He Cried For Me – Gaara’s Words

He Cried For Me – Gaara’s Words

What Is It?

The YouTube video He Cried For Me – Gaara’s Words by the YouTube channel Biraj Senpai.

Here is the description for this video:

Rejection Makes A Man Stronger – Jiraiya’s Words

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

The Video was created by me, but the Picture and Audio used in this Video doesn’t belong to me. All the credit goes to its real owner.

Please do not re-upload the video without my concern. If you have any problem regarding the video, you can contact me at my email: rowdyboy190@gmail.com

Software Used:
Adobe Audition for audio
Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing
Adobe Photoshop for the thumbnail design

Thanks for watching!

gaaraspeech #gaarawordseng

Rock Lee VS Gaara…. ITs Been A While

I saw this back in maybe 2006 or 2007 not long after learning about YouTube for the first time from my former male classmate JB, it was possibly him or another one of my former classmates who shared this video with me, and it was probably among some of the first AMVs (anime music videos) that I saw.

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