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Game of Thrones (2011)

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What is it?

Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6 , and Season 7 of the 2011 American fantasy drama television show Game Of Thrones that was created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and that was based on the book series A Song Of Ice And Fire by the author George R. R. Martin.


My Mom Gets Hit By An Invisible Automobile?

I did not get much sleep and I went back to sleep without voice recording my dreams, and so I only remember part of several dreams and surprisingly I had a lot of dreams even thought I got no more than 4 hours of sleep.

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by episode 7 (The Dragon And The Wolf) of the television show Game Of Thrones (Season 7) that I watched before going to sleep.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved some things from that episode with a focus on Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, and Cersei Lannister.

Daenerys and her allies were focused on preparing for the battle against the White Walkers, and Cersei was preparing to break the truce and attack her enemies when they are busy with the White Walkers.

There was more to this dream of course, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is being inside a windowless building that I assume was a college building, probably a dorm, and I seemed to be moving into this dorm along with some other students who seemed to be college freshmen.

I needed to use the bathroom so I walked down a long carpet hallway and I took a left and there was a bathroom on the right with possibly had a large opening with no door, and I probably needed to urinate.

I remember standing up at a urinal urinating or trying to urinate, for some reason I was naked and my clothes were near me, and at some point I heard some mostly female voices including some children walking up the hallway like they were on their way to the bathroom so I started trying to put my clothes on.

They approached the bathroom as I was putting on my clothes, I remember several children seeing me, and one of them was a girl with light-color skin with long straight yellow hair who was staring at me like there was something wrong with me and like she was afraid that I might be a criminal or dangerous.

Another was a boy with light-color skin with short hair who greeted me and he was very friendly, they seemed to be family members of some of the students moving into the building, and so I assume that they were there to help and see the assumed dorms.

The boy asked me a few questions and we briefly talked before I walked back to my assumed dorm room which was a shared room that was mostly open except for one or two rooms, and at least 5 or more people were going to share this room with me oddly.

There were twin sized beds and computer desks set up, and I remember a male student with light-color skin and I choosing our beds and then trying to adjust them to maximize space in the room.

While we were doing this a female student with light-color skin with long yellow hair entered the room with her family (parent’s and younger siblings (maybe the kids who went to the bathroom earlier)), I greeted them, and I remember the female student smiling at me and I smiled back.

She picked her bed which was across from mine and her family and her started moving in and adjusting her stuff while the male student and I tried to maximize our space, the female student glanced at me and smiled a few times during this, but at some point something was said or done by someone that led to a misunderstanding where she became angry at maybe me and / or someone and she walked off.

I wanted to correct this misunderstanding, and so I hoped to talk to her later.

I remember going to my computer desk et cetera trying to decide how to position it to maximize space because space was limited when you have to share it with so many people, but I woke up as I was doing this.

Dream 3

The 3rd and the 4th and the 5th dreams were possibly one dream or two dreams or more but I am not sure, and so I am separating them.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember being in an area that seemed like the downtown area of the city of D, and my mom and the actor Will Smith and several other people were driving in a van through this area going in the direction past the I Theater.

I was possibly walking along side the van and / or I was in the van at first, Mr. Smith was sitting in a middle seat on the right side by the side doors and windows looking happy and he was smiling, and his seat belt was stuck in the door but he did not notice.

My mom asked me to fix this and so I remember being outside of the van as it was moving probably, and I opened the door and I remember Mr. Smith looking angry at first as I tried to get his seat belt out of the door.

I tried to calm him down and explain the situation, I probably had to hold on to the side of the doors as the van drove while I did this, and Mr. Smith calmed down and I got his seat belt out of the door and I closed the door but I can not remember if I stayed outside or if I got inside the van.

And that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that maybe an early part of the dream and a later part of the dream took place in a slightly different version of a building that was in one of my past dreams, in my past dream The BP Library was in the front and hidden in the back was a nice hotel and resort-like place and various other areas, but in this dream the library was not there and the building was reopened as a hotel and resort et cetera and people could pay to explore it and buy things if they were not going to stay at the hotel / resort.

People who knew some of the employees could get a free pass to explore and buy things if they were accompanied by an employee.

I remembered this building from the past back from the other dream when the front was the library and the other areas were abandoned, and I knew someone who worked there now who possibly got me a free pass to explore it.

At the end of the dream there was something going on, I contacted the employee I knew, and this employee helped me by taking me to this building to get me a free pass so that I could get inside the building.

I possibly needed to hide from someone or something, so this was possibly a good place for me to hide, but I can not remember.

There was a woman with light-color skin with black hair working at the entrance booth, there were other people waiting to pay to enter the building, and when it was our turn the female employee was giving us a hard time.

I tried to explain that I used to work here and that I knew an employee and that we needed to get a free pass, and I shared some information to prove this.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I heard rumors about people getting hit while walking near streets and witnesses say that they could not see what hit the people like it was invisible or something, and maybe all the victims would maybe disappear and / or die if you look away from them at some point but I can not remember the details of the rumors or some of the important details of this dream so except errors and missing information.

I am not sure if I was in an automobile or not at first, I just know that at some point my mom and maybe a man and I were walking along the side of a street on the left side, and maybe this fictional area was somewhat familiar to us.

There was a field or several fields, this area looked somewhat like N Street in the city of D, and up ahead was a neighborhood where some people said some racist country lower class dangerous cult-like group of people with light-color skin lived.

I did not believe the rumors about people getting hit by something invisible, the rumors said that the victims would fly in the air and their bodies would twist from the impact, I just thought that it was probably a fake rumor or legend.

But as we were walking something hit my mom and she flew in the air and her body twisted before she hit the street, I did not see anything but maybe I felt or sensed that something fast like an automobile had hit her and kept going, and I remember feeling panicked and shocked and sad et cetera but I tried to stay calm as I ran to my mom while looking around trying to see what hit her.

When my mom got hit it was a bit like something from the anime television show Paranoia Agent when this female character looked like she got hit by something:

My mom was either dead or dying and unconscious, I still could not see what hit her, but I possibly saw evidence on the ground that something probably physical but maybe invisible and / or too fast to see did hit her.

I looked for clues and I probably yelled for the other person to call emergency services and they probably did, there was nothing that I could do for my mom and maybe she disappeared when I looked away at some point but I can not remember, and so I started focusing on trying to investigate and gather clues now that I knew that the rumors were true.

Some people thought that it was the racist assumed cult-like group of people with light-color skin who lived in this area were responsible for this, the rumor was that this was maybe some kind of magic or something done through a ritual so something supernatural or paranormal, but I was not so sure that they were responsible.

I was not sure if some kind of cloaking technology or ability was being used or if this was supernatural or paranormal or if it was just something or someone who was too fast to see, I just knew that I wanted to figure out who or what was responsible and stop them and save my mom if she was still alive, but I woke up as we waited for emergency services while I investigated the area and tried to gather clues and evidence.

The end,

-John Jr


Cersei Lannister Attacks Dragonstone

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I had more dreams but I only remember part of one dream that was inspired by an episode of the television show Game Of Thrones (Season 7) called Eastwatch.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was probably not in the dream, but I am not sure.

The dream involved the television show Game Of Thrones (Season 7) and it took place during the day.

Queen Cersei Lannister came up with a plan to do a hit-an-run attack on Dragonstone while Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons are not there, and Cersei was going to be with her army during the attack.

Cersei was doing this to send a message / make a statement that she is able to pull off an attack like this (because her intelligence network has improved) and is willing to go there in person even while allegedly pregnant, to show off, to prove herself, to hopefully gain some intelligence from and about the Dothraki (by fighting and kidnapping some to torture and / or bribe for information) and about the defenses at Dragonstone, to annoy and disrupt and weaken her enemies, et cetera.

Cersei and a small army sailed to Dragonstone in ships when Daenerys and her dragons were gone somewhere, and they attacked Dragonstone by surprise with siege weapons from their ships hitting some buildings and damaging parts of the island and destroying some ships / boats and killing some soldiers.

Some of the Dothraki charged toward the beach with their horses to defend the island, but Cersei’s army attacked them with bows and arrows and crossbows and siege weapons before sending a small group of soldiers to escort Cersei on the beach so that they could kidnap some of the surviving Dothraki.

Cersei and her guards walked on the beach, Cersei watched as her guards killed some of the surviving Dothraki and took the rest prisoner, and she stood there smiling and looking very proud of herself.

More Dothraki and members of Daenerys’s army started to charge the beach, Cersei stood there smiling as they approached as her guards warned her that they needed to leave now before it is too late (they could not win the battle if they stayed), and she stalled a bit longer to gloat before boarding her ship with her guards to escape back to Kings Landing.

Cersei’s hit-and-run attack was a success, even though they only did limited damage, and they sailed away, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


The Queen’s Justice And Visiting My Brothers TD And KD

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I went to bed very late so I barely got any sleep, and I ended up only remembering only barely part of two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by Episode 3 (The Queen’s Justice) of the television show Game Of Thrones (Season 7) that I watched before going to bed.

All that I can remember of this dream is that during the dream various factions on Game Of Thrones were going around trying to recruit new allies.

Each faction would have one or more people from their faction doing their best to recruit new allies by various means (offers, saying how bad the other side is, saying how good their side is, et cetera).

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was with all of my family except for my brother CC and his family, and we were in a fictional version of the city of  B visiting my brothers KD and TD at a fictional version of L University where they attend.

We drove and walked around the college campus, and at the end of the dream we were driving on grass near several connected one-story buildings that had a small college cafeteria.

Someone (maybe my mom) was explaining how the college was going to remodel the cafeteria and make it bigger, and you could see how far they were going to expand it.

While this was being explained I was probably visualizing it in my mind and comparing it to how it looked now from the outside, and from the inside when I visited it earlier in the dream during the forgotten parts of the dream.

The remodeling was probably going to start soon, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Coworker Mrs. PH And Stormborn

Kit Harington in Game of Thrones (2011)
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I barely got any sleep last night and I got out of bed too fast, and so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

I had a dream with my coworker Mrs. PH from The BP Library in it, I think that the dream took place during the day, but I can not remember the circumstances of the dream at this time.

We were possibly inside a store at some point when one of us started a conversation with the other, and we started talking.

I am not sure if we were shoppers and / or workers, I just know that one of us saw the other and greeted the other, and then we started talking.

One of the topics that we talked about was possibly my nephew CC, another topic was possibly work-related about our jobs at The BP Library, and we possibly walked outside to talk under a covered catwalk that connected to another building.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by Episode 2 (Stormborn) of the television show Game Of Thrones (Season 7) that I watched last night.

The dream took place in Winterfell, I was possibly not in the dream but I can not remember, and Jon Snow was trying to deal with many people in The North not wanting him to go meet Daenerys Targaryen.

They were still trying to convince him to not go meet her, Jon Snow was still going to go anyway, and I remember him telling his people that they should relax and enjoy themselves now before winter comes and before the war with the White Walkers begin because it will be too late then (he said it better, but I can not remember his exact words).

He also wanted them to train after they relax, Jon still had not completely won the crowd over yet, and so Brienne Of Tarth stepped in to help Jon by telling Sansa Stark to pick up a sword because she wanted to teach her a few things which was meant to lighten the mood with a demonstration and to get Sansa to really start training to fight for the battles to come.

Brienne then said that she was going to travel with Jon to meet Daenerys, and she asked a man in the crowd to train Sansa while she is gone.

This seemed to work because the crowd started to laugh and the mood started to lighten, Brienne showed Sansa a few sword basics, and then she left with Jon to prepare to leave to meet Daenerys.

The crowd started to take Jon’s advice to relax and then train, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr