Pauline Croze – Je Suis Un Renard (Clip Officiel)

Pauline Croze – Je Suis Un Renard (Clip Officiel)

What Is It?

The YouTube video Pauline Croze – Je Suis Un Renard (Clip Officiel) by the YouTube channel Pauline Croze, and here is the description for this video:

Réalisateur : Les Mauvaises Filles
Scenario : Malou DONGELMANS
Producteur executive : Les Mauvaises Filles

Movement Director : N’doho ANGE
Assistant Réalisateur : Antoine LEGRAND
Chef Opérateur : James COOTE
Assistant Camera : Tom HAUDRY
Chef Electricien : Robin BLAISOT
Steadicam : Jean-Baptiste LAMONTRE
Pilote de Drone : Thomas PANAIVA
Assistant Drone : Raphaël ROUSSEAU
Styliste : Anais GILLOT
Maquillage & Coiffeur : Virginie DESFONTAINES
Stylisme : Parisremade, Xuan, Sarah Dardouri, Sara Shala
Dêcor : L’Orfèvrerie
Laboratoire : KAFARD Films
(c) 2021 Vilmamusica

Texte : Olivia Brun
Musique : Pauline Croze
Arrangement: Fils Cara
Edition : Auteur Maximum (une division d’Absolute Management)
Extrait de l’album ‘Après les heures grises’
(p) & (c) 2021 Vilmamusica
Distributeur : Argentic Music/Capitol/Universal


Seeing My Reflection Leads To A Lucid Dream With French

This dream took place in another country, at some point I saw my reflection in a window or wall or mirror & my glasses (eyeglasses) were very tinted & would not transition back to clear (everything else was normal), I have photochromic (transition) lenses, this confused me, and so I started doing a reality check eventually I assume.

During my reality check I closed my eyes & I opened them again to see if anything changed, I remember being surprised that I did not accidentally wake up, so at this point I knew that it was a dream, and so it became a lucid dream.


Pauline Croze – A L’évidence

Pauline Croze – A L’évidence

For some reason, this song (A L’évidence by Pauline Croze) rarely appears in my playlist when I randomly listen to it, so I somewhat forgot about it, fortunately it played last night when I was listening to music.

This was one of my favorite songs from her music album Un Bruit Qui Court, which would make it among my favorite songs by Pauline Croze, and oddly it is probably one of the least played of my favorite Pauline Croze songs since I started listening to music from my phone instead on a MP3 player.


Pauline Croze – Mal Assis

Pauline Croze – Mal assis (Lyric video)

This song, Mal Assis by Pauline Croze from her music album Pauline Croze, is the last song on this music album, but I think that it is: a bit too slow, is a bit too long, and so it is one of the songs that I listen to the least on this album.

I do think that it fits tonally / moodwise as the last song on the music album though, and so I do think that it is a good ending song.


Pauline Croze – You’re The One That I Want

Pauline Croze – You’re The One That I Want

This song, You’re The One That I Want by Pauline Croze from her music album Pauline Croze, is the only English language song on this album, and it is a cover of a song from the movie Grease.

It is probably my least favorite song on the album, but it is cool to hear her singing in English.