Vada – King Of The Mat

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 (2005)

Titles: WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006
Languages: English
Source: IMDb

What is it?

The song King Of The Mat by the musician Vada from the 2005 video game WWE SmackDown! Vs. Raw 2006.


Coda – Fighting Gold | JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Opening Credits Song

What is it?

The 2018 opening credits song Fighting Gold by Coda for the Japanese anime (animated) TV show JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

Fighting Gold – Coda (Japanese)
Fighting Gold – English Ver.-

What is it about?

This is how Fandom describes this song:

“Fighting Gold” is the first opening of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind and the eighth overall opening of the series’ TV anime adaptation.

It was performed by Coda, with lyrics by Neko Oikawa and composition/arrangement by Toshiyuki Omori.

The full version of the song was released for purchase in download stores on October 13, 2018, while the CD single was released on November 14, 2018, along with access on popular song streaming platforms.[2]

Lyrics (By Genius)

[Verse: 1]
Yume wo shibaritsukeru
Omotai sadame no ishi ni
Marude oshitsubusarete

Doko ni mo nigerarenai
Hitasura agakinagara
Dakedo akiramenai

Gareki no soko ni uzumoreta kibou no kakeratachi
Kitto kono te de mitsukedasu sa
Sekai wo kaeru tame ni

Fighting Gold
Jibun no uchi wo shinjita mono dake ga
Itsuka kagayakeru inochi no kagiri
Kami ni mo sakarai tatakai tsuzukeru
Fukutsu no tamashiitachi yo
Fighting Gold

[Verse 2:]
Inoru yori mo tada
Motomerareru no wa
Mae e to susumu kokoro

Jibeta wo hainagara
Miageta ano sora no
Hoshi wo tsukamaerun da

Daremo shiranai mirai e yurugi nai kizuna to
Kizudarake no kakugo mo mata
Dakishimete arukidase

[Chorus x2]
Fighting Gold
Hikari wo hanate subete wo nuritsubuse
Jounetsu no iro de ikari mo tsumi mo
Chikara ni kaeta nara ima wo ikinuku no sa
Oretachinari no seigi de
Fighting Gold

Yasuragi ni senaka wo mukete

Fighting Gold
Jibun no uchi wo shinjita mono dake ga
Itsuka kagayakeru inochi no kagiri
Kami ni mo sakarai tatakai tsuzukeru
Fukutsu no tamashiitachi yo
Fighting Gold

Lyrics Translation (By Google Translate)

[Verse: 1]
Tie a dream
On the stone of hope
As if being obsessed

Can’t be anywhere
But not clear

Fragments of hope buried in the rubble
I’m sure you’ll find this
To change the world

Fighting gold
Only the ones that are out of my
As long as you can shine someday
Strike the sky that blooms with God
There were two strong
Fighting gold

[Verse 2:]
Just more than
Former Merareru
Move forward

Whilst wearing
In the sky
Catch the stars

With a solid bond to the future that nobody knows
Each one full of wounds is also
Hug me and alkidase

[Chorus x2]
Fighting gold
Strip the light and simmer
The color of the sky and the embankment
I’ll live now if I come back
Because of us
Fighting gold

Looking at the peace

Fighting gold
Only the ones that are out of my
As long as it shines someday
Strike the sky that blooms with God
There were two strong
Fighting gold

Pauline Croze – Les Gens Qui Jasent

Les gens qui jasent

What is it?

The 2007 song Les Gens Qui Jasent by the French musician Pauline Croze from her 2007 music album Un Bruit Qui Court.

Pauline Croze – Les gens qui jasent @ Festival Fragile 2009

What is it about?

Here are the lyrics for this song according to Genius:

Un soir cherchant un remède aux sourires vénéneux
J’ai déversé toute ma colère dans un flacon
Que j’ai enfoui au plus profond de cette terre

Je vais a l’endroit des mots de travers
J’oublie même les gens qui jasent

Au Phrasé sale et mal rasé retour à l’envoyeur
Je vais tranquille et sourde au déluge du dehors
En mon for intérieur je laisse chuchoter le bonheur

Je vais à l’endroit des mots de travers
J’oublie même les gens qui jasent

Here is a translation of the lyrics by DeepL Translator:

One evening looking for a cure for poisonous smiles
I poured all my anger into a bottle
That I have buried in the depths of this earth

I’m going to the wrong word place.
I even forget about people who talk.

