The Police And Military Attack

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was probably inspired by the George Floyd protests / riots, most of my family and I were in a fictional city in maybe a downtown-like area with several multi-story apartments on both sides of the highway with the road on the left side being somewhat on a hill, and we were in the process of moving into one of the apartment buildings on an upper floor.

Before we could finish moving in all of our stuff into the new apartment, my mom somehow found a larger nicer apartment for a better price that was probably in the apartment building across the highway, and so we were going to move into that apartment instead; but we went to see it first before moving the stuff that we had just put in the new apartment.


Being Called To The Stand As A Witness | Knights Talking? | Returning To A Massively Multiplayer Virtual Reality Role-playing Video Game?

Dream 1

This dream involved an accusation and dispute about / of someone saying and / or doing something that possibly involved the George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.

There was a trial-like situation going on involving this dispute / accusation, and I was possibly one of several people called up to the stand as witnesses to be questioned / interrogated by maybe one or more lawyers.

The male lawyer with light-color skin wearing a suit who questioned / interrogated me did a good job trying to get me to doubt myself and what I possibly heard and saw, and he was so good at this that I really started to doubt myself.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved some knight-like characters from maybe the anime television show Overlord talking about maybe some accusations / rumors made about them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream was also inspired by the anime television show Overlord, and this dream involved some characters returning to maybe a massively multiplayer virtual reality role-playing video game.

One or more of the characters were probably real people (probably just one of them), but the others were NPCs (non-player characters) who seemed to based on the friends of the real person or people who had just returned to the video game.

The NPCs seemed to be unstable and seemed like extreme versions of the real people they were based on, and they kept arguing with each other.

The real person started to figure out a way to stabilize them by switching between controlling the NPCs briefly and then talking to them about working together and doing other things to try to counter their extremeness, and this seemed to be working as the NPCs started to stabilize and they started to work together.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


President Vladimir Putin Shares A Secret With The President Of The United States

Dream 1

This was the most interesting dream out of the dreams that I recorded, but unfortunately the dream is a bit blurry.

This dream possibly took place in Russia during the day and I was riding outside on an extended topless / open golf cart-like vehicle with The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin, The President Of The United States who was possibly George W. Bush in the dream but I could be wrong, there was a high-level person withe The President Of The United States who was maybe The Vice President Of The United States (if it was the vice president then it was probably Dick Cheney, but I could be wrong) or The United States Secretary Of Defense or The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff or someone like that, and there were a few other people with us.


A Flood And George W. Bush And Hydroplaning?

This dream is unclear, but I know that it took place during the day in the city of D.

Something strange happened outside that I can not remember except for something involving maybe one or more military / government aircraft and / or something like that where something like a missile or something shot or fell out and flew to the ground and another thing that I remember falling is the body of a man with light-color skin whose body was in a position like a corpse at a funeral with his arms crossed over his chest while laying on his back and some lit candles were on his chest.

There was more that happened before this that I can not remember, I just know that things were normal, and then they became strange.

I am not sure if the man was dead or alive but he fell in a body of water that was in my parents yard where the basketball goals used to be, and his body sank still in the same funeral-like position with lit candles on his chest.

In the water to about chest height (it was deeper than this) was George W. Bush, he saw the body of the man fall in the water and sink, and so he swam down in the water to pull his body back to the surface.

Mr. Bush pulled the man’s body to the surface where it floated still on his back and still with candles on his chest but I can not remember if they were still lit or not, there was possibly symbolic about this part of the dream but I am not sure what it means, and I remember Mr. Bush saying something but I am not sure what he said other than one thing where he possibly assumed that this and the other strange things had something to do with the military / government.

The water in the yard was possibly caused by the strange things that were going on, there seemed to be a strange weather phenomenon or storm or something going on, and so a flood / storm or something was starting it seemed.

The next thing that I remember is driving back from somewhere trying to get home before the water level gets too high, maybe I was driving back from work at The BP Library or something, and the water level on the right side of the street that I was driving on (which was the street that The E House is on) took up about half the lane.

When I was reaching my right turn I saw my aunt RE’s car at the stop sign, and she was looking down at her mobile phone or something like she was texting or something so she did not see me.

When I went to turn I hydroplaned on the water so my automobile spun around to where I was in the right lane still but I was facing the wrong direction, my aunt RE was still looking down and did not notice this, and then I carefully make a left turn and continued past her and then I made a right turn on my parents street.

The water level on my parents street was so bad now that I decided to park on the hill near The G House, and then I stopped to call my parents to tell them about this but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Former President George W. Bush Gets Confronted By His Wife

File:George W. Bush, Oval Office (009 Hi j0101-5).jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember three parts of this dream from last night with the first part of the dream starting inside a large windowless college/school-like room that was like a combination of a lounge, bedroom, cafeteria, living room, et cetera.

There were various people there, possibly including some of my former classmates, and at some point I ended up being in a competition against a young woman with medium-dark brownish-colored skin with black hair who was a gymnast I think.

I am not sure what the competition was about exactly other than it seemed to involve doing stunts and gymnastics and things like that around the room trying to do the most extreme and complex stunts/whatever I assume, I did not expect to win against this young fit gymnast, but at some point I was barely winning the competition (only because I went first this time and I had focused on using the easy areas to force her into the difficult areas, and I was one turn ahead of her because she had not done her turn yet).

We had moved around the room doing our stunts/whatever (you could only do your stunts/whatever in each area one-time, so if your opponent did a stunt in a certain area you had to move to the next area, and so this was maybe the last area) so now we were almost near a corner where there was a bunk bed and/or shelf full of objects against a brick wall, and so trying to do a stunt/whatever here would be dangerous and/or impossible.

The young gymnast tried to figure out how to do a stunt in this area, the others and I felt that it was too dangerous, but she was going to try it anyway but we managed to convince her not to do it for her own safety so I automatically won the competition because she had to give up on the last stunt/whatever area which cost her the victory.

The young gymnast was disappointed and she walked outside so I followed her so that I could give her some words of encouragement, and I was thinking about forfeiting my victory because I felt that she deserved the victory.

Oddly the outside was my parent’s house and yard, we walked across the front porch to the front of the yard, and I stopped the gymnast to talk with her but I can not remember what happened.

The second part of the dream possibly took place after my conversation with the gymnast and after she was gone, and I remember walking to the back of the house to enter my parent’s house through the back door.

As I was doing this I noticed a car pulled up in the field by The Now Abandoned House, I entered my parent’s house and I stood by the screen door looking outside to see what was going on, and then I noticed a large orange gorilla or gorilla-like ape move near the car.

The orange gorilla-like ape started to run around in the field along the yard of The Now Abandoned House and my parent’s fence, I was confused and I wondered if the gorilla-like ape was with whoever was inside the car, and then I was worried that the gorilla-like ape might hurt someone and/or destroy some property but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The third part of the dream took place inside a somewhat fictional version of my parent’s house, and I needed to defecate so I went to the bathroom and my brother GC needed to use the bathroom too but I got there first so he had to wait.

As I was sitting on the toilet defecating there was a window with a view to the outside and there were probably no curtains, and in the window was a television I think that was playing a fictional film or television series that showed a family (husband, wife, adult children, and maybe some other adult family members) with whitish-colored skin doing what I assume was an evil ritual or something like that.

Unlike most of my dreams that rarely involve magic, what they were doing seemed clearly negative/evil/maybe even demonic/paranormal/supernatural/whatever instead of having magic just seem like powers and special abilities like in my other rare magic-like dreams, and it seemed that they were doing this ritual to cast a spell on a group of people who were maybe sitting down inside a building or house.

The family cast their spell/whatever on the group of people, and this spell seemed to cause their deepest and worst desires to surface so some of the people started daydreaming and hallucinating and thinking about their worst desires and some even started acting them out on the other people the room.

There were possibly more effects to this spell but I can not remember, I just remember that there was a somewhat older woman with whitish-colored skin with short hair who was looking at a man in the room daydreaming about having sex with him, and then she probably started trying to have sex with him.

While the room was in chaos the family who cast the spell were laughing and smiling and celebrating et cetera, but then I finished using the bathroom and I started washing my hands several times with water and soap as my brother GC entered the bathroom to use it after I leave.

While I was washing my hands our dad sat somewhere outside the bathroom to eat some food, but then he started vomiting up the food on what was left of his food on his plate so I asked him if he was okay.

Our dad said that it was probably some medicine that he had just took that caused him to vomit, he said that one of the medicines bothers his stomach, and I asked why did he try to eat right after taking the medicine if he knew this and I commented about how he had just wasted that food; and I asked him which medicine was it that caused this.

Our dad did not answer the first question but he did try to answer the second question, but our dad does not even know the names of most of the medicines that he takes so he struggled trying to name various possibilities and one of those possibilities was maybe Iodine.

My brother GC was using the bathroom at this point because I was outside the bathroom now as our dad cleaned up his vomit, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the night and I was inside my parent’s house, and some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family were partying/having a family gathering at The E House.

I could hear them talking, laughing, and listening to music and when I looked outside the window I saw a strange red glow and red light coming from outside The E House where they were partying which I thought was strange and interesting but I assumed that someone was using a red light instead of a normal light to provide light to the party outside.

As I was walking out of a bedroom I saw my male cousin DE and a girl (maybe one of his sisters or another family member) walking through the hall to my surprise, and so I asked my cousin DE if he needed anything because he seemed to be looking for something.

My cousin DE said that he needed some aspirin (maybe he had a headache or some kind of other pain), I told him that we probably did not have any but that we had some ibuprofen, but he said that would not work for him or something like that and he thanked me and they left back to the party at The E House to find some aspirin and to continue partying with our family members I assume.

Looking out of the window I saw them leaving my parent’s yard walking toward the party outside of The E House as they past/passed The G House, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

I was probably not in the last part of the dream but I am not sure, and all that I can remember of this last part of the dream is that it took place maybe during the night inside a dimly lit windowless dinning room where the former President Of The United States George W. Bush (George Walker Bush) was having dinner (maybe Thanksgiving dinner, but I am not sure) at a nice wooden rectangular table with his wife (who was possibly a fictional woman with whitish-colored skin, and so I will not call her Laura Bush because I am not sure if it was her or not) and several of his family members (a woman and her two young daughters and young son, and they all had whitish-colored skin).

They were having a good time eating and talking until one of the young girls (family members) started mentioning a message that former President George W. Bush had sent her, and as she was talking it started to sound like it was an inappropriate message (maybe sexual, possibly sent while he was drunk, but we did not get to find out) that he had sent her but before she could finish talking former President Bush’s wife interrupted her and she stood up at the table.

The mood had already changed from positive moving toward negative but now it was even worse, and it was clearly negative now as everyone got quiet and serious as they watched and listened to his wife talk and former President Bush stood up too (only him and his wife stood up).

Former President Bush’s wife said something to him that I can not remember, he looked serious and a bit sad and he did not deny whatever it was that she said, and she said that she had found out something so she was confronting him about it.

Former President Bush continued to listen without saying anything, his wife then pulled out a photograph and/or piece of paper, and she showed it to him as evidence of what she was accusing him of.

Former President Bush looked at the photograph and/or piece of paper like someone who had just got caught with evidence proving that they were having an affair, he did not respond and he just looked down still looking a bit serious and sad and disappointed in himself, and so I assume that his wife was accusing him of having an affair but it still was not clear exactly but that was my assumption (guess).

His wife then angrily said: “I hope she was worth it!”, and then she walked quickly/stormed out of the room angrily and sadly as everyone sat there quietly looking serious and uncomfortable and a bit shocked and confused.

Former President Bush sat down at the table with the photograph looking down at it and he started talking, I think that the photograph showed him smiling and hugging a woman with whitish-colored skin who was also smiling, and he started to tell us about when he first met the woman in that photograph.

He said that he was approached by this woman one day about a business proposition/deal/idea/whatever, he described her and this moment in vivid detail, and he said that he had given her some money as an investment in this business idea in hopes that it would work out and maybe he would make some money on his investment.

He said that after this he had not seen the woman or his money again for a while, but then one day she returned but then I woke up as he was still telling the story so I did not get to find out if he had an affair or not.

The end,

-John Jr