Pacing Outside Waiting On My Dad

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Unfortunately I forgot all of my dreams except for the most boring part of one dream, part of my memory of one or two more dreams returned to me in a flash, but they left my mind immediately.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day, and maybe my dad drove me and him in his automobile to a fictional grass area next to the train tracks by The D City Hall and The D Police Station and across from the parking lot across the street from The BP Library.

I am not sure if we parked on the grass on the left side of the train tracks near the parking lot across from the library or on the right side, either way I know that we were closer to The D Police Station, but we were not on their property when my dad parked his automobile on the grass near the train tracks.

I am not sure why my dad parked there or what he was doing, I just know that we got out of his automobile, and I paced back and forth from the parking lot to the police station as I waited for my dad to do whatever he was doing.

I was wearing my gray hooded sweatshirt (hoodie) and I had the hood on, and I paced back and forth hoping that the police did not think that I was a threat or crazy or a protester or something as I waited for my dad.

As I paced back and forth I saw some people in the distance where the gazebo is or should be to the left of city hall, I heard them talking and one or more of them knew my dad, and maybe they saw my dad and started trying to talk to him.

I probably hoped that my dad would hurry up with whatever he was doing, but that is all that I can remember of this boring part of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Woman Using Her Dog To Scam People

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The battery was too low on my MP3 player so I was not able to voice record all of this dream, and so I can not remember some of the details now.

All that I can remember of this last dream from last night is that I was in the city of D walking during the day on the left side of the road walking toward the direction of the PHTD area in front of the fairgrounds.

There were probably some fictional sidewalks and a small park-like area along the way, and in this area I saw a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair who possibly sounded like and looked like she was possibly from somewhere in maybe Eastern Europe (Eastern European) who was walking a small dog (because of the custom fur cut (style) I could not tell what breed it was exactly because a variety of dogs look like that when they have custom fur cuts) with custom cut (styled) medium-length or long-length fur that was cut shorter.

This woman seemed to be using her dog in some kind of insurance fraud or an other type of scam, the dog seemed to be trained for this, and she would have the dog get close to someone walking by and have the dog fall over pretending to be injured (basically like a flop (flopping) in sports) trying to trick the person and anyone seeing this into thinking that the person had walked into the dog and injured the dog.

The dog would lay on the ground pretending to be seriously injured, the woman would act very upset and would blame and shame the person who she was scamming into probably paying her or something, and she would threaten to call the police and sue the person if they did not comply with her demands.

After the person would pay her or whatever and after they would walk away, her dog would stop faking and it would sit up and act normal again, and then they would walk around and sit on a bench in the park-like area to wait for their next victim.

I kept walking trying to avoid them as I walked by, I walked very far away from them, but the woman still chose me as her next victim and she sent her dog toward me but I was so far away that her dog mistakenly flopped (faked its injury) too far away from me when no one else was around to see this and no cameras were around to see.

Normally they would do this very close to the person when someone else and / or a camera was around so that they would have a witness so that the witness and / or camera would see this, and they would usually get close enough and time things to where the witness would be fooled into believing their trick.

Earlier the woman must have not seen me at first so I was able to see her trick in action, which was a mistake on her part, and her choosing me as her next victim without witnesses was yet another mistake of hers.

The woman realized that her dog had flopped too far away from me so she tried to lure me over to getting closer to her dog who was laying on the ground faking an injury, I knew that I must keep my distance to avoid getting caught up in her scam, and so I kept walking to her surprise.

The woman seemed to possibly realize that I was possibly aware of her scam so she commanded her dog to stop faking its injury, and they both started following me trying to get close to me so that they could trap me in their scam before I get away like she was desperate to get me because she probably realized that I was aware of her scam and she was probably afraid that I would report her and / or warn others.

I wanted to pull out my mobile phone and film this to protect myself from her lying about it but I did not want her to realize that I was aware of her scam, I wanted to keep it a secret for now, and so I did not take out my mobile phone and I tried to figure out what to do next to protect myself from her scam and to stop her.

I started walking to the front of the fairground which had several fictional small gazebo-like building that had screens (were screened in), they each had a door and screens so you could sit inside of them with a view outside and you could still feel the breeze and hear the sounds outside, and then I noticed my brother GC walking along the sidewalk trying to catch up with me.

I signaled to him to keep his distance from the woman and the dog, and for him to try to maybe film what was happening with his mobile phone and / or figure out a way to help me.

I was not able to get a clear message to him because I do not know sign language and I could not talk out-loud or the woman would hear me, but he did realize that I wanted him to keep a distance and avoid the woman and her dog so he did that.

I went inside one of the screened in gazebo-like buildings, I closed the door, and I watched the woman and her dog as they approached.

My brother GC was keeping a distance, the woman realized that I was watching her and waiting and she had seen me signal something to my brother GC, and because I was inside the building and because my brother GC was too far away she had no choice but to keep her distance for now so her and her dog walked around the area in circles trying to figure out what to do next.

When she was not looking I signaled for my brother GC to get inside the gazebo-like building quickly, so he did, and then I explained the situation to him.

We waited and watched the woman as she and her dog continued circling the area like predators circling their prey, except this time she seemed worried and unsure of how to deal with us, and it seemed that she was close to giving up and leaving.

People started arriving at the fairgrounds like an event was starting, maybe a fair or trade fair or something like that, and I noticed my former male classmate BH so I walked over to him and we greeted each other.

I walked my former classmate BH inside the gazebo with my brother GC and I, I explained the situation to him, and we talked about that and various other things.

We probably started coming up with a plan to stop the woman and get evidence of her scam so that we could report her to the police, the woman seemed to possibly sense this, and so she probably started to leave or she looked like she was about to leave but I can not remember which because I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Brother CC Gets A Job Burying Bodies?

I am not sure how many dreams these are from last night so I will type them as two dreams, there were too many details and I do not feel like spending all night typing everything, and so I will try to shorten the details if I can to maybe an overview if I am lucky.

For the second night in a row one of these dreams involved burial, which is strange and interesting, and so I looked up what one dream dictionary had to say about: burial.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it was day and I was possibly with a group of people (maybe a school or college or some kind of group) and maybe some of my family, and we were possibly touring some locals businesses that were owned by a family led by a somewhat older man with dark-color skin with black hair who wore suits.

The family was doing this to promote their businesses, I remember one of the businesses being a Walmart-like store, one business was a building in the field to the left of the Walmart-like store that was maybe a small budget restaurant, and the last business I remember was a smaller building in the field further to the left of the other building which had an upper class restaurant that was for the rich and élite.

At the end of the tour we got to go to the upper class restaurant and get some food, I remember bring two packaged honey buns and / or snacks with me that I bought from one of the other businesses, and I sat them on my table as I ate.

When you entered the building there was a hall that anyone could use, there were some sitting areas in the hall at one end that had booths with openings where you could see into the upper class restaurant, but the upper class restaurant itself was restricted to only rich and élite customers so not everyone could even walk inside the restaurant but you could go in the hall outside of it.

The next thing that I remember is that later in the dream when the upper class restaurant was closed, some of my family and I and a few other people went into the building, and I remember having some food and maybe a drink and I sat down at a booth where I had a view into the dark upper class restaurant.

I noticed what looked like my two honey buns or snacks that were individually wrapped sitting on a table that looked like the table I had sat at, and so I leaned my head through the opening for a closer look and I was going to jump over the opening and get my food if it was my food from earlier.

When I leaned my head across the opening I saw a flash of light, I saw a motion sensor on the wall that blinked when my head cross the opening, and so I assumed that this had triggered an alarm so I decided to stay calm and sit there and prepare myself because the police would probably arrive soon.

A police officer arrived and I calmly explained the situation to the police officer acting like everything was normal as I continued eating and drinking, I told the police officer about how I had eaten in the upper class restaurant earlier and I tried to act upper class so that the police officer would be less likely to bother me, and this worked and the police officer left without bothering me further.

The next thing that I remember is somehow hearing about a job opening that the family who owned these businesses were offering, the actual job that was open was not known, but I think that I told my brother CC about it who was a kid again in this dream.

I probably went to the home of the family who owned the businesses to find out about this job, the wife of the owner was an older woman with dark-color skin with short hair and she was over the new job opening it seemed, but I did see her husband who was over the company.

The wife was vague about the job and I started to notice things that disturbed me, it seemed that this family was probably also a mafia family, and I remember some rooms with women in them that I saw the husband come out of.

For some reason I felt that something sexual was involved there, and that maybe he kills some of the women and the wife helps cover it up.

It seemed that this job would involve being sent to bury things sometimes and other things that were very vague, I assumed that you would bury dead bodies of the women he would kill, but this was never said of course.

I wanted nothing to do with this, I had no proof or knowledge of what really went on but that was what I felt, and I left when I could to avoid being killed or something for possibly knowing too much.

The younger version of my brother CC was excited for the chance to get a job and make money, and so he went and got the job even when I tried to warn him.

Somehow they hired a kid for this job which is not even legal, and my brother CC would be sent to certain locations to bury objects wrapped in white material that I assumed to be bodies of women the owner had killed after probably having sex with them but they would never say.

Most of the burial locations were near the train tracks in the city of D and some fictional rows of train tracks, and he would usually bury the objects during the day.

Somehow no one ever seemed to notice or care about a kid burying human sized objects wrapped in white material during the day on the grass near train tracks, and so my brother CC probably did this for years for this family.

I kept trying to talk him out of it but he only cared about the money, they would call him when ever he was needed, and I assume that it paid well.

I felt bad about this and responsible because I was the one who had told him about the job before I found out about it, I blamed myself, and as the years went by I continued to be bothered and sadden by this and I wondered about the life my brother CC could have had.

I wondered if I was correct about those being the dead bodies of women who were possibly killed by the owner, et cetera, and the next thing that I remember is possibly part of another dream but I am not sure so I will type it as part of this dream.

After all the negativity I finally experience something positive, my family seemed to live or have some property near the road on the side of W Park in the city of D where the swimming pool should be, and there was a tiny building that was raised off the ground that the cats and kittens liked to hang out in.

I walked inside the building to see the cats, the kitten Dawna, and I heard and saw that some of the cats had some new kittens.

They were relaxing and sleeping, it was very cute and positive to see, and I probably went to tell my family to show them but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was playing American Football during either maybe a professional or college football game, I was probably my team’s star player, the game was almost over, we were winning, I had made many plays, but my legs were sore so at some point after getting tackled I decided to exaggerate my injury by laying on the ground after getting tackled.

A female athletic trainer ran over to check my injury, I was sore and had already won the game for my team and I just wanted to waste some time because the game was almost over, and the female athletic trainer seemed to be maybe my girlfriend or wife from the way that we communicated and acted as she checked my injury.

After this the game ended and I ended up going to L University to see my brothers KD and TD who play on the L University football team, I was hungry and I wanted to go eat with them at their cafeteria, and I remember looking for them and for where I could get some food.

I found a small building that sold smoothies among other things so I got a smoothie, and then I offered to buy everyone in there a smoothie before I left to find my brothers KD and TD.

I was hoping to be able to eat free as a football player, I was hoping that they would assume that I was on the L University football team and let me eat free, and at some point I found my brothers KD and TD and I asked them if they ate free and where but they did not know.

I am not sure if we ever ate or not, I just remember leaving the college at some point, and I remember having roller shoes where I could switch between roller skating and walking.

I remember being able to move very fast in roller skating mode and I could jump higher than normal, this was very fun, and I remember roller skating very fast and jumping very high and doing some stunts on my way to a fictional version of W Park.

As I was crossing the shopping center by W Park I noticed at least two women walking across the street on their way to the park, and there were several young men in front of them who were also on their way to the park but they were doing stunts on roller skates and bicycles and stake boards.

They could jump very high too and they were doing better stunts, I wanted to show off too, and so I skated by very fast and jumping high and trying to do better stunts.

As I was passing the women, who I wanted to impress, one of them sounded like Grace Randolph but I could not turn around or stop to see what she or the other woman looked like.

I skated to a gazebo to see if I could see if the woman was Grace Randolph, in the dream Grace was my teacher and / or had been my teacher, and if it was her I was going to skate over to her to talk to her.

A woman walked in the gazebo with me who looked like my former female classmate JT, but she was wearing a colorful large old-style (maybe old wild west) Disney-like dress like she was playing a character at Disneyland or something like that.

We started talking, as we talked I noticed more and more people walking in the park, and there were other people wearing various costumes like they were doing tours and rides and reenactments like something Disney inspired.

My former classmate JT was about to start walking to start her tour (whatever), it seemed that the actors and actresses or whatever you call them had their own routes along the walking trail, and so I decided to follow my former classmate JT to join her tour.

A few other people joined us, I remember asking my former classmate JT if the woman I had passed was Grace, and she was not sure but she said that she matched her in appearance so it was likely.

My former classmate JT’s route went in that direction so we should cross paths with that woman, and then I would have my chance to see if it was Grace or not but I woke up as a carriage ride was about to start.

The end,

-John Jr