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Now this was a surprise, I was starting to think that Communitychannel (Natalie Tran) had retired from YouTube, I am glad that she finally made a video again.


Being A VIP At A President Donald Trump Speech

I had more dreams that I remembered and I thought that I recorded part of at least one other dream but I guess it did not save or something, and so now I only have some text notes of one other dream so the other dreams are forgotten now.

I remember being inside a classroom where The President Of The United States Donald Trump was giving a speech in the middle of the room with only a small area of empty space around him, and so it was a very intimate up-close and personal speech.

I was among a small group of VIPs / special guests in front of the President Trump who had met him before the speech and who he had probably been briefed about, and so he knew our names and some things about us et cetera.

The classroom was not large, I can not remember seeing any United States Secret Service agents around, but I assumed that they were among the crowd; but I did not look around for them much so I probably just missed them, but I was surprised that they were not more noticeable because we were closer to President Trump than usual and there was nothing separating him from us but a bit of empty space.

President Trump took a moment throughout his speech to address each of us VIPs / special guests by name, he would briefly say something about us, acknowledge us, say something to us, et cetera.

To my right was a short man with light-color skin with black hair wearing glasses whose last name was probably Japanese, he was possibly there on behalf of his dead father who was being honored so he was a bit sad, and when President Trump mentioned their last name he said it wrong so the man did not look happy about this and corrected him under his breath.

During the speech people left gifts for President Trump on a chair or something on his left side.

President Trump addressed me during his speech at some point, he knew my name and said that we had met before (I had memories of having met him before as well) so he remembered me, he smiled and said a few good things about me and called me a good man, and he made a joke and he shook my hand before continuing his speech.

After President Trump’s speech I went outside and I walked to the parking lot to wait on my parents who were still inside the building, it was day, and their automobile was parked in the parking lot near a van with some people speaking Spanish including a man who was possibly the character Hector “Escorpion” Alvarez from the television show Z Nation.

It is possible that them speaking Spanish was possibly inspired by me practicing speaking in Esperanto out-loud and in my mind before going to sleep and / or this could be symbolic and connected with President Trump being in the dream.

My parents walked over to their automobile carrying some of the gifts that were supposed to be for President Trump, I tell them this and that they should return them and that they should not have taken them, but they do not care.

I wondered if President Trump could even accept those gifts because of ethics laws / rules, either way I wanted my parents to return them, and I was disappointed in them for taking them.

This was not like them at all so I wondered if they had known at first, it seemed that they possibly thought that the gifts were free for anyone, but I woke up before I could find out.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Survive | Dreaming About Dreams

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me and some people trying to survive inside a multi-story factory / house or apartment-like building, and there were maybe zombies and / or some other threats inside and I assume outside the building like this was some kind of zombie apocalypse-like situation or something like that.

We did not have the numbers, the weapons, the armor, the training, et cetera to risk trying to clear and secure the entire building at one time so we focused on trying to make this building a place where we could live while slowly clearing it and securing it so we were in a dangerous situation.

I would sometimes have to go on clearing missions alone to clear areas, patrol areas, and to maybe get supplies; but any threats still in the building could still move around and become a problem until we completely cleared the building.

We mostly lived on the first floor in the factory areas, we used some of the equipment and things to help us survive and provide the things that we needed to survive, and we possibly partly cleared part of the second floor.

The upper floors were more house and apartment-like but these areas were the most dangerous with the most threats and the most rooms that needed to be cleared, and you could get ambushed easily because of the many rooms and hallways et cetera.

We did not have enough people to keep this building secure even if we wanted to, but we did the best that we could.

I remember us using one large clear tank thing to hold our waste, we made up some ways to have the waste broke itself down a bit, but eventually it would still fill the tank so a man with dark-color skin and a woman with light-color skin and I tried to figure out what to do about this.

I mostly guarded them while they looked around because we had to go to maybe the second floor, maybe even the roof at some point, and eventually they found a valve or something that allowed us to drain the tank.

But you had to have one person on the floor below the tank and one person on the floor of the tank to use the valve I think, and so the person on the floor above would be at risk of getting attacked by a zombie or something since we still had not cleared the entire building.

This dream took place over a period of time, I am not sure how many days though, and we were not sure how many more threats were left in the building.

Dream 2

After work I took a nap after lifting some weights inside, I woke up and I went back to sleep several times having dreams that were probably inspired by my conversation at work today with my coworker Mrs. RB about lucid dreaming, and these dreams involved me thinking about dreams during the dreams and maybe even sometimes having dreams within the dreams.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of these dreams because I kept waking up and going back to sleep without voice recording them.

These dreams all involved me thinking about dreams, fictional past dreams, the topic of dreams, and possibly dreams within dreams that I had in these dreams.

I possibly even took naps in some of these dreams and / or I referenced the fact that I had taken a nap in the real world, but I do not think that I ever realized that I was dreaming.

One dream took place during the day at fictional house / maybe store-like place with maybe a parking lot where I lived with some of my family, and I remember being outside in the parking lot area thinking about dreams and then I went inside to maybe use the bathroom.

Part of the house looked like my parent’s house, while I was in the bathroom with the door open I saw that someone was outside the front door, and through the curtains the shape of the person looked like my aunt JE and she was wearing a pink shirt.

Three of my brothers were changing clothes in the living room, and my mom went to answer the door, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Some other dreams involved me moving around different places while doing various things while thinking about dreams, and maybe even dreaming dreams.

The last dream that I remember involved a military veteran with light-color skin who had a wife who either was or used to work as a stripper or pornographic actress or a sex worker of some kind, and his wife was using him and trying to take his money or something and she possibly took him to court.

The military veteran possibly had some physical disabilities from his military service, and what his wife was doing to him really hurt him emotionally.

Eventually the military veteran won the court case and probably divorced his wife, and a military veteran charity organization supported him and made a special gift / award in his honor and it was named after him.

Military veterans could contact the charity and could request the free gift, and they would send it to them.

I remember seeing a television commercial about this free gift, and they made a joke about military veterans not knowing what to call it so they would call it: “That thing that liberals give to military veterans” or something strange like that.

Eventually the charity renamed the gift to not be named after anyone, during this dream I probably thought about dreams, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


An Outdoor Tournament?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was probably inside a house during the day and my brother GC was there, and my former male classmate DH arrived at the house with a gift for me.

The gift was a video game I think, I thanked my former classmate DH, and the three of us played the video game but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


A Gift From Your Registry 👶

Source: YouTube

Today I got a strange and confusing email from that said:

A Gift From Your Registry

Hello Amazon Customer,

Someone great recently purchased a gift from your baby registry!

You can visit your Thank You List to easily keep track of all gifts purchased.

PS: Remember some Gifters like when it’s still a surprise.

Have a great day!

Your Amazon Baby Registry Team

This email confused me because I do not have any children and I do not have any children on the way, and so I was like:

Source: Imgur

I do not have a baby registry, but I did buy something once for my nephew CC’s baby registry on Amazon back before he was born.

At first I thought that this was possibly a phishing email or a scam email or some kind of other malicious email, but the email address seemed to be a legitimate Amazon email address (always look at the sender’s email address) so I opened a new tab in my internet browser (never click on or even manually type the links / URLs in an email like this when you are unsure if it is legitimate or not) so I logged into Amazon to check out my account to see what was going on.

I did not find any baby registries linked to my account or anything unusual, and so I assumed that it was an error on Amazon’s part.

Later in the day I found a news article by The Verge called Amazon is telling customers that people bought gifts for their non-existent baby where they mentioned that many other people got the same email, and so I was not the only one who got that email.

Tonight I got another email from Amazon:

Oops! We’re sorry, we made a mistake.

Dear John Jr,

Earlier today, we accidentally sent you an email from Amazon Baby Registry.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

The Amazon Baby Registry Team

I am glad that Amazon emailed us about this, but I wish that they would have given us some more details about what happened exactly and I wish that they would have made a blog post about this or something (maybe they did, but I did not see it on their blog).

I am not sure if this was truly an accident or a hack or a glitch or intentional, either way this will probably bring attention to their baby registry option because some people do not know about it, and so this will probably increase their sales but who knows.

The end,

-John Jr