To the dirty and unshaven Phrase back to the sender
I go quiet and deaf to the flood from the outside
Deep down inside I let happiness whisper

I’m going to the wrong word place.
I even forget about people who talk.

Translated with

An Alien Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) / Spaceship With Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I fell asleep on the living room couch and I had some dreams, it was uncomfortable which caused me to wake up sometimes and I had to keep changing sleeping positions, but I kept going back to sleep and I never got in my bed.

Unfortunately I did not record the dreams that I remembered, but fortunately I managed to barely remember part of my most interesting dream that I can remember.

This dream possibly took place during the day and I remember being outside in the yard of my parents when I saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the sky.

I followed the UFO trying to figure out what it was, unfortunately my memory is too unclear to remember which I saw first, and so I am not sure if I saw the experimental government spaceship / aircraft / UFO first or if I saw the possibly alien UFO / spacecraft / aircraft first.

Either way I saw one of them before I saw the other, the possibly alien UFO was maybe silver and circular horizontally but was probably a different shape vertically, but I can not remember.

The government was probably secretly testing their experimental spaceship / aircraft / UFO when suddenly the assumed alien UFO probably appeared high above it in the sky.

I am not sure if I got to interact with the possibly alien UFO or not, but I do know that it landed somewhere and a boy with light-color skin who was probably a genius interacted with the assumed alien UFO because it landed probably near him and his family.

I saw this but I can not remember how close I got, the experimental government spaceship / aircraft / UFO saw this, and so the government probably sent some people to investigate.

The boy and his family probably boarded the assumed alien UFO, the assumed alien UFO communicated with them like maybe it was controlled by some kind of alien artificial intelligence (AI) that could speak English with maybe a male voice, and it probably took the family flying and later to its dimension and / or planet.

The government got into contact with the family, the government wanted the assumed alien UFO, but the family seemed to have a special connection with it now like it was identifying them as the pilots of it maybe so the government decided to be cautious and to not take the assumed alien UFO yet but they made some kind of agreement with the family but the government was probably secretly plotting and spying on the family looking for any openings to get their hands on it and / or to learn its secrets so that they could make their own and maybe learn about where it came from and who built it et cetera.

The government probably had the family doing some experiments and missions for them and / or something like that, but I am not sure.

I am not sure if the government interrogated me or not about what I saw, but my voice recording of this dream mentioned something about the government and / or someone else betraying me and my family.

I also can not remember if the government sent me to talk to the family or not, I just know that I went to see the family at their house and / or in the other dimension and / or on the other planet.

The mother of the family was my coworker Ms. J, the father was a man with light-color skin, and they had at least two sons with light-color skin with the youngest son appearing to be a genius who had the closest connection with the assumed alien UFO.

Their entire family seemed to be good with technology, in the real world Ms. J is somewhat over the IT (information technology) Department at The BP Library where we work, and so this was not too surprising.

I guess we had met before at the UFO landing site and Ms. J is my coworker so the family knew me, and they welcomed me inside the house.

I wanted to talk to them about the assumed alien UFO and some other sensitive topics, but I was worried that the government was watching and listening with covert surveillance devices so I was going to have to be very careful so my plan was to talk about other topics while carefully communicating through writing about sensitive topics hoping that no camera could see what I was writing secretly to them.

The two sons were excited and were showing me around like I was one of their young friends or something, at some point the young son told me that he had reprogrammed the assumed alien UFO to my surprise, and so I tried to warn him in writing that it was not safe to talk about this out-loud and that we should communicate through writing about topics like that while talking about other topics out-loud to hoping trick anyone who might be spying on us.

I probably wrote that the government is probably spying on them and is probably plotting against them, and so we had to be very careful.

I wrote that I had some questions but that I wanted to wait until it felt safe enough for me to ask these questions, but I woke up.

In the real world I found out why sleeping on the couch felt more uncomfortable than usual, it was because one side of the couch had sank in even more than the other side, and so I woke up sore and stiff and I forgot most of my dreams including parts of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Stevie Wonder – Part-Time Lover

What is it?

Today’s song is the song Part-Time Lover by the American musician Stevie Wonder from his music album In Square Circle.


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