A Short Gael García Bernal?

There was more to this dream, but I can not remember most of it.

The end of this dream took place inside a building, and I was walking along a hallway among other people including some people who could speak Spanish and English.


A Coen Brothers-Like Movie Trailer

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This dream was a longer and more interesting dream with several parts and some symbolism, but I only managed to save some quick text notes of it before going back to sleep.

This dream was possibly partly inspired by a ScreenPrism video called You Know It’s The Coen Brothers IF…:

There were at least three or more parts to this dream but one or more parts I can not remember anything about now.

One part of the dream involved something to do with a video game, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

A second part of the dream involved my dad telling me (possibly by mobile phone) that one of his coworkers at The BP School Board said that I stole a table or something when I was working at The BP School Board, and this was not true at all and seemed to just be something that his coworker thought but was going around saying like it was true.

Me and my dad thought this was ridiculous, I did not steal anything, and I only worked briefly at with the school board a few times years ago back when I was in college and one time when I was out of college; but from what my dad told me it sounded like his coworker possibly falsely assumed that I was still working for the school board.

My dad said that he was not happy about this false rumor and said so to his coworker, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Another part of the dream took place during the day at an indoor / outdoor cinema (movie theater), and at some point I am sitting at a table with at least two men with one who reminded me of the actor Gael García Bernal and the other was or reminded me of another actor with light-color skin whose name I can not remember but he has been in several comedy movies.

We talked as we waited, I am not sure what all happened, but at some point there was a women’s basketball press conference outside in the area where we were.

My aunt SE seemed to be there for maybe a contract signing as an official member of a professional women’s basketball team, her team and coach and my aunt JE and several other people were with her, and after some photographs et cetera she got to talk at the microphone.

It was embarrassing because my aunt SE started acting very unprofessional and she was cursing and using foul language and she even said the word n###a during her celebration speech or whatever, but her embarrassing celebration speech got interrupted by a female member of a rival basketball team with dark-brown skin with black hair who was in the crowd with her team and coach et cetera.

The woman in the crowd started insulting my aunt SE and my aunt JE, my aunt SE was not having that, and so they started arguing and then they ran at each other to fight but the security and their teams and coaches et cetera held them back and formed a wall between them during the chaos.

After this embarrassing situation I remember being in maybe the indoor part of the indoor / outdoor movie theater, and the movie starts.

Trailers for other movies area shown, and one of them was pretty interesting and maybe somewhat seemed like a Coen Brothers movie.

The trailer for the movie started out like a comedy, there was a large man who somewhat reminded me of an actor whose name I can not remember combined with the character Hank Anderson from the video game Detroit: Become Human, and he was sitting in a movie theater about to watch a movie.

A woman with light-color skin with short yellow hair who seemed to possibly be cosplaying suddenly sat right next to the man, the man was annoyed by this because his entire row was empty but the woman moved all the way to the center to sit by him, and she was smiling and leaning closer to him.

The man could hear the woman’s thoughts, he could read minds I guess, and she liked him and was trying to get close to him and wanted to ask him on a date et cetera but he was not interested and the woman sounded annoying and full of energy and like a fangirl as she talked to herself in her mind.

The man leaned away from her annoyingly, the woman leaned closer to him smiling, and then the man started responding to the woman’s thoughts out-loud basically letting her know that he could read her mind and that he was not interested and that he wanted some space and just wanted to enjoy the movie.

The woman did not let this stop her and she started talking to him quickly with a lot of energy, this annoyed the man even more, and she leaned on him at some point even after he kept trying to reject her.

The trailer faded to black for a moment at the man narrated about how that was the first time they met, somehow they ended up going on a date (probably because the woman would not leave him alone), and surprisingly it went well and they started dating.

There was a quick montage of their relationship, they dated, they got married, et cetera and they seemed happy so the trailer went from comedy to romance.

After the montage it showed them in present day as a married couple still, even though their relationship was good, the man was currently not happy and was deep in philosophical and depressive thought and you could hear his thoughts that were about life various deep topics.

His wife noticed this was trying to talk to him as they rode in the back of a car that was driving down a highway during the day, the man had been like this for a while recently, and the wife would try to talk to him about it.

They would have a bit of back and forth until the man returned to his thoughts, the entire mood of the trailer was different now, and so it was not comedy or romance now and it was serious and philosophical and symbolic et cetera and you could feel the mood thanks to the directing and atmosphere and his inner dialogue et cetera.

At some point the man asks to be let out of the car to walk, the wife tries to get him to stay but he refuses, and then he starts walking on side of the highway deep in thought.

It kind of felt like he was thinking about life and his life, and possibly considering just giving up on life or questioning what is the point or something but I can not remember.

I am not sure if this happened after the trailers or at some point during the actual movie that we were there to see, either way, the movie was paused so that we could take a break.

The man at my table who reminded me of Gael García Bernal got up and walked to the stage to perform for the crowd during the break, he introduced himself, and then he started playing the violin and singing to my surprise.

An employee at the movie theater fell during the performance as he was walking up or down the stairs or something, but then I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr


The Science Of Sleep (La Science Des Rêves)

What is it?

The French 2006 surrealistic science fantasy comedy romance(?) film The Science Of Sleep (La Science Des Rêves) that was directed by the director Michel Gondry and stars Gael García BernalCharlotte GainsbourgMiou-Miou, and Alain Chabat.


A Giant Crawfish Or A Lobster Crawling On The Window?

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Once again I woke up during the night thinking about my dreams while laying in bed and I went back to sleep without voice recording them, and so I forgot most of my dreams from last night and now I barely remember part of the dreams that I did remember part of.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I remember being outside The G House talking with my male cousin DE, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a slightly fictional version of The E House with some of my family, we seemed to be living there, maybe only temporarily but I am not sure.

Where the fireplace should be in the living room there was a twin size(d) bed with maybe a blue cotton and/or polyester blanket with light-color bed sheets with a pillow, and maybe my brothers TD and KD were kids again but I can not remember.

I remember a boy with light-brown color skin with short hair also being there visiting, maybe visiting my brothers KD and TD but I am not sure, and he was a bit annoying and nosy.

The boy would probably ask a lot of questions and go looking around in places that he is not supposed to, we kept politely answering his questions and telling him to stay in the family room where my brothers KD and TD probably were instead of looking around the entire house, but he kept going in other parts of the house looking around and inside places.

I remember the boy walking in the kitchen were I was asking me questions, I answered them as he opened cabinets et cetera looking inside as many places as he could, and I once again politely reminded him that he was supposed to be in the family room and that looking through people’s stuff without permission was rude.

The boy kept talking and being nosy ignoring what I said, which was annoying but also a bit funny, and after this part in the dream there was a dream within a dream that kept interrupting this dream so it went back and forth between these two dreams.

The dream within a dream or whatever it was involved a film that was probably a Canadian production being filmed in probably Canada and I was not in this dream, and it took place during a nice sunny day in what looked like a combination of the living room of The E House and a classroom and a restaurant.

A class was taking place inside this room and students were sitting at what looked like restaurant booths with tables, and my newest coworker Mrs. M at The BP Library was the teacher.

The main characters of this film and dream were two male students, one of them reminded me of a younger version of the actor Gael García Bernal or him combined with another actor whose name I do not know who was in a British werewolf film that I can not remember, and the other had whitish-color skin with medium-to-dark hair.

The main characters were sitting down at their booth / table / desk talking, the one who looked somewhat like a younger Mr. Bernal spoke mostly or completely in English, but the other main character spoke about half of the time in French and the other half in English.

The Mr. Bernal-like student could understand French it seemed but he would respond in English mostly, I could not understand most of the French being used, and so I was able to follow the French parts of their conversation by listening to the English responses from the Mr. Bernal-like student.

Their conversation kept getting interrupted as I would be switched to the other dream, and I kept being switched between both dreams every minute or few minutes.

Back in the first dream I was in the living room at some point when my cousin JE arrived to visit, and I was talking to him in the living room but our conversation kept getting interrupted as well as I was switched back to the other dream watching the main characters of that film and dream talk.

Back in the first dream while my uncle JE was talking I noticed something large and red crawling on the outside of the window screen, as I looked through the curtains from a distance, and my uncle JE asked what it was and I told him that it seemed to be a giant crawfish but I could not see it too well through the curtain from a distance.

It was the size of a lobster, I have never seen a crawfish that big before so maybe it was a lobster, but because I am not used to seeing lobsters I probably just assumed that it was a giant crawfish when I was in the dream.

But I woke up realizing that I had slept longer than expected so I got out of bed quickly which is one of the reasons that I forgot most of the details of these two dreams.

The end,

-John Jr


My Blood Count/Level Gets Low | Gael García Bernal Goes To A Meeting At A Mansion With His Friend | Becoming Afraid Of Snakes And Losing My Equilibrium/Balance And Editing Tags

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in a fictional place where I was near a fictional pond/lake in a neighborhood that has been in a few of my past dreams (this neighborhood somewhat reminds me of a neighborhood in the city of D where Mr. W who does our taxes lives) and I think that I went to a hospital with my brother GC and my mom or they took me to a hospital when I collapsed/lost consciousness, and I woke up in a hospital room in a bed with an IV needle in my arm wearing a hospital gown/whatever.

My mom, my brother GC, some female nurses with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, and maybe a female doctor explained what happened to me; and they said that my blood count/level was low and that I had a sickness (which probably decreased my blood count/level) so that is why I collapsed/lost consciousness, and they said that it was nothing serious and that I would be okay/would recover.

They were still running some tests and they wanted me to stay at the hospital for one or two days to rest, eat, drink, get treatment, et cetera until my blood count/level gets high enough again; and they were very nice to me, I remember wondering if my blood level/count was also a bit low because I donated blood recently, but I woke up before I could tell them this.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during either early in the morning when it is still a bit dark or during the evening and the actor Gael García Bernal was following a male friend of his to a mansion owned by a rich man with whitish colored skin in a nice quiet neighborhood for a meeting, but he had no idea what the meeting was about and he did not know the rich man.

The mansion was possibly a tall one-story house but I am not sure and I remember the rich man walking them through his house to a room where they were going to have the meeting and some how I was there, and Mr. Gael was uncomfortable/afraid because he feared that the meeting was about something illegal and that the rich man was involved in illegal activities; and I was a bit worried about this as well.

The rich man walked us to the back of his house where there was a small mostly empty living room/family room-like room with light-colored carpet where the walls were mostly windows with a good view of the small front or back yard, the street, the sidewalks, and some of his neighbors’ houses; and there were very tall light-colored blinds that only gave a bit of privacy, but they were mostly open so I had a good view of the outside and I could see the lights on inside some of his neighbors’ houses.

Connected to this room was a hallway with doors on the left and right side of the hallway and the rich man led us to one of the rooms for the meeting, but only Mr. Gael’s friend and the rich man entered the room because Mr. Gael and I were not comfortable and we did not want to be involved with whatever the meeting was about; and I remember Mr. Gael looking/acting very nervous as we waited in the living/family-like room, and he was ready to leave and so was I but I wanted to spend more time inside the house and spend more time enjoying the view to the outside.

A few people (mostly women) came to the mansion to party, one of them was my former female classmate AM and two of them were obese women about her size with whitish colored skin with medium-dark colored skin, and I remember trying to close the curtains for more privacy because it seemed that some of the neighbors were probably watching from their windows; and I remember someone asking me which of the women looked the most attractive to me, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The third/last dream started during the day inside my parents’ house and my brother GC and my mom and I were there, and I walked to a fictional version of the area behind my aunt JE’s house where there was a fictional small/shallow body of water/river/whatever with a small wooden walking bridge that went over it to try to catch a snake; and one of my brothers followed me.

Almost near the end of the bridge was a tree and when I walked past it near the end of the bridge I was about to turn around when I noticed a small snake under the water so I found a small broken tree limb so that I could try to use it to get the snake out of the water, but then I started to realize that the snake was probably poisonous and that the tree limb was too short so it would probably bite me; and I realized that I almost missed the snake, and so I started to fear that there were more snakes in the area that I missed.

I possibly saw another snake that I did not see earlier and I started to get afraid so I started to lose my equilibrium/balance and I got dizzy, I slowly and cautiously walked to lean against the tree to stop myself from falling, and I feared that snakes would appear on the bridge and that I would be trapped; and so I warned my brother to stay back, and I tried to calm myself down enough to where my equilibrium/balance would return enough for me to walk without falling into the water.

I calmed myself down enough to walk and so I slowly walked back across the bridge looking around for snakes so that I could avoid them, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

At the end of the dream I was inside a multi-story building on an upper floor, the walls/ceiling/floor were a brownish color, and I was inside a narrow rectangular shaped room with windows on the left side of the wall with a nice view to the outside with several other people; and I was on a computer editing tags on my blog and/or somewhere else while listening to other people talk, and talking to them.

One of the people mentioned that one of their family members worked at a factory that made TV/frozen dinners or something like that, they had the packaging of one of these TV/frozen dinners taped to the window in front of me, and written/drawn on it was the name of their family member (who was a man with whitish colored skin) with an image of corn/mashed potatoes/and a ground beef patty or meat loaf with gravy with the corn circled with text saying that their family member made the recipe for the corn or something like that.

At some point some people/college students came to tell us that it was time to eat down stairs so we walked downstairs to got eat, there was a line of people/college students in the hallway waiting to get their food/drinks from a small/narrow windowless room, and at some point I made it inside the room but I did not have a plate; and the plates were outside in the hallway, which I did not know at first, and so I was going to have to lose my place in line to go get a plate.

Some of my former classmates were there and my former male classmate MT was watching me, he made a joke about my situation and him and his friends smiled and laughed at me, and I said something to them; and then I walked into the hallway to get a plate, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr