Mercy Graves | A New House &Waking Up

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved Mercy Graves from the television show Titans (Season 2).

Dream 2

This dream involved my family and I moving into a new house that was a strange house that seemed to at least be partly connected to an underground parking garage or just a normal parking garage-like place, and so there were several different ways to get inside the house.


A Vampire Front Organization

I did not sleep very well, most of the time I was not sure if I had even slept at all, every so often I would wonder if I had slept or not; it was like I was only barely sleeping briefly sometimes or something.

I definitely slept a bit at the end though because I remember part of my last dream.

The dream possibly started with me watching a CW-like television show about vampires, I could be wrong about this starting as me just watching a television show, either way I eventually I became part of this.

During the parts before I possibly became part of it, I saw an alley between some buildings in a city during, and at the end of the alley on the left was a large garage door that led to small garage / warehouse-like room of a building that was a vampire front organization.

The vampires ran a business that was the front and that helped fund things, in the back past the garage door were some areas that others did not get to see, and these areas seemed to be used to train / educate and maybe even house vampires.

There was a auditorium-style classroom where a class was taking place with vampires who seemed to be between junior high school age – college age, and the teacher / trainer was the oldest vampire I saw and he looked maybe somewhat like the actor Jake Weary.

The vampire teacher / trainer was giving a detailed example of a feeding scenario that he described that sounded somewhat like this: there is an attractive young man (in his example the young man had light-color skin with maybe somewhat yellow hair) with great blood, you approach him and say something to him (maybe a question) in a certain way or tone, he then describes what sounds like using a glamour ability to set up your target and lower their defenses and get them attracted to you and then basically control them and put them in a trance, and then you can feed on them (drink their blood) et cetera.

He goes into detail really getting into it way too much, basically to erotic levels, and like he is describing a real memory of his; but a female and male student with light-color skin interrupts him jokingly pointing this out, and the class laughs.

The camera or my view then moves back to the area where the garage door is then outside in the alley, a somewhat tall thin man with light-color skin wearing a jacket and hood walks up the alley like he is about to try to sneak into the building, and the camera or my view moves back inside where I can see a window with no glass at the top to the right of the garage door.

The camera or my view moves away to a hallway on the right and then back to the window, the man is there somehow, and I am confused by how he got up there and then he jumps inside.

I wonder where the security is so the camera or my view moves down the halls looking for anyone patrolling, I see no one to my surprise, and then I am there in the building and I decide to find one of the vampires to warn them about an intruder in their building.

I guess the class is over because I see the vampire teacher / trainer, I tell him and he goes after the man, and he grabs the man in the hallway on the right near a door but the man manages to open the door which leads to maybe a military veteran’s hospital or clinic lobby so the vampire teacher / trainer can not hurt him with witnesses.

The man tries to cause a scene in the lobby by acting crazy, a female nurse at the desk with dark-color skin with dark-color hair notices this, but the vampire teacher says that the man is unstable and that he is trying to get him back for treatment or something like that so the man’s plan backfires and the vampire teacher is able to force him back into the previous area and I follow them.

I am not sure what happened but maybe the vampire teacher glamoured the man or something and maybe the vampire asks me to take the man out of the building, and so I started my journey to take him out of the building by going through a door on the left side of the hallway on the left that led to a large complex multi-story shopping mall that partly reminds me of the mall in the city of LC combined with a fictional mall that is sometimes in my dreams combined with the conference center in the city of NO where we had our work trip last year.

The man had his hood on and a fabric mask with a design similar to the symbol that The Punisher uses, I am not sure if he could walk or not now, I do remember moving him around sometimes on a cart and / or a small indoor vehicle / electric cart.

At one point I remember a woman with light-color skin saying how it was cute that I was helping him or something like that, I guess she thought that he was disabled or something, but I am not sure.

Eventually we reached a crazy escalator that branched off in several directions, we took the one on the right, and it went along a wide route that crossed some areas where the floor would spin and curve back and forth to help you turn to end up in the same direction as the other escalators.

I possibly needed to urinate so I glanced around for bathrooms as we rode the escalator and spinning floors, I saw a door to a bathroom like the bathrooms from the conference center in the city of NO, and they were labeled Goose which stood for gender-neutral bathroom.

This was probably inspired by something that I saw in a YouTube video yesterday:

I continued looking around until I saw the men’s bathroom, but I probably decided to not use it and just try to get the man out of the building first and we continued until we reached the end of the escalator.

We then went up some stairs to another floor until we reached some doors, and I held the door open for a man behind me with light-color skin who was partly dressed like either a former solider or a firefighter or someone partly cosplaying as a Stormtrooper (Star Wars) or something and I greeted him as I held the door open for him, and he was on his mobile phone talking and several men with dark-color skin were behind him.

I remember hearing the man say a racial slur about the men behind him and maybe even me (I was not sure), he called them / maybe us n#####s as he was saying something negative about them / maybe us to his friend on his mobile phone, and I was shocked and bothered and confused by this.

I then noticed some doors to the outside but they were labeled entrance only with warning signing sighs saying that alarms would go off et cetera if you tried to exit through these doors, and so I was going to have to travel across the rest of the mall to get the man outside.

I had an idea of where this was from my memory of parts of this mall from past dreams, but I got awakened by an alarm.

The end,

-John Jr


A Flag Protocol Investigation | Helping Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Find His Name Tag | Tennis Turned Standoff

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, my memory is unclear, but I remember going to dispose of a flag (probably an American flag) in maybe a somewhat respectful way I assume.

Later in the dream when I was outside somewhere (maybe a college campus-like place, but I can not remember) I was approached by Vin Diesel (who possibly was in the area earlier when I went to dispose of the flag, if he was I was not aware that he was around when I was there, but I can not remember) questioning me about the flag disposal trying to figure out if I had dispose of it properly (using The United States Flag Code I assume), and if it should have been disposed of to begin with.

I guess Mr. Diesel was trying to be super patriotic or something and he was really hassling me about this and trying to interrogate me, and I guess he called the police on me and I guess he called a police friend of his who was Elliot Stabler from the television show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit because Detective Elliot Stabler showed up.

Detective Stabler started to question me about the disposal of the flag, some of my former classmates like my former male classmates JC and DH and maybe a few others were around, and they had seen me dispose of the flag I assume so I tried to get them to share what they saw but they were acting like they knew nothing or were not sure and like they were afraid to get involved or something which was annoying and made things worse for me.

After Mr. Diesel and Detective Stabler questioned me I was informed by Detective Stabler that he was going to have to do a formal interview or something where he would question me on the record et cetera, we were not going to do it now, and so I left to try to gather witnesses (some of my former classmates and family and family members had possibly witnessed and / or heard about what I had done) and evidence to support what I told them.

I left by automobile to find my dad, I saw my male cousin ME at some point but I can not remember this part, and eventually I reached a rough water park-like area with a deep large ditch where The SC Inn should be in the city of D.

My dad, maybe one of my cousin ME’s fictional girlfriends and / or mothers of some of his children and some of her children, maybe some of my family member from my dad’s side of the family who were possibly having a family reunion, and some other people were there.

I went to tell my dad about the situation, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream involved me and other people starting to leave from something that took place in one or more connected buildings, something had just ended I assume, and on my way out I saw Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looking around inside the building or buildings like he had lost something so I walked over and greeted him and I asked him if he needed help.

He told me that he had lost his name tag, and so I asked him to describe it but he was super vague so I had to keep asking specific questions to learn more details about it but he was still vague so all that I learned was that it was at least the size of my name tag at work for The BP Library and that it was probably metal as well because he said that it was like a real name tag like the one that I was wearing (I was wearing my library name tag in the dream).

Another man, possibly another celebrity walked over to help us, and the three of us looked around for the name tag.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The end of this dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of W Park at the tennis courts, and I was playing tennis with my former male classmate DH.

We only had two flat tennis balls to play with and one of them had a whole in it and was super flat, and so trying to play tennis was difficult.

At some point a family (maybe a husband, maybe a wife with short yellow hair, maybe a young son, maybe one or more uncles and / or older brothers and / or male cousins) with light-color skin arrived at the far end of the tennis court to the right of us, and they started playing tennis.

At some point the family moved behind us to play against the wall, and a bunch of random people jumped into our tennis game and many of them did not even have tennis rackets so they used their hands and other objects.

There were so many people who interfered with our game that we could not really play, at some point we separated into two teams, and somehow things changed from a game of tennis into a standoff of some kind where one side had a base at or near the tennis court with a fence and the side that I was on had a base at a one-story house across part of the park that had a garage and some bushes.

Maybe the goal was to sneak into the other side’s base and do something to somehow win or end the standoff, but I am not sure.

My side went to the one-story house and the other side secured the fence and tennis court and / or area near it, and maybe some of us had guns et cetera.

