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Dream 1

This was the first dream that I had after getting in bed, it took place during the day, and during part of the dream I was inside a building or house where there were various other people including several babies / children who were in a room alone except for the occasional parent / adult who went to check on them.

I remember the babies / children being on the floor when I entered their room, I sat on the floor on the other side of the room as a woman checked in on them, but then I noticed something strange / creepy about the two babies / children who were closest to me.


A Shapeshifting Teleporting Entity Who Kills People With Gifts Of Emotions?

TRUTH OR DARE Trailer (2018)

I got awakened from my last dream by someone as I accidentally overslept, and so I forgot some of my dreams and some parts of the dreams that I did remember as I had to quickly get out of bed to get ready for work and quickly voice record my dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place during a nice day, and it involved me finding and going to one or more nice park and / or wilderness areas that I found and possibly recognized from some past dreams.


A Ghost Of A Girl Visits Her Parent’s During The Witching Hour?

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All that I can remember of the end of my last dream from last night is that it took place during the night, and I remember walking into an open room possibly from the outside that was really a hotel room-like house or apartment that was probably just one open room (bedroom, living room, et cetera) except for two rooms on the right side of the room that probably led to a bathroom and laundry room and a kitchen and dining room.

A married couple (a husband and wife with whitish colored skin) lived there and they were sleeping in a bed near the entrance door, and I have no idea why I was walking into their house at night while they were sleep (maybe I had already been inside the house earlier, and had went outside for a walk?); and I have no idea what happened earlier in the dream, and so I am not sure.

I just remember being not far from their bed in the corner when something strange that I can not remember happened that caused them to wake up and it got my attention as well, maybe the electricity turned off and/or there was a strange noise and/or there was a strange glow or light and/or a strange sensation and/or something like that, and what looked like the ghost or spirit or soul or whatever of a girl magically appeared or walked from the right side of the room from one of the two other rooms.

The ghost or entity of the girl stood not far away from the bed just looking at the husband and wife, she looked somewhat like the character Ofelia from the film Pan’s Labyrinth, the husband and wife were shocked and they recognized her as their dead daughter who had died several years ago.

The couple was still sad about the death of their daughter years ago, the wife was now pregnant again, the wife had one or more medical problems, and so things were not going so well for them and they seemed depressed.

They asked the ghost if it was their daughter and it said yes, the husband and wife started to cry, and they were both sad and happy to see her again and hear her again so it was a very emotional moment.

I was somewhat shocked and confused and somewhat scared and trying to figure out what was going on and I was not sure if this was a ghost, spirit, soul, alien, entity, trick, illusion, dream, or someone or something using advanced technology; and this felt real like how you would feel if something very strange and unexplained happened suddenly, and you try to find a logical explanation.

I stood back in the corner not sure what to do but watch and listen and think and try to be logical to help me to try to find out what was happening and if this was real or an illusion or dream or something else, and the husband and wife asked the ghost of their daughter some questions and she answered some of their questions and she shared some information with them.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of the interesting things that she said, but I do remember her telling her mom that maybe They or We could heal her; but she did not say if or when They or We would heal her mother, and we had no idea who They or We were.

I assumed that They or We seemed to be the ones who were allowing her to visit her parent’s and that They or We were in control and possibly watching and listening, and that she only had a short time to communicate with her parent’s before They or We sent her back.

She looked like a normal girl except for maybe a glow or light coming from her skin and/or around her maybe and maybe a bit of transparency so you knew that she was a ghost or something like that, and no one tried to touch her so I am not sure if she was in a solid form that could be touched or not.

She probably told her parent’s that she did not have long and that They or We would be sending her back soon, she may have told her mother what gender her unborn baby would be, and that she has watched how they have suffered and it saddens her; and that maybe she had come hoping to help them feel better by them seeing and hearing her again, and by sharing some information with them to help them move on.

At some point she had to go and she disappeared or walked away, maybe the electricity came back on and/or we noticed that all the digital clocks were flashing the time in red numbers like they all had went off at the exact same time of 2 or 3 something AM, and the husband asked if that was the Witching Hour; and I said that I was not sure but that sounded close to the times when I have heard some people mentioning strange things happening sometimes, and maybe the wife said that it was the Witching Hour.

