An Undercover Special Forces Operation | Trying To Trade-In Some Video Games

Dream 1

This dream was probably inspired by a blog post by True George that I read last night before going to sleep called: Landstuhl.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day possibly in a country in The Middle East, and I remember being with some soldiers who were probably special forces soldiers who were probably on an undercover operation and cover operation inside this country, but I am not sure if my brother CC was among them or not or how I ended up being with them.


A Battle Between Two Powerful Beings | Finding A Bookshelf That Belongs To My Family At The LC Shopping Mall

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream taking place inside of a house or one-story apartment building, and this dream slightly reminded me of the two Japanese animated (anime) films by Hayao Miyazaki called Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle because of the way some of the characters looked/acted/their powers/et cetera; but I forgot most of the dream unfortunately, but it was a magical dream literally & figuratively.

There were other dream characters in the dream but I can not remember them or the parts of the dream that they were in but I know that other dream characters were in the dream, but I only remember the parts of the dream with two of the main characters of the dream who both had magical powers; and the most powerful of them was a very large being/man, I do not think that he was Human or looked Human usually but he could probably change his appearance so I can not remember, and he was the antagonist/bad guy/villain.

The other main character was a normal sized man who possibly was Human but I am not sure, he was less powerful, he was the protagonist/good guy/hero, and I helped him in the dream.

They both seemed to be magicians/sorcerers/wizards or just powerful beings/people who knew each other, but who both were enemies now for some reason(s); and they both lived in different parts of the house/apartment.

The house/apartment had several people living inside of it sharing halls & various other rooms but each person had their own room/apartment inside this shared building, the walls/ceiling/carpet were mostly a whitish/grayish color I think, and I probably lived somewhere in the building; and at some point in the dream the large powerful being/man probably did something negative to some people/some people I knew and/or me, and maybe the smaller powerful being/man helped us but I am not sure.

Whatever happened caused me to join the smaller powerful being/man as we tried to help other people & defend against the large powerful being & try to stop the large powerful being/man, but he was too powerful it seemed; and so it seemed that the best that we could do was to defend against his attacks & hope for the best.

The two powerful beings were in a constant battle where the smaller powerful being was not powerful enough to really do offense against the large powerful being, but he was just/barely powerful/smart enough to usually avoid getting killed/defeated/to defend himself; and so their battle did not seem like it would end, but during the dream the large powerful being probably started to get more powerful after using some new tactics that might have involved absorbing energy/power from other people who lived in the apartment/house (maybe he absorbed the energy/power of some people I knew in the dream earlier and/or tried to until the smaller being helped us, and later he probably absorbed the energy/power of some people who we could not save but we tried to save).

At some point the smaller being and I went to the room/apartment of the large powerful being to attack him instead of defending all the time since the situation was getting bad, inside his room/apartment he had a lot of open space & tall ceilings since he was so large, and we fought him but we lost; and we had to run back to the smaller beings room/apartment.

The smaller being felt that the large powerful being was now too strong to even properly defend against now, he felt that the balance was broken & that it would safer for us to avoid fights & maybe leave the apartment/house, but I did not want to leave the other people to get killed and/or have their energy/power absorbed; and so I tried to convince him to continuing fighting with me because I could not do it alone, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in the LC Mall and I was walking through the mall noticing that there were some new stores, there was a Ryan’s Buffet or Piccadilly restaurant in the open that was along the sides & middle areas of the mall from shortly before the Food Court until the other side of mall, on the right side of the mall at the end almost all the stores were closed with metal garage-like doors covering them, before the food court was a small open library on the right side of the mall, et cetera.

I saw lots of people eating at this new open restaurant/buffet as I walked past people eating/drinking at the tables that were scattered in the open around the mall & I tried to find the counter/cash register so I could ask them about the restaurant but I only found the area where the dishwasher was (an older woman who did not see me standing there waiting to ask her a question), and so I kept walking & exploring the mall wondering how did so much change so fast & how did so many stores close on one side of the mall at one time.

I stopped at GameStop because I remembered a probably past forgotten dream where I thought about buying something that goes inside of a VCR (videocassette recorder) Player from GameStop, in that dream it costs $80 but they were going to give me a discount to where it would only cost $40 but that was still expensive & so I told them that I would think about it & I left, and so in this dream I went back to buy it; and AJ (if that is his name) was at the counter/cash register, and he remembered me & what I wanted to buy from that past dream.

He showed the object to me, it looked like a VCR cassette tape that might be for cleaning VCR players maybe but I am not sure, and he added a hard case & several VCR cassette tapes with it for free; and he put them in a bag, and I bought them before I decided to change my mind (I almost changed my mind still & I even mentioned this out-loud to AJ); and then I left to glance at the new small open library in the mall.

In the library area I noticed a small wooden bookshelf that looked familiar like a bookshelf from my parent’s house, and on it were photo-albums/school year books/books/cards/signatures/personal items for my family with most of it being for my mom & dad but some of it was for me & maybe my brothers; and I was shocked/surprised, and I stopped to look at some of our photographs (mostly of my mom & some of her classmates when she was younger & still in school).

I wondered how did this get in the mall and I saw this as a huge privacy/security blunder/blooper/accident/incident for my family & I (but at the same time I stopped to look at the personal items & think of old memories, which was nice/fun), this bookshelf was in the open area of the mall where anyone could have taken it/bought it/stole it/rented it, and so I started gathering everything what was ours so that I could tell the librarian(s) that it belonged to my family and I & ask how did it get in the mall & so that I could take it all back home but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr