A Park & Esperanto

*I accidentally published this post before it was ready, and so I will have to update it later*

I woke up and went back to sleep several times with dreams on my mind but I did not record them.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day outside, and I remember maybe walking at a park.


John Jr In Germany

File:Reichstag building Berlin view from west before sunset.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a dream or dreams about me in Germany, I only remember some parts so the dream is all mixed up.

I remember having suitcases or bags and I was just getting to Germany, I do not remember if it was by airplane or train.

There were a set of glass doors with people coming in and out, and some men were talking, maybe an airport or train station?

Next I remember looking for a place to park my automobile, and I was trying to find a building.

I think it was a school or college, there were people from different countries, such as the United States.

A group of people were going to the building, they looked like they were new to Germany too.

I think we were going to find out where we were going to stay, maybe we would take a tour of the building, and maybe even take a tour around Germany.

I saw some people who looked familiar and they were moving their stuff to an apartment or dorm.

Things were nice outside, it was a sunny autumn day with orange leaves on the ground and the wind was blowing a little.

I went to walk around but I do not remember those parts, but I do remember one part that happened after I walked around.

It was getting dark outside and I was walking back to the building, and I was thinking about how amazing it was to be in Germany but I was afraid because I did not know German.

Then a woman in a car stopped by me and asked me something in German, I was surprised and I did not understand anything she said. 😀

I said that “I do not know”, in English, she made a mean face and said something in German that sounded mean & drove off real fast.

I was embarrassed, 😀 , she was really mad that I did not know any German, I guess.

I then felt bad and was hoping that would not happen again, as I walked back to the building I heard a few people speaking French and a few people speaking English.

I went to ask the English speakers if they knew where we were supposed to go, but I woke up from the dream.

The end,
-John Jr