The husband and wife seemed happy now and this visit from the ghost of their dead daughter helped them, I was happy to see them feeling better and it was emotional, but I was still trying to make sense of the situation and I was still somewhat in shock.

If this was real then this could mean that spirits and souls and ghosts et cetera might exist, and that would open up many new possibilities; and I also wondered if this was a trick being done by someone or something like people or aliens using advanced technology or one or more entities or supernatural beings pretending to be their dead daughter.

There were so many possibilities, I tried to stay logical and open minded, but this was quite an experience and I probably somewhat felt like a scientist hoping to have my beliefs challenged and getting to explore new possibilities about reality and life and death et cetera.

As I was thinking and trying to take notes for my investigation and research, family members of the husband and wife started to arrive like a holiday celebration was taking place, and they were bringing food and drink and gifts.

One of these family members looked like Santa Claus and he had gifts of nice-looking boxed desserts, I remember commenting about the desserts and wanting to try some, and the mood was very positive and happy and joyful.

The husband and wife told their family about what happened with the ghost of their dead daughter as their family members listened with excitement and joy, and the husband and wife were very joyful and energized.

It was amazing seeing the positive effect/affect that the ghost of the daughter had on her parent’s and the mood of the dream, but I woke up as I took a break from my investigation and research to join in the fun.

The end,

-John Jr


Rob Thomas’s Birthday Party

Dream 1

I had some more dreams before this dream that I can not remember and all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day inside a hotel with whitish and grayish colored carpet and walls and ceiling, and I remember waiting in a large room with an opening that led to the hotel lobby that had many twin-sized bunk beds and maybe some other beds with mostly other men sitting down on the beds.

I do remember at least one or more women being there, one of whom was a tall woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair, and I remember many of the other men constantly talking about the women and wanting to have sex with them and things like that (which was annoying to me, and I did not get involved with this and it seemed very disrespectful and rude in my opinion).


My Aunt VE Gets Fish As A Gift

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There was more to this dream in the beginning and during other parts of the dream that I can not remember now, and all that I can remember of this dream now is that during one part of the dream my aunt VE was given gifts like it was maybe her birthday.

She was given gifts from her family, my family, and maybe some other people; and one of her gifts were some orangish and whitish colored fish that she had in a aquarium/fish tank, I had false memories of her getting fish the year before as well, and that is why she already had a fish tank probably.

I remember us being outside in the yard of E Manor at some point with her fish tank, my Aunt VE asked me if I would take care of her fish for a while (maybe she was looking for another job, and could not take care of them at this time; and she probably did not want to take care of them, and she probably did not know much about taking care of them), and she asked me if I would be available sometimes if she needed me to help her with something (maybe computer problems).

I do not know much about taking care of fish and I did not want to take care them but I was okay with being available sometimes to help with computer problems, I probably agreed to help with both things, but I probably was going to ask my brothers KD and TD to take care of the fish because they have knowledge and experience and an interest in things like that; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I remember being at The G House a lot like maybe I was using it or living there, it looked a bit different than in real life and it looked like the fictional version of it that is sometimes in my dreams, and there were two front porches instead of one; and the house was probably more of a blueish color.

Family members from my mom’s side of the family were arriving at E Manor for a family gathering it seemed so I remember trying to avoid being seen mostly and using the front porch to avoid being seen when I would go outside, and there were repetitive and/or repeating parts of the dream that took place at The G House but I can not remember the details of this.

At some point in the dream some of my family and I drove to what seemed like the city of L, I remember us talking to the sisters of my former male classmate JC and an unknown woman with whitish colored skin who was possibly dating my former classmate JC or one of his family members, and maybe I briefly saw my former classmate JC but I am not sure.

We were talking to them outside near the road in an area like the area outside the Oriental Market, I remember them saying that my former male classmate JC was working at a doctor’s clinic along the road not far away from where we were standing, but I was not sure if he was working as a nurse or not.

I remember either seeing or imagining/daydreaming seeing my former classmate JC at the doctor’s office working, to me it seemed that he still was suffering from the death of his mother and from other things, but that he was trying to keep busy working and maybe pretend that he was okay; and so most people did not know that he was still suffering, but I could tell.

At some point I remember driving back to The G House, some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family came to The G House several times like: my aunt DE, my cousin EE, et cetera; and at some point I went to E Manor to visit with them and the others, and then I went back to The G House but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr