Talking To Ghosts / Spirits At Camp Redwood

I had more dreams that I remembered but I did not record them and I went back to sleep and I let my memory of those dream fade away, and so now I can only barely remember part of one dream that was inspired by me watching episode 8 (Rest In Pieces) of the television show American Horror Story: 1984 before I went to sleep.

This dream took place at Camp Redwood where there were some ghosts/spirits from the show and some fictional ghosts there, and some people who were still alive like myself.


Getting Attacked By Some Entities While Watching V/H/S

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Dream 1

This dream took place at The BP Library and I was there working and at some point I was talking to someone, maybe a coworker of mine, and then our branch manager Mrs. PH got angry with me saying that I was talking too loud.

I actually was not talking that loud, this bothered me somewhat, and I tried to figure out how I could I talk any quieter so I tried to practice and imagine myself whispering all the time.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was inside an E House-like house with some of my family during the evening or night, and I was in a room that looked somewhat like the room in the hallway that is closest to the living room.

Someone else was in the room with me at one or more points in the dream, maybe my male cousin ME, and I started showing this person the movie V/H/S.

I am not sure if anyone was with me at this point, but at some point in the dream one or more entities appeared in the room and attacked me or us.

They probably looked like some kind of paranormal and / or supernatural entities who were possibly like maybe not fully formed humanoid mist-like / ghost-like / spirit-like entities who possibly could levitate and fly but I am not sure, but I do know that the leader seemed to be male and possibly summoned the other entities and / or was ordering them around.

I think that the leader chopped me with his hand during the sneak attack that I somewhat dodged but his fingernails or whatever sliced me down my chest to my stomach, and then he backed away as I fought the others.

I am not sure what they wanted but it seemed that maybe they were trying to do a ritual and / or abduction and / or setting me or us up for possession or something, but it did not seem like they wanted to kill me or us or at least not kill us until a certain ritual or something was performed.

I remember them lifting me in the air or something, maybe they tried to hook me on something in the air and / or set me up in a special position and / or they were trying to take me somewhere, but I kept fighting.

I am not sure if I fought them off or if someone walked into the room and they left or if someone walked in the room and helped me or what happened exactly, they either left for some reason or were somewhat defeated, but I can not remember; but I probably worried that they could come back so I doubt that they were destroyed.

After they left I checked my injuries by lifting my torn shirt, the cut down my chest to my stomach was shallow at the chest, but it was deep at the stomach to where I feared that my insides would show or fall out if it tore much further.

This looked and felt pretty real, I could see and feel the skin and fatty tissue et cetera, and the movement of the area looked and felt real.

I carefully held my stomach and moved to tell my mom, I told her about and showed her the wound, and that I needed a doctor to check it now so she walked off to call the hospital and / or a doctor to see who they could take me to.

I doubted they (the doctors) would believe what happened to me, and so I thought up a way to censor my story to sound more believable without lying.

I continued holding my stomach and moving carefully to avoid tearing the wound further, but I woke up.

This was so real that I woke up and carefully checked myself to see if the wound was really there, fortunately it was not there.

The end,

-John Jr


Sleep Paralysis With A Very Short & Thin Female Entity | Spaceship (UFO) Swarms

I went to sleep on a living room couch and I woke up and I went back to sleep several times waiting to watch episode two of American Horror Story: Cult, and at some point the episode failed to play so I got in bed without voice recording anything and I had several dreams and a near sleep paralysis experience and a sleep paralysis experience that I transitioned into a dream and a sleep paralysis experience with an assumed visual and auditory hallucination.

I did not voice record most of these because of the sleep paralysis experience and I did not want to get out of bed, instead I left a few notes on my mobile phone that I texted to myself, and so many details are lost now.


A Haunted Building And A Woman Gets Possessed?

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Last night I kept getting awakened by someone because I kept snoring (which kept interrupting my dreams and sleep), I never voice recorded the dreams that I would remember each time that this happened, I was tired and sleeping well and it was cold, and so now I can not remember most of my dreams except for barely part of one dream that was interesting but it is not so interesting now because I have forgotten most of it.

This dream possibly took place at a multi-story college-like hospital/apartment/dorm-like building where I was possibly moving into or living, and there were other people moving in there and living there and maybe some or all of them were college students but I can not remember.

The earlier parts of the dream possibly took place on upper floors in the maybe hospital-like areas, and the end of the dream took place on maybe the first floor which had dorm/apartment rooms.

I remember hearing people tell stories about supernatural and/or paranormal things that were said to have happened in this part of the building in certain rooms, and certain rooms were said to be haunted by maybe spirits/ghosts and/or some kind of entities.

I heard stories about several incidents that happened in some of the rooms years ago, it was said that those rooms were still haunted, and so I started trying to investigate this.

During my investigation it did seem that something supernatural and/or paranormal was possibly going on, I remember feeling that something was not right, and maybe I saw and heard some strange things but I kept an open mind and I did not jump to conclusions.

There were some interesting things that happened during my investigation around this area as I walked around near and/or in certain rooms, but I can not remember the details now unfortunately other than I possibly saw and/or heard and/or communicated with a ghost/spirit/entity who possibly confirmed that different rooms were haunted by various ghosts/spirits/entities.

One of the rooms was said to be the worst or most haunted, it was said that maybe a powerful ghost/spirit/entity was haunting that room, and so people avoided it.

At the end of the dream a woman with medium-dark brown skin with black hair arrived to pick her dorm/apartment room, at the time a man had just finished warning me about the most haunted/dangerous room, and I possibly warned the woman that some of the rooms were possibly haunted but she was possibly on a mission to investigate and face this herself so she was not afraid.

I kept a distance watching to see which room she would pick so that I could give her a specific warning about whichever room she picked, I was also keeping a distance because I was not sure how far from the rooms could the assumed spirits/ghosts/entities go, and I did not want them coming after me and I wanted to investigate them from a distance for now until I figured out what I was dealing with and how could I defend against them.

The woman started walking to the most haunted/dangerous room so the man who had warned me about that room ran to warn and stop her, the woman entered the room before he could reach her, and I felt danger and something powerful and that something was not right so I hide around a corner watching from a distance.

The man knocked on the door and the woman answered but the woman acted differently and I felt that she was possessed by the spirit/ghost/entity who haunts that room, and he went to warn her but then the assumed to be possessed woman responded with a different sounding voice and she killed him.

I continued hiding until she closed the door again, I sneaked away to think about what to do, and I wondered if people’s spirits/souls/ghosts get trapped in this building if they die and so I wondered if the spirit/soul/ghost of the man who was killed was now haunting this building too or not.

I wondered if there was something special about this building that was causing these hauntings, I probably thought about the television series American Horror Story, and I wondered if what was going on here was a bit like some of the things that happens on that television show.

I assumed that the spirit/ghost/entity who was possibly possessing the woman could now leave the room and go almost anywhere she wanted using the woman’s body, and so I assumed that the situation was bad and I needed to be careful but also focus on watching her to see what she does while continuing my investigation to figure out what was going on and how to deal with it.

I woke up as I was trying to figure out what to do.

The end,

-John Jr


A Fundraiser And Being A Hitman

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that a fundraiser was taking place at a multi-story building during the day, I think that they were trying to raise funds for the local public schools (public school system) in B Parish where I live, and so The B Parish School Board was probably over the fundraising; and they teamed up with local public servant volunteers (teachers, librarians, and more) to help them with the fundraiser.

The fundraiser probably involved free food in the form of a plate lunch of one meal per-person to encourage people to come to the fundraiser, and on an upper floor of the building they were selling various items that you might find at one of those tool sales where they move from city to city selling objects about once a year.