A Hot Air Balloon Vacation Trip Around The World

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember some of my last dream, but I forgot most of the dreams before it and I forgot some of the dream due to being awakened a few times; so my memory of the dream is a bit unclear.

I remember seeing part of and / or being part of a hot air balloon vacation trip around the world that the husband and wife from WW were taking, and I was able to see and/or experience part of the hot air balloon vacation trip like a camera person and/or like I was there and/or like I was seeing some of their memories as someone told me about their trip.

There was a giant airplane that was pulling the hot air balloon from a cable that was connected to the bottom of the plane near the middle area under the plane, and the cable was connected to the top of the hot air balloon; the top of the hot air balloon had the traditional multi-colored patches, and it was connected to a basket that was actually a small apartment-like room but it looked smaller on the outside than it did on the inside.

The basket area was more like a small balcony that was connected to the small apartment-like room, and the apartment-like room had one door with walls & a ceiling & a floor like a normal apartment.

I remember seeing things from various angles like a camera person at first from in the sky with clouds/fog/et cetera, with the land/mountains/water/cities/trees/et cetera below, and it was very beautiful and amazing; and I probably could hear & feel the wind during some parts of the dream.

I remember various beautiful environments as they/we traveled around the world from in the sky, it felt a bit realistic at times, and it was amazing.

At some point I remember entering/seeing inside the apartment-like room which had an open area with a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, and the bathroom & the laundry room were the only two rooms that were separate rooms.

The husband and wife had food, drinks, water, probably electricity, electronics, and various other things; and so they were able to relax and enjoy themselves, while occasionally walking out to the basket area, which was a balcony that allowed them/us to see the sky and land below, and it was amazing & beautiful.

At some point after traveling to various parts of the world, they/we landed in D, I think that they would land every so often to explore and/or get more supplies; and so I think that they had also stopped in a few other countries in the dream.

I remember being in my parent’s yard with the wife, who was about to fly a small F-16-like fighter aircraft that was placed in my parent’s yard for some reason for fun 😀 , and so I walked to the other side of the yard to avoid getting killed if something went wrong; so this seemed real enough to me at this point. 😀

After she flew off I noticed a large moon-like object in the sky that looked closer than normal and so I stopped to look at it, but then another moon-like object moved in the sky next to it; and so I started to wonder if this was real or a holographic show, and I remember wondering if any of this was related to some things in a few of my past dreams.

I started to get a bit worried not knowing if this was real or not and if something serious or not was going on, then I think a third moon-like object might have moved near the other two (but I could be wrong), but I do know that one or two of the moon-like objects (UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)) started moving and/or spinning in strange ways.

I wondered if one of my past dreams was actually happening in the real world now, I did not realize that I was dreaming, and so I started to get a bit afraid; and I still could not figure out if this was real or not, and I did not know what to do.

I also wondered if this was a message that symbolized something that I and/or certain people should be able to understand and/or translate / decode one day, but I could not make sense of it yet; but I can not remember what happened exactly, I just remember my uncle CE calling me from the yard below the tree line where this was happening in the sky above it and I do not remember seeing or thinking of it again, but I could be wrong.

My uncle CE told me that my aunt DE, uncle EE, and my cousin ME were in town at my grandfather’s house and that they wanted me to help them with something; and so I walked to my grandfather’s house to see what they wanted, and they told me that they wanted some trash bags.

So my uncle EE and my cousin ME followed me to my parent’s house to get some trash bags, and they wanted me to double-bag them; and so they helped me double-bag them while we talked, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