5-22-2014 | Dream Fragment | Having Some Of Our Gasoline Stolen

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I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place during the day as my family, Nice Peter from YouTube, and I drove through a fictional city on a vacation trip I think.

We all were riding in the same automobile and as we were driving down a street/highway inside a fictional city near a one-story building that looked like maybe an old gas station/house with a one-way drive through, we noticed three men standing next to a plastic gasoline/gas container waving at us like they needed gasoline, and so we drove into the one-way drive through to see if they needed help.

The men had light-to-medium brownish/whitish colored skin and the shortest man seemed to be the leader and he did most of the talking, and the leader wore a whitish colored A-shirt with shorts; and they all looked like they were probably from Mexico or from somewhere in South America and they spoke English with a Spanish (language) accent.

They had tattoos and they looked like they were members of a latino gang, and the leader told us that they were going to rob us of some of our gasoline and he showed us that they had guns; and several more men walked out of the building/house to escort us inside the building/house as they steal some of our gasoline.