A Fictional House / Yard / Trail / Beach / River Near N Street In The City Of D

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night or this morning I was having a dream when I was suddenly awakened from this dream into the real world because someone supposedly accidentally sprayed air freshener in my face, and the shock of this caused me to forget all of my dreams; but after I went back to sleep I had one last dream, and I remember some of that dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D and I walked through a fictional trail with several other people through the wilderness that led to a small river with a beach on the right side of the river in the distance, you could cross the river on a small bridge that several people and I made years ago when we were younger, and on the other side of the small bridge was a small yard and a small house where some of my fictional friends/classmates used to live.

No one lived at the house now and so we went to visit this area to think about old memories and to hang out inside the house, there were still objects/furniture inside the house, and I remember using hanging out inside the house after spending sometimes house by the river and bridge; and I think that my brother GC, one or more of my former classmates, and maybe one of my cousins was with me.

At some point two police officers entered the house, both of them were a bit obese and one of them was older with whitish colored skin and the other police officer was younger and he looked a bit like my male cousin EE, and we were all surprised to see each other there because no one lived at the house; and the police officers explained to us that they use the house sometimes but they did not say what they use it for, and so we explained why we were there and our history with this place.

The older police officer left at some point and the younger police officer stayed so we showed him around the house and outside the house telling him about some of our memories of this place, and in the distance I saw a family (husband, wife, kids, aunts, uncles, maybe grandparents) with whitish colored skin fishing/playing/cooking/talking/swimming/et cetera at the beach having fun.

We explained to the police officer how we made the bridge from trash that was dumped in this area because it was once used as a trash dump by a company and/or some people and how we used to clean up the trash, and I remembered/told various memories/stories that I remembered of this place; and some of them involved some of my cousins like my male cousins EE/ME/DE, my former male classmates DH/JC/SW/EW, my dad, my aunt DE, my uncle EE, and various people who lived in the neighborhood.

It was a nice day outside and the river was flowing, we probably cleaned up some trash and made some adjustments to the bridge while enjoying nature and the wildlife in river and around the area, and it was nice talking about and remembering old memories of this place; but those memories were probably fictional and/or from past dreams, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


The Dentist Office

Last night I finally remembered a dream in detail.

In the dream my family was at the dentist office, it seemed that everyone had their teeth cleaned, and my mom was the last person to get her teeth cleaned.

My dad and her were waiting on the dentist to come back to finish cleaning her teeth, for some strange reason my dad decided to mess with the dentist’s electric toothbrush, and he started cleaning my mom’s teeth with it.

It was actually cleaning them, but my dad was missing some spots and I told him that it was not a good idea to mess with the dentist’s tools.

He stopped and my mom told me that I should get my teeth checked too, and so I went to schedule an appointment at the front desk.

As I walked to the front desk I noticed that the building looked very nice, and it was bigger than in real life.

It looked like a more expensive modern dentist office, and I passed the dentist’s/nurse’s room & I reached the waiting room.

The waiting room was the same size as in real life, but it looked a lot better.

There was a whitish gray carpet, modern seats, nice modern Asian styled decorations in the window, and other nice decorations/furniture.

I then went to tell the secretary that I wanted to schedule an appointment, the secretary was a man for some reason, but in real life it is a woman.

He said that the dentist was in his office and that I could go talk to him directly, so I went into the dentist’s room, and he was sitting at his desk doing some paper work.

The dentist looked younger than the dentist in real life, and so I guess that was his son.

He looked up and smiled, he said hello and he asked me what can I do for you today, but I noticed that his bottom teeth looked crooked & I think he had a missing tooth.

That made me not want to schedule an appointment but I reminded myself not to judge him based on how he looked, and so I told him that I wanted to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

He said okay and asked me how about 3:30 pm?

I said okay, and he asked me if I had to be anywhere by 5:30 pm, and I said that I had to work at 6:00 pm.

He then said good and he made a joke using words that I did not understand, and laughed.

It sounded like he was talking about things that needed to be done to my teeth, I remember him mentioning the word crown, he realized that I did not laugh & he said that it was just a joke, and that he would see me tomorrow.

I said good-bye, and I went to tell my parent’s that I finally scheduled an appointment.

I noticed that there were well dressed people starting to come to this nice banquet-like area that was connected to the dentist’s office.

They had nice suits and dresses, and there seemed to be some party about to happen or something.

There was mostly older people there, and they were talking and waiting for more people to arrive.

My family and I decided to walk around to see what was going on, as we went further, we noticed that the building was bigger than we thought.

There were big tables, a big dance floor, stadium-like seating, rooms that looked like stores, an escalator, and a lot more people were inside the building than we had thought.

The younger people from about age 18-30s were in the stadium-like seating area, and the older people were standing & some were sitting in chairs near the dance floor.

The younger people were not dressed up, but the older people were.

I heard some people talking about a rumor that some celebrities were coming, then I noticed a man who looked like Nicolas Cage standing by the dance floor drinking a drink, and I heard some women make a screaming-like noise when they saw him; and they ran to get his autograph.

Some of the younger people were whispering to each other about whether that was really Mr. Cage or not, and then I wondered how people would react if Brad Pitt came.

I thought that it would be interesting to be able to shapeshift into another person, so I tried to shape shift into Brad Pitt, but it did not work. 😀

I thought oh well, I do not want to be famous really anyway, but I thought that it would be cool to see what it would be like though.

My brothers and I decided to go sit in the stadium-like seats with the younger people, I noticed a few people I knew, and I went to talk to them.

As I was doing that I noticed that my old friend EW and my brother CC were about to fight, and it seemed that EW had started it.

EW looked bigger and stronger than in real life, and then he started to wrestle against my brother so I went to stop it.

I stopped the fight but then EW attacked me, he was very strong, and he seemed to be better at wrestling than me.

I kept trying to do a take down but he was too strong and he had my leg, the crowd was watching, and no one seemed to think that I was going to win.

He kept slamming me around, but I kept clinching him so that he could not do too much damage to me.

I decided that the only way I was going to win was with a submission, but the only submission I knew I could do probably was a rear naked choke, since I was in a bad position.

So I turned real fast and I put him in the rear naked choke submission, we fell to the floor, and he seemed to be about to give up.

He tried to fight it but he could not, so he gave up, and the crowd was shocked that I had won.

Surprisingly EW then shook my hand & he congratulated me, and he did not seem angry anymore.

My family and I then left to go home, I told my brother CC that I had barely won that fight, and I told him to please try to not get into any fights next time.

I decided to walk home since the dentist’s office is close to our house, but my family drove home instead.

As I was walking near the entrance to a chemical-like plant near my neighborhood, I noticed a young woman my age that I used to work with at my job.

I said hello and we started to walk & talk, and she said something about the fight.

She said that I fought very well and that she wished that she could fight as well as me, so that she would not get hit anymore.

I asked her if her boyfriend hit her sometimes, in response to her comment about not getting hit anymore.

She got mad and she said that it was none of my business, and so I apologized.

To me it seemed that her boyfriend had been physically abusing her, but she was afraid to tell anyone.

She then said that she got hit so hard that she forgot some things, that she forgot a lot of her memories from when she used to work with me at my job, but she did not say who hit her.

She said that she really did not remember anything about me except that I was not a very noticeable person and/or that I was a person that was easy to forget.

I then started to feel a strange feeling of empowerment (if that is how you spell it), it felt like a dramatic scene in a movie where a character has a memory, and they are talking about how that memory helped changed him or her to a better person overall.

I then said that I was a person that was easy to forget, in a confident voice, and I said that I was a person that was afraid.

That I lived in a limbo-like state hiding from my fears, and that I used that as an excuse to not move forward in life.

As I was talking I jumped on some metal storage things, and I was jumping from one storage thing to another.

I continue to talk about my weaknesses and failures in life, but I said that after that fight against EW, that I felt like I was becoming a new person.

That I felt that I was finally going to leave my limbo-like state of hiding in a mental prison, avoiding my fears, distracting myself, and giving myself excuses for not moving forward in life.

I felt that I was going to start fighting my fears, and fighting to make the changes I need to make in life.

Then I jumped off of the tallest storage thing to the ground, but she was gone.

So I continued to walk and I saw two of my brothers, CC & GC, and they wanted to show me something.

There was a small area by the woods with some pigs in a cage, a building, and a few other things.

They asked me if I knew who all of this stuff was for, I said no, but then I noticed a sign that said US Army.

I then told my brothers that we better get out of there before someone sees us.

We were almost home when I noticed an ice cream stand, and I stopped to get some ice cream.

Near the stand was a yard and the people who lived there had just ordered some ice cream, they were still in their yard & they had a fence, and so I handed the ice cream too them.

I noticed someone who I use to go to school with in the yard, AJ, and he told me that the ice cream tasted like it had barbecue sauce on it.

I said that sometimes it did taste like barbecue sauce, but sometimes it tasted like chocolate. (I guess that was an ice cream I had/tasted before or something)

My brothers and I finally went home, but our home was different, it was not big but it looked modern and a lot better than our real house.

Our parent’s and my two youngest brothers were not home, and so my other two brothers ran inside.

The house had more rooms, a bigger dining room table, a sun room, was not over crowded with stuff, was organized, the kitchen had a lot of stainless steel furniture in it, and the furniture in the house was modern.

I locked the front door and looked out of the window, and I noticed what seemed to be a family re-union in the park-like area near our house. (Which does not exist in real life)

I felt like someone from our family was going to come over, and I did not feel like talking to anyone; and then I went to look around the house.

One of my brothers yelled across the house and he said that someone was at the door, and I went to get it since my brother did not have a shirt on.

When I got to the door no one was there, but I saw a man who looked a bit like me walking to a car near the park-like area, he looked in my direction, but I had already closed the door so he drove off.

I then told my brother CC to lock the back door, and to make sure that the sun room door was locked.

He went to lock the sun room and I decided to go see the sun room, and it was small but nice.

I then walked outside and it looked amazing, and it was a sunny day with huge puffy clouds in the sky.

Our backyard was a big nice green field with flowers, and there were people flying kites, playing sports, talking, and other stuff.

The wind was blowing nicely, and I thought that this place was a lot better than our old house & neighborhood.

This part of town still seemed a little rough (like in real life), the people mostly that is, and the homes were still smaller but clean & nice looking (unlike in real life).

As I was walking back inside and my brother CC was about to lock the sun room, I noticed a big man with muscles walking toward the sun room, and he looked like he had just gotten out of prison or something.

He had a little boy with him, I guess his son, he said some curse words to his son, and he told him to go do something.

Then he looked at my brother CC as he was about to close the sun room, and he told him to come here.

My brother CC walked over and the man said that he wanted to see if he was a boy or a girl, I felt that was completely inappropriate and I walked over there preparing for another fight, but I was scared this time since the man looked super strong.

The man looked at my brother and he said that my brother was a girl, and he told my brother to come here punk, like he was about to rape him or something; and so I told my brother to go inside and lock the sun room.

I told the man, that my brother was a boy and that he was not going to do anything to him, and I told him to get out of our yard; and I felt scared & angry, but I was going to fight even if I was going to lose.

The man said something to me and he ran to attack me but I front kicked him, which barely moved him, and I felt like there was no way I was going to win; then I started to wake up.

As I was waking up I imagined that I had super strength, and I pushed the man so hard that he flew into the sky. 😀

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂


The House And My Former Coworker Mrs. VS

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The House

I only remember a bit about both of these two dreams I had last night.

The first one took place in what appeared to be a new house that my family moved to.

It was on the street that the library is on, and it was not too far up the road from it.

It was night and I was walking around the house looking around, and for some reason at least two of the doors in the house were open.

I found that odd, and so I started to explore the house to make sure that it was secure.

The house was not too big, the wind was blowing some of the curtains on the windows, the moon was bright, and everyone seemed to be sleep.

There was a living room when you first walk into the house, and the entrance was connected to the sidewalk outside.

Connected to the living room was a hallway and on the first door on the left was my parent’s room, and the first opening on the right was the kitchen.

Past my parents room on the left was another entrance with enough room to put some shoes, hang some jackets on the wall, and to have some decorations.

On the right of it was a family room similar to the living room, but without a television and there were bookshelves.

Past that was a bathroom on the right, and on the left was a strange dining room that had a door.

I stopped to go into the dining room, but I think past the dining room there were four more rooms; probably 3 bedrooms and another bathroom.

I went into the dining room, and there was a big table in the middle of the room that was big enough to hold/sit at least 14 people.

The room was empty and it had no windows, to the left there was just empty space, and to the right there were stairs leading up to a bed.

I found that very odd, but cool, the room felt pretty secure/safe, and I thought that it would make a nice bedroom.

By the bed there was enough space up there to put something there to store clothing, and a little night stand to hold a few things.

I then wondered why the two entrances to the house were open, I thought about closing them, but I decided that I better ask my parents first; but they were sleep.

I then decided to go walk outside to check for anything suspicious, I saw a person walking down the street, but he was not acting suspicious.

The wind was blowing nicely, the moon looked nice, and everything was realistic & felt safe.

So I went back inside, and I decided that I would just walk around and make sure everything stays safe; but then I woke up.

My Former Coworker Mrs. VS

I had a dream that, an unknown young couple (or maybe one of my cousins and her husband or something) and I, went to see Mrs. VS.

I knocked on the door and Mrs. VS answered it, and she stepped outside and I said Hello.

She asked: “Who are you, and she asked if it was (me)?”.

I responded: “Yes Mrs. VS, it is me, can you see me?”.

She said that she had lost vision in one of her eyes, and she said that she could barely see out of the other eye now.

She looked very old now, she looked tired, and she looked a bit depressed.

I asked her how she had done, but she seemed to not want to talk about herself, and she only said that age had caught up with her.

She then asked me how I had done, and she said that I always did look like a successful young man and that I probably have done good in life.

I told her that actually I have not been very successful so far, and that I never did think I was much of a successful person.

I told her it had been so long since we last talked, and that I could not decide where to start first, and so I started to prepare to tell her my life story from college until now; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


The Airplane / House | And My Uncle CE

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remembered two of my dreams from last night.

Dream 1

The first dream took place on a big metal bridge that was over an ocean, and on the right side of the bridge was a little area with an airplane on it.

I was on that airplane with several other people, the inside of the airplane was like a house; it had 7 bedrooms, a few bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, and a few extra rooms.

The pilot was a man who probably was only a few years older than me, he looked like he had just finished flying school (flight training), and he looked nervous.

The weather outside was very nice, it was sunny with nice puffy clouds, and the ocean was sparkling.

Automobiles were driving up and down the bridge like a normal day, and our airplane didn’t seem to bother them.

The pilot started the airplane and started to take off, he was real nervous, but he was able to get the airplane in the air successfully.

We flew around the bridge and then landed back on the side of the bridge, it seemed that he was only practicing.

The pilot took a break, while he was taking a break, me and the other people went to choose which bedrooms we wanted.

Each bedroom looked different, some were nice, and some were average.

The bedroom I wanted had big windows and curtains, and you could see the outside of the plane; but a crazy looking man got the room first.

He looked like he was crazy, so I closed the door and walked off to look at the other rooms.

There was another nice room but someone else got it, also there were 3 average rooms, but they were taken already; so only the 2 small dark rooms were left.

I walked to the living room and the pilot was in there drinking something and watching TV, so I started to talk to him.

I told him he did a good job flying the plane and I asked him was this his first time flying, and he said yes.

Some of the other people came into the room and started talking too, and I left the living room to look around the plane; and the nice room I wanted, was now empty.

I have no idea where the crazy man went, I decided I would look around some more, and see if I could find him; but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream started with me in a Japanese style outdoor game show, like MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge).

I had to cross a small lake, climb this wooden building, and ring the bell before time ran out.

I was able to finish in time, so then I waited for the next person to go.

The next person was a young teenager around 12 years old, he made it to the wooden building, and then I helped him ring the bell.

I left the wooden building and I walked to a playground that looked like the school yard from when I was in preschool or kindergarten.

It was a nice sunny day and something seemed familiar about that place, but I got interrupted by my uncle CE.

He was walking toward me looking mad, and he asked me who I was and why was I there in a mean voice.

I told him I was just walking around thinking and that he was my uncle, and he then started to act nice.

He had a pet hamster in his hands for some strange reason,  and he asked me what my name was, so I told him.

He said that he never heard that name before, I was not sure if he was joking or not, but he asked me to hold his pet hamster while he called someone to ask them if they knew my name.

While he was making the phone call, I thought to myself that his was strange how my uncle CE was acting, and how he did not recognize me.

He usually acts like a tough guy and a bit mean but he was acting like a weak, unmarried, man who only had a pet hamster as a friend or something/one like that.

Also he had a small afro, like he used to have back in the old days.

I woke up before he finished his phone call.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