Somehow an overweight man with light-color skin started acting like the leader of our team and another overweight biker-like man with light-color skin started acting like the second in charge of our team, and I think that a woman with short yellow hair with light-color skin was possibly the leader of the other team.

Our two wannabe leaders of my team came up with a plan in the garage, they decided that they would sneak to the gate of the other team and trick the guard or something to get inside, and then they would do whatever we had to do to win the game.

I followed them outside as the two of them sneaked forward, and maybe they wanted me to hide behind the bushes in case something goes wrong so maybe I had a gun or another kind of weapon but I am not sure.

I could not see them but I heard the wannabe second-in-charge walk to the gate and greet a female guard with light-color skin who was guarding it, it sounded like she opened the gate, and then he took her hostage but oddly it sounded like he did not enter the gate.

I heard him saying something to the woman that sounded rapey, like he was possibly making threats to her like he might rape her or something, and was shocked and confused and annoyed and angered by this so I went to see what was happening but then another female guard was walking to the gate and the wannabe leader went to greet her while the wannabe second-in-charge hid behind a bush with the woman.

Our wannabe leader managed to trick the guard into opening the gate and then he went to disable her but a male guard with light-color skin ran over, and they pushed him back and he started to run and their hostage ran back to the gate and they started shooting.

They told me to run so I started to run to the back of the house to hide briefly until I could reach the garage, as the guards were making their way to the back of the house I remember running toward the garage as two extra garage doors were starting to close to prevent anyone from reaching the main garage door that was already closed but not locked, and I slid under them before they closed.

I lifted up the main garage door enough to crawl under, I closed it and locked it, and I heard the other doors closing.

We heard the guards run back to secure their gate, and our wannabe leader started ranting and complaining at our wannabe second-in-charge about his stupid plan and how he wish that he would have joined the other team and he mentioned their female leader in a positive way like he felt that she was a better leader and had a better team and a better setup.

They went into the house and I started to rant and complain at both of them for making it seem like I was on the side of the villains with that possible sudden change of their plan that seemed rapey and unacceptable and stupid, how they seemed to have made themselves the leaders and made up their own plan without the rest of us and started it on their own, and I asked who even made them the leaders anyway since it was I who was playing tennis until they interrupted my game.

But I woke up as I ranted and complained at them.

The end,

-John Jr


A Nintendo Presentation?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I got in bed very late after staying up to watch anime on Toonami like I usually do on Saturdays and it ends on Sunday morning (9:30 PM Saturday – maybe 3:00 AM Sunday) and so I did not save most of my dreams except for barely part of one or two dreams which I will type as one because I am not sure if it is two dreams or one.

This dream or dreams took place during the day until early evening, and near the end of the dream I remember being either inside or outside in an area that had a table that looked like the outdoor table at The E House in front of the laundry building.

There was a female employee (possibly a Nintendo employee) with light-color skin with long straight medium-to-dark color hair wearing a tucked in work tennis shirt and pants who was about to give a presentation, and she had things set up on the table.

I walked over to watch her presentation that seemed to be about either the Nintendo Switch video game console and some video game accessories for it and / or a fictional new Nintendo console with some accessories.

As I watched and listened to her presentation there were some other people walking around in the background, maybe a few of them stopped briefly to watch like a male and female couple with light-color skin who were walking arm and arm, but they did not stay long.

After the presentation I asked the female employee a few questions about the video game accessories that included a cheap-looking very narrow video game controller that was connected to something and a keyboard by a company that started with an A, and she let me touch and try out the items as she started to put the stuff up in a small building behind her that had a garage-like door.

As she was doing this and starting to close the garage-like door a short somewhat overweight old woman with light-color skin with white / silver / gray hair who looked like the manager walked over, and I remember hoping that the female employee would not get in trouble for leaving some items near me when she was not looking.

The next thing that I remember is sitting in a bedroom with a large window or windows and curtain or curtains that had a view of a parking lot, and there was a car parked right outside my window and it looked like maybe my aunt RE was inside of it.

My parent’s were possibly gone somewhere and it was getting darker outside, the thin curtains were closed but not the main curtains, and so I was worried about people seeing me because it was getting darker and so it was time to close the curtains but I did not want my aunt to see me so I sat there still waiting for her to leave first.

I was not sure if she could see me or not, I am not sure if the bedroom that I was in was inside a house or apartment or where it was, but it felt like maybe I was near or in a building that was connected to a shopping center-like area that possibly included the area where the woman had given that Nintendo presentation.

At some point my aunt drove away, so I closed the main curtains, and then my parent’s returned and I told them about how I saw my aunt parked outside.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr