A Gang Attack In The City Of D

Mexico failed to capture the son of 'El Chapo.' Can it contain drug cartels?
Source: YouTube

Dream 1

I decided to lay on top of my bed and rest for a moment, I ended up going to sleep there earlier than normal, and at some point I woke up two or three hours later.

I probably had more dreams, but I only barely remember part of the end of my last of these dreams.

The dream possibly involved some Mennonites, one of them was a man with light-color skin, and the dream possibly involved them avoiding doing a certain thing that was against their religion but I can not remember the details; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was probably inspired by some news about Mexico that I read and saw before going to sleep about the attempt to arrest Ovidio Guzmán López:

The end of this dream took place late in the afternoon or early in the evening, in a forgotten part of the dream I had possibly heard that a gang was possibly going to attack another gang or some drug dealers who lived in a fictional tan mobile home with white trim that was near the abandoned house that Mrs. C used to live in when she was alive, but it was probably just a rumor that I may have not taken too seriously but I can not remember.

At some point I decided to leave somewhere hoping to avoid the rumored gang attack from blocking me from getting wherever I needed to go because I did not want to get caught in that mess, and I was leaving my parents house by maybe automobile when I saw my former male schoolmate MH walking up our street toward the dead end sign.

I decided to take a shortcut across the field to reach the street that The E House is on, I felt that the rumored gang attack was near, and so I hoped to get out before they showed up.

Unfortunately as I crossed the field I saw an entire gang on motorcycles drive up in the street outside the mobile home, they were not too far from the street that I needed to cross, and so this was a dangerous situation for me.

The leader was a man with light-medium color skin, he started to give a speech to his gang/give a warning to whoever was inside the mobile home, and I heard him talking about how the other gang and/or drug dealers were selling drugs and operating in their city and how they could not allow this and that they were going to shut them down for good et cetera.

I took a risk and I drove by crossing the street to escape, while I was doing this the gang started to shoot up the mobile home, and I continued driving hoping to not get shot by stray bullets.

As I rushed to escape the neighborhood things got worse, the bicycle gang was going around shooting up what I assumed were all the homes et cetera of the rival gang/drug dealers and probably their friends and family et cetera, and it became the largest shootout and shooting in the history of the city of D.

It became a war basically with you hearing shooting all over the play, people were running and driving for their lives as the gang rode around shooting up the place, and I started to panic.

From the sounds of gunfire it was too dangerous for me to drive on the streets so I parked in a field by a fictional abandoned-looking warehouse that was near G’s Chevrolet, and I ran inside for some cover hoping to escape out the back to continue trying to escape the gang war on foot now.

The warehouse was in pretty rough condition and it was maze-like, and to my surprise a family (mother and several children) from maybe India or Pakistan or somewhere like that was living there.

They started to tell me to leave their home, I apologize and I told them that I did not know and that I was simply trying to escape to the other side, but they kept yelling for me to leave and the mother started to call the police.

I still heard lots of shooting, I heard sirens, and I heard helicopters and other aircraft like the police and even the military were involved now in the chaos.

A woman with light-color skin with yellow hair ran into the warehouse in a panic, the family yelled at her to leave too, and eventually both of us found the back exit to the warehouse.

We saw a scary red light flash in the now darker sky, we saw and heard a helicopter and some other assumed military aircraft and who knows what else in the sky, and it was pure chaos and panic and the red light et cetera made me even more afraid.

We were not sure what that light was, I was not sure if one or more UFOs were involved now or what, but I assumed that maybe the military had shot some flares or something to help them and the police see better and mark the war zones.

But I woke up as the woman and I tried to decide if we should run and where or should we get in my automobile and drive and where.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D, and I was traveling by wheelchair in the street near Taco Bell when I noticed that I was only wearing boxer briefs to my surprise/confusion.

Fortunately somehow I had my automobile parked in a fictional parking lot outside an abandoned fictional building/house that was near Taco Bell to the right, and so I wheeled myself in the wheelchair to my automobile.

I have no idea why I was in a wheelchair because I was able to walk, I opened my automobile hoping to find some extra clothes, and fortunately I found some dress pants and long-sleeve dress shirt that I was able to put on.

I then folded up the wheelchair and I put it in the back of my automobile, and then I started to drive my automobile to maybe Walmart or wherever I was going.

The next thing that I remember is driving to what looked like the field where the warehouse from the previous dream was, but this time the warehouse was smaller and nicer and not as tall and had more rooms and no one lived there.

As I was looking around the building someone else showed up, someone accidentally triggered a custom made small circular motion sensing bomb/IED/land mine/whatever, and it blew up.

I can not remember if anyone died or not, I just know that we got separated, and then my former male classmates KW and B showed up.

They ran in before I could warn them and they triggered one of the bombs, but fortunately they had ran past it far enough to avoid the explosion.

I then warned them about the motion sensing bombs, they complained about me not telling them, and I explained that I was about to but they rushed inside before I could.

Then they started running up to the bombs and throwing them at the walls, somehow they did this fast enough to where most of them got disabled instead of exploding, I told them that was too dangerous but they did not listen; and amazingly they managed to disable all the bombs that way it seemed.

We then continued to very carefully explore the building looking for more traps, I possibly explained how this building looked different than last time, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

An Alien Invasion / Message? | Work | Illegal Weapons | Almost Blue

Unfortunately I did not record some of my dreams until the end, and so some dreams are forgotten and some parts of the ones that I did remember part of are forgotten and unclear now including the most interesting of the dreams.

Dream 1

There were more details to this dream that I remembered but I kept going back to sleep and waking back up without recording the details unfortunately, and so now I have forgotten some of those details.

A Castlevania-Like Video Game | Military Police Versus Gang Members | My Coworker JB Printing Something

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a large multi-purpose building, I was there with some of my family, and at some point I was playing a Castlevania-like video game where I was controlling a video game character who was a male vampire who was the main character who had to fight against various creatures who were trying to attack him inside a building/house.

You could jump and climb walls so I used this to my advantage to somewhat glitch the video game by jumping and climbing up walls and attacking the creatures as they tried to climb up after me when they were defenseless, if I timed my attacks from above then I could jump down attacking them on my way down and then repeat the process as they tried to climb and jump back down after me, and I kept spamming this strategy to easily defeat them without getting hit.

At some point I was no longer playing this video game, I was not walking through the building with my family on our way out, but before we left the building I got separated from them briefly on an upper floor at the end of a hallway near the opening to the next room.

In this area sitting on a table or something were several male actors talking and being interviewed, one of them was a Ben Savage-like actor who had a slight tan, and he was talking about some of the difficulties that he had faced in his life and some of the discrimination that he had faced for being Hispanic (his words not mine).

I stood there listening to them talk about their lives and answer questions during their relaxed interview, and then I continued walking until I met up with my family again and we walked outside to leave.

Outside the building was a small fenced in field that was like a farm-like area where livestock would be kept, it was a short wooden fence, and playing outside of it were some children and young people with light-color skin who were either Mennonites or similar.

They ignored us mostly trying to reject/shun us socially because they had been raised with racist and isolationist beliefs against outsiders et cetera, this disappointed and saddened me to see children and young people already corrupted by their parents and the adults around them, and I wanted to stick around a bit to see if we could get them to stop ignoring us and realize that we are not so bad or different and that their beliefs were wrong.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place outside during the day on and near two streets in a neighborhood where maybe Navy military police were patrolling, I assume that I was there, and this neighborhood seemed to be pretty much run by a Latino gang.

Two male gang members were threatening some people, their seemed to be some kind of agreement or something where the military police did not normally try to stop them, and so two female military police officers or one male and one female military police officer stood by their police car watching like they wanted to do something but could not.

The female military police officer did tell them to stop to their surprise, one of the gang members pulled out a pistol, and he pointed it at the people and started walking toward them until the female military police officer walked over to confront him.

He then pointed his pistol at her, when she got close enough he started to shoot some burning sparks at her that were like more dangerous versions of a sparkler, and this burned and her the female military police officer a bit.

She was going to attack him in self-defense but a male military police officer grabbed her and lifted her in the air and moved her back as she yelled various things about being afraid that she would get fired if this injury was bad enough to force her to miss too much work, and this really bothered her.

The gang member smiled and laughed and walked back to the other gang member to hang out along a fence, another male military police officer saw this, and he walked over and told the other male military police officer to let her go.

Then him and the female military police officer went to arrest the two gang members, they resisted, and so the two military police officers attacked them and took them down and then handcuffed them to their surprise.

The two military police officers could not take it anymore, they were tired of this gang doing whatever they wanted, and they were going to start coming after them now regardless of what their superiors said.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at work at The BP Library, I was in the IT Department sitting down talking with my supervisor Mrs. JR, and at some point as we were talking my female coworker JB walked outside our door.

I was in the middle of saying something to Mrs. JR so I only glanced at JB and nodded my head, JB reached for the printer as a piece of paper printed out, and after she picked it up she paused like she wanted to say something to me.

I was going to say something to her but first I went to finish the last thing that I was saying to Mrs. JR, but JB walked away unfortunately.

I was curious about what JB wanted to say, I assumed that maybe she was going to mention something about one of the topics that we had talked about the previous day like music, and so I was going to walk to her desk eventually to talk to her but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

An Outdoor IT Job And Elizabeth Banks And A Dog Attack

Elizabeth Banks at an event for Catch Me If You Can (2002)
Source: IMDb

I had more dreams but I did not record them.

Dream 1

This dream started outside during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, I was near where Mrs. C’s abandoned yard/house should be on the street that The E House is on, and I was there working an IT job helping people print things et cetera.

In this area there was a printer outside that you had to put money in to print things after sending print jobs from a computer et cetera, maybe it was slightly covered for some protection for the weather, but it was outside.

Maybe there was a computer lab outside too, probably, but I can not remember.

Basically it was like my IT Assistant job at The BP Library except outside but there was no library, and I did not seem to have any other coworkers.

At some point one of my former female classmates with dark-color skin with black hair needed some help trying to print a print job that she sent to the printer, I can not remember her name but I think that her last name was A, but I could be wrong.

We walked over to the printer but her print job was not showing up, I think that I put $0.50 in the printer because she said that she had five black and white pages to print, some papers started to print, but it was not her print job.

We possibly went back to her computer to try to send the print job again or I sent her to send it again or I went to try another printer to see if her print job was there, and as I was checking this another former classmate female classmate of mine with medium-color skin with black hair whose first name is possibly N walked behind me along with several other people who needed to use the printer.

I did not see the print job and maybe the other people did not see their print jobs either, and so N suggested that we try another printer up the street that was in a small shack-like building that was an African business of some kind that was owned by a man from Africa (maybe Jamaica).

Among our group was a man from Africa with dark-color skin with short black hair who used to have long dreadlocks (somehow I knew him and I had false memories of this), my female cousin ME who did not recognize me at first, my former female classmate N, and the actress Elizabeth Banks who had black hair in this dream.

Elizabeth Banks was probably in this dream because I watched the movie Brightburn with my brother GC before I went to sleep last night.

We walked and talked up the street to the shack-like building that was by where Mr. Grip’s yard was or should be, my female cousin ME recognized me, and she asked me what I was doing here and I told her how I had an IT job here but I was new to it and I did not have formal training/education for it so I had a lot to learn.

We entered the shack-like building, built into the wall was what we thought was a printer so I put in $0.50, but then I realized that this a fake printer that was just there to take your money; and so I lost another $0.50, and so I lost a $1 in total in this dream so far.

We complained about this but the owner was no where to be seen, we returned to the previous area looking for my former female classmate A to let her know, but we could not find her.

My cousin ME got separated from us at this point so I was with the man from Africa and Elizabeth Banks now, we walked and talked on our way to a new area to maybe find A and/or another printer and/or the owner of the shack-like building and/or for some other reason, and I remember us stopping by and/or inside the shack again.

There was an emotional conversation, I remember the man from Africa mentioning that his hair was short now because he had cut his dreadlocks because he felt that he was being discriminated against for having them when it came to trying to get a job, and he said that he has been struggling trying to get a job since he moved here.

Mrs. Banks then shared an emotional story of her own after we showed our support for the man, I can not remember what her story was about, but I do remember her crying; and the man from Africa gave her a hug, and we both showed our support for her.

After this we continued walking to a new area, we got separated, and now it was just Mrs. Banks and I.

We reached a tree shaded area next to an one-story building, there were people hanging out in this area, but I quickly noticed that we were in danger because an African American or African gang or mafia was hanging out in this area and I noticed some of them starting to notice us and they did not look happy as they tried to figure out who were we because we were on their territory.

Fortunately my male cousin ME was a security guard/bodyguard with the gang or mafia it seemed, he was dressed up, and he walked over to me as I was whispering to Mrs. Banks that we were in danger and that we needed to avoid standing out and that we needed to leave without being noticed soon.

Mrs. Banks had noticed this too fortunately, she agreed to try to avoid doing anything to offend them, as we try to quietly slip away.

My cousin ME walked over and pulled me aside and he quietly confirmed that we were in danger (that there was a gang/mafia here, and he worked for them), he told me that we should go inside the building, and then sneak away quietly; and he would get us inside the building.

We tried to act normal as he walked us to the building, there was a line, but he got us inside without any trouble but we had to handle the rest on our own.

Mrs. Banks and I got separated and unfortunately I made the mistake of entering a room where a funeral was taking place, I tried to blend in and then escape, and people were taking their turns saying a few things about the person who had died.

I found an opening to sneak out as a group of people were entering, unfortunately a somewhat older woman with dark-color skin wearing church clothes and a big church hat noticed me, and she started talking to me.

I briefly talked with her and then I went to sneak away but she told me to stop, she wanted me to take my turn saying something about the person who had died, I politely refused but she would not take no for answer.

I started to sneak away but she kept telling me to come back, she was causing a scene, but fortunately my cousin ME entered the room to calm her down giving me time to escape.

I escaped outside but a man with light-color skin, who I noticed during my escape and who I possibly had false memories of, started following me on my way home; and so when I reached the other side of a house on the street that The E House is on, I took this chance to run, and I reached my parents yard.

He did not see me but he had an idea of where I went, so I ran on the side of the yard that the dogs are on, and I tried to crawl under the house after opening the door of the skirting around the bottom of the house but the door fell off making a loud noise and I lost my cover.

I rolled under the house opening that he would not see me, he ran past the back door trying to get to this side of the yard, but a fictional dog in our yard started attacking him once he got close enough to where he was chained up at.

I hoped that the man would just run, unfortunately the dog had a good grip on him and he fell, and the dog was biting him.

I paused hoping that the man would get up and escape but he did not, and so I was forced to go save him by grabbing the dog’s chain and getting him off the man.

I calmed the dog down and I helped the man up, I told him that he should not have been following me like that and that he made the mistake of getting too close to the dog, and I told him that normally I would apologize and offer to cover the medical expenses but not this time.

Instead I offered to clean and wrap his wounds, and then send him on his way because it was his fault.

The dog was chained and he had entered our yard chasing after me, and so if he needed more medical attention then that was on him.

Fortunately his bites did not seem that bad, but I woke up as I helped him while asking him why he was following and chasing me.

Dream 2

I did not record this dream, I woke up feeling a bit tired and negative, I am not sure if it was connected to the dream or not.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that my former male classmate JC was in it, I was in the dream as well, and we met in the dream; and it was my first time seeing him in years.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Time Travel Interrupted | Vacationing In An Island Country | Hood Kids And Eggplants

I had a variety of clearer than normal dreams that I woke up remembering in more detail than usual, I even took a moment to think about them to record them, but I guess I kept going back to sleep without recording them by accident so unfortunately most of those clearly remembered dreams are forgotten now.

Fortunately I managed to remember part of a couple of my dreams, but I still lost the ones that I wanted to record.

Dream 1

I actually had this dream when I fell asleep on the living room couch for longer than expected before getting in bed.

This dream involved time travel with some people going back in time to maybe stop an event involving a gang, they made it back in time, but rival gang of the gang that they were going to stop interrupted their mission.

The time travelers and maybe some of the gang that they were trying to stop got taken hostage, the time travelers group had several men and women in the group, but the other people did not know that they were time travelers.

Fortunately for them the rival gang did not ruin their mission completely, this rival gang actually ended up accidentally helping them achieve their mission while achieving another good act that I can not remember, and so they just needed to survive the hostage situation so that they could return back to the future now that their mission was a success.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was probably several continuing and connected dreams that I had that involved what seemed to be me and some of my family vacationing to an island country that alternated (including most of the citizens) between being like Hawaii, Samoa, India, and finally a completely fictional country at the end.

The first part of this dream was probably inspired by a YouTube video that I saw yesterday called Everything Wrong With Slumdog Millionaire:

The first part of this dream was definitely inspired by the movie Slumdog Millionaire so the island country (and its citizens) was more like India, and so throughout this part of the dream there was some contrast between poor citizens and richer tourists.

Some of my family and I seemed to be vacationing here, and we walked around to various areas indoors and outdoors together and separately.

I saw and heard and maybe briefly talked to the actor Woody Harrelson during this part of the dream as I walked around through stores, shops, a shopping mall, et cetera.

At some point I remember going through an area that reminded me of the family room at The E House combined with something else, in this area was an arcade and / or computer-like thing with some very old CRT television screens and / or monitors, and some poor children with light-medium to medium-color skin with black hair.

I stopped in this area at the arcade or computer, the children approached me, and so I talked with them and I maybe gave them some money and / or bought something from them and / or paid them for something; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

A second part of this dream was more Samoa-like and / or Hawaii-like (there was possibly another part of this dream that I can not remember so both of these are probably correct) on the island country, I spent more time in a shopping mall-like building, and there I met some of my former male classmates from Eastside like maybe my former male classmates MW and MJ et cetera.

Throughout this part of the dream I met two or three women who were citizens of the island country, they each worked in a part of this building, and they each had different contrasting personalities et cetera.

Throughout this part of the dream I kept trying to decide which of the women I liked best or something like that, they kept interacting with me almost like they were competing against each other, but I am not sure.

Most or all of the women worked with their grandmother or mother at some stands in the building, and they all had light-medium to medium-color skin.

One of the women was more traditional and liked to live a more simple honest humble life and planned on living in the island country for the rest of her life, a second woman was the most attractive and she was more interested in getting rich and moving forward and getting out of the country and was vain and she reminded me of the American Horror Story character Madison Montgomery, and I can not remember the third woman now but maybe she was the most balanced of the three.

I never did get to finish making a decision on which of them I liked better, and maybe which I would buy some products from if I had not done so already.

The last part of this dream involved a completely fictional country version of the island country with a focus on religion, there were several different religions on the island, and the main religion seemed to be based on light.

There was an old woman and her younger female apprentice / maybe granddaughter who practiced a smaller looked down on religion that possibly involved summoning and darkness, and so many others probably considered it more evil.

The old woman and her apprentice were showing off their religion a bit, there seemed to be some real paranormal / supernatural stuff with it, and so it seemed to be real.

They could summon some kind of stand-like thing and maybe some darkness and some other miracles, but other people still were not interested and looked down on their religion as evil et cetera.

I watched from a distance as they did some demonstrations of the power of their religion, and at the end of the dream we were outside by a dock-like area during the evening.

Something was going on where the people needed help, and so they were trying to use their light religion to get help without luck which made their religion seem fake or weaker than the other.

The old woman and her apprentice summoned something and bragged about this telling the others to use their religion instead of the light religion, but they refused.

A man from the light religion walked over to them, he noticed a bit of the power of the light religion on the edge of the docks near the water, it looked like a stand-like statue head of maybe a nun surrounded by a bit of light so he walked over to it challenging the old woman to walk over to witness the power of the light religion.

The old woman looked scared and was no longer bragging, she refused to walk over there like getting too close to the power of the light religion would hurt her or something, and so the man laughed now that the light religion was proven to have some power after all.

But the the stand-like nun head-like statue thing faded away, first the light faded, and then it all disappeared like the power of the light religion was too weak in this area.

So now the people still needed something to help them with this situation, maybe they were going to start praying and doing some rituals or something to maybe try to strengthen the power of their religion, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I had to go back and add this dream to this post after my mom said something that helped me to remember this dream.

This dream started at my parent’s house, I went outside in the yard during the day, something happened that I can not remember where I ended up talking with The Hood Kids (I nicknamed them this because they almost always wear hoodies / hooded sweatjackets with the hoods on even when it is not cold).

I decided to teach The Hood Kids something constructive that they could do since they look and act like they have nothing else to do, and so I asked them if they had ever had fried eggplant before and they replied no.

I told them that my dad had fried some egg plant recently and that it tasted like a healthier alternative to french fries / potatoes, and that cooked egg plant could possibly be used as a meat and mushroom substitute as well maybe.

I then invited them inside and I showed them how to prepare and cook fried eggplant, even though I have not done this myself before in real life, and then I let them have the cooked food and I said goodbye to them.

I then told this story to one or more of my coworkers at work at The BP Library during the dream, my female coworker JB was possibly one of the people I told this to in the dream, and I felt good that I had taught The Hood Kids something positive and I hoped that would encourage them to start cooking and doing something more constructive with their time since they do not seem to go to school or college or work et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr

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