stopped to look at the dead bodies of my former classmate DS and the other man; and maybe they died smiling, but I am not sure.

I remember realizing that I should be happy because they were happy and they died happy, and they wanted to have a good day and they predicted that they would have a good day; and they did have a good day, I stood there smiling for a moment as I realized this and as I remembered what they had said to me earlier, and I thought about the fun that they had.

I wondered how was I still alive, I assumed that I was possibly dying because of the gunshots and possible poisonous snake bite but it was possible that I was going to survive because maybe I did have some kind of special luck, either way I decided to run into the wilderness to either escape or at least die outside in the wilderness enjoying the outdoors (which is a nice way to die in my opinion); but I woke up, and I woke up feeling positive.

The end,

-John Jr