Gang Members Disguised As Prison Guards And Prisoners?

I did not voice record any of my dreams from last night and I woke up and went back to sleep several times and I slept in a way that caused my back to hurt and/or my messed up bed mattress that needs to be replaced caused my back to hurt so I ended up forgetting most of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of the dream is that it took place during the day and I was with most of my family (except for my brother CC and his family), at some point during the dream I remember my family and I parking our automobiles in a field, but I can not remember what we were doing or where we had arrived from.

At some point we left in most of our automobiles but my dad left his automobile and some of his stuff (a generator, tools, and maybe a few other things) behind, and we drove to another location to a house or building; and I forgot to mention that the field and the new location that we went to were both in the countryside or country, and they both were not that far from each other.

I am not sure what my family and I were doing inside the house or building but at some point I remember maybe using my mobile phone to look at a blog and possibly a blog challenge where you were supposed to make a special tea and gather a few more objects and use those while reading a blog post and maybe doing a blog challenge post of your own, and maybe the tea mix was sent to me but I needed to get the cream or milk and sugar and other supplies to make the tea.

My dad was probably fixing something and he needed some of his tools that he had left in his automobile in the field and so I left in my automobile to get his tools and to get the supplies that I needed to make the tea and the other objects I needed for the blog challenge, and once I reached the field I started looking around for my dad’s tools.

Slowly other people started arriving to the field to hang out, I remember finding some of the supplies that I needed to make the tea, and I remember thinking about bringing my dad’s generator and other tools and a few other things to avoid them possibly being stolen because my dad had some of these objects scattered around in the field.

As I was collecting these objects I remember a group of men with whitish colored skin who looked and dressed and acted and looked at me like they were the somewhat dangerous country racist type driving to the field in trucks, I felt that they were dangerous and possibly armed and that they might attack anyone who did not have whitish colored skin, and that they might steal and/or vandalize your property; but there were other people around, and so it seemed that would help to prevent them from doing anything like that.

I still kept an eye on them as I continued searching for all the things that my dad had left scattered in the field, as I was doing this another suspicious and dangerous group arrived, and it was several armed men with light-brownish colored skin who seemed to be pretending to be prison guards who were escorting a group of chained up prisoners who seemed to be from different countries because I heard some of them speaking various languages including Spanish.

I felt that the prison guards were really gang members in disguise because of how they walked, talked (their accents, curse words, tone, and they were using one or two languages that were possibly Spanish and/or an unknown language spoken in a country in the Middle Eastern parts of Asia), looked and their tattoos on their necks and other parts of their bodies, body language, facial expressions, their weapons and how they held them, and more.

To me it seemed that the prisoners were probably really rival gang members in disguise who they had defeated, and who they were now keeping as prisoners for ransom and as slaves for their gang; and they seemed to be transporting them somewhere, but they were stopping to get some exercise and fresh air after driving for a long time.

I remember one of the prison guards or fake prison guards having a long barrel revolver and another had a pistol or submachine gun, and they all had their weapons out and they were carrying them casually in their hands.

They walked the prisoners to the middle of the field and they let them play maybe soccer (football), I remember trying to avoid getting hit as I walked around searching for my dad’s tools and other objects, and I remember having difficulty finding some of the objects that I had found earlier.

The prisoners seemed happy and excited to be able to relax and play a sport finally, but I woke up as I was trying to finish gathering the objects into my automobile to return them to my dad because I was taking to long.

The end,

-John Jr