A Strange Bumble Bee-Like Insect?

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I barely remember part of my last dream, which was confusing, and took place during the day in a fictional place where there was also a fictional version of my parent’s yard.

I remember something about a show that something that I made/wrote almost appeared on, and a fictional woman who I knew had something that she made/wrote appear on that show; but it was removed, but fans of the show protested and so whatever she made was put back on the show.

I remember talking to the woman about that, and we watched clips of the show; and she told me that more of her work would be put on the show in future episodes, and I congratulated her & I said goodbye & I left at some point.

I remember walking to a fictional version of my parent’s yard and a man greeted me who looked like Gabriel Iglesias, and we talked about something to do with DashieXP (Charlie Guzman) and some other comedians and/or something comedy related; and we noticed a strange Bumble Bee-like insect (I remember that there was something very strange about the insect and/or I felt that something was strange about it) that was larger, longer, shaped different, and had a different color pattern (same colors) than a normal Bumble Bee.

I can not remember what happened exactly (maybe the Bumble Bee flew at us so we ran) but I think that we walked/ran to a strange fictional area above my parent’s house that was like a lobby where people hang out at, and there were people there talking while sitting down & standing; and we started talking with some of the people there, but I can not remember the details.

At some point I remember the weather being gray & cloudy like it was going to rain, and my brothers and I were about to drive out-of-town somewhere for a trip; but as we were getting into my automobile, my former classmate JC and his fictional former college roommate walked into the yard to greet me.

I did not feel like being bother, but I stopped to greet them since I had not seen JC in a few years or his fictional former college roommate, who looked like a combination of JC’s real former roommate B mixed with Laith mixed with an unknown person.

After a short conversation I told them that my brothers and I needed to go out-of-town for a trip and I invited them to go too if they wanted to go, which I was a bit uncomfortable with, but I did it anyway; to my surprise they wanted to go.

Something happened that I think involved the strange Bumble Bee-like insect bothering us, but I think that we managed to make it fly away eventually; but there was something very strange about that insect, but I can not remember what that was or what happened exactly.

The weather was getting worse and so JC & his former roommate left to get their stuff for the trip; I forgot to mention that JC’s fictional former roommate seemed pretty intelligent and I remember us talking about old fictional memories from when we were in college.

JC had finished college, JC’s fictional former roommate was close to getting his Master’s Degree, and I still had not finished college yet or returned to college yet (like in real life); and I remember JC’s roommate talking about various intellectual topics, but I woke up.

*I just remembered a bit of something that happened to me during the night*

I think that the dream before and/or connected to my first dream repeated a few times and I would wake up after each repeat, and during those/the times that I was awake I had some negative physical reactions.

I can not remember the details, but I remember feeling strange with a variety of negative physical reactions and I think that I had to try to control my breathing & thoughts to avoid more negative physical reactions or to avoid making them worse; and I would go in & out of the repeats of the dream or parts of the dream, during all of this.

After a while I guess I managed to calm the physical reactions and control my thoughts, and go back to sleep without constantly waking up & going back to sleep with negative physical reactions & thoughts.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