A Giant And Cereal

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was at E Manor, for some unknown reasons my aunt JE and younger versions of my female cousins ME and RE (two of her daughters) were there, and my aunt JE was watching movies in the living room; and my cousins ME and RE were in a fictional room playing with toys.

I walked to the room where my cousins ME and RE were playing with toys and they showed me some of their toys, which I think that they got from a store like Big Lots, and they wanted me to try some of their toys; and one or two of their toys looked like a blackish colored replica of a UFO / spacecraft and a hoverboard.

To my surprise this toys or these toys were advanced and they could hover/float/fly, it/they possibly seemed strong enough to almost support my weight when I leaned on them while it/they were hovering, and at some point I think that my cousins ME and RE wanted me to go to my aunt JE’s house to bring back more of their toys; and so I walked off to that.

My aunt JE was sitting on the couch in the living room watching movies and eating cereal with milk, she ran out of cereal and she asked me to go to her house and get her some more cereal and maybe some more movies and she gave me her bowl of milk to take with me to put the cereal in and she gave me the key to her house, and she told me that my male cousin DE (her son) was at her house watching movies; and then I left to get the items that they requested, but I did wonder why they did not just do it themselves.

It was day outside and near my aunt JE’s house and The R Trailer was a male giant like the giants in the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it probably did not bother me because I tried to keep my distance from it, but maybe it made warning sounds and movements; but it probably did not notice me, and so I probably sneaked by it.

I used the key to open my aunt JE’s house but I did not see my cousin DE in the house, he was probably in another room possibly trying to avoid being seen or he had already left back to The G House, and then I started looking for and collecting all the items that everyone wanted.

I remember putting the cereal in the bowl of milk that my aunt JE gave me but then I realized that was not a good idea because there was a risk of the cereal getting soggy so I tried to hurry to return to E Manor before the cereal got soggy, but I was trying to carry many things and balance the bowl of cereal so I had to move slowly; and then I remember that I needed to make sure that all the doors were closed and locked, and in the dream there was a fictional door on the right side of the house.

At some point I started walking back to E Manor but the giant saw me and it probably started warning me but I could not move fast enough so it probably became aggressive and I had to avoid the giant who was about to chase me while trying to slowly carry everything and balance the bowl of cereal, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr