Budget Soap | House Hunting And A Fictional Inception

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People: Gustaf Skarsgård, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Hemsworth, Betty Gabriel
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Dream 1

This dream took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was inside a house or building with my parents.

I told them about some new budget family pack of soap that I was trying out instead of Ivory soap (original), and my mom kept saying something about the cost like it was expensive or something which was not true at all.


A Serial Killer

Source: Wikipedia

I forgot most of this dream so it will not make as much sense and I just remember the end, and the dream took place during the night in a fictional city.

My family and I were on vacation or we had traveled to this city and my mom, cousin DE, and some or all of my brothers went shopping in a shopping center; while my dad, maybe one or none of my brothers, and I walked the sidewalk of the shopping center outside.

The shopping center had a variety of separate businesses that were sharing a divided building each with its own entrance, and a man in a black colored BMW-like car drove up & parked next to the sidewalk.

Something happened earlier in the dream involving the man who was in the BMW-like car who most people would probably call a serial killer, I think, because he had murdered several people earlier in the dream; and the police were looking for him, even though they did not know what he looked like.

Somehow the serial killer had been killing people without getting caught or seen, he was supposed to be professional like a hitman or something, and he would kill people at random times usually in uncrowded areas.

After killing someone earlier in the dream he went to get something to eat at a restaurant at the shopping center, he started a conversation with one of the female workers, and she invited him to come visit her later when she would be closing the restaurant for the night; the serial killer was a smooth talker, and good with people it seemed & he dressed nicely too I think.

So he came to see her again now that she was closing the restaurant alone & she had invited him, my dad & I happened to be walking the sidewalk when he arrived, and I saw the female worker invite him in the closed restaurant & she locked the door.

I was suspicious about the man but I was not sure if he was the serial killer or not at first, but then I started to see flashbacks of what he did earlier in the dream & what he was doing now.

The woman was giving him a tour of the restaurant, she was the only worker there since she was the one closing for the night, and they both seemed to have connected well; but the serial killer wanted to kill her regardless, so he waited until they were in the kitchen area or something before he slowly killed her or whatever.

After seeing the flashbacks & what happened in my mind, I told my dad, and I was going to get our small .25 ACP caliber semi-automatic pistol from our automobile; and I was going to take photographs of the BMW-like car & license plate & the serial killer (if I got a chance) & I was going to call the police but my mom, cousin DE, and my brothers came out of the store at the same time as the serial killer was leaving the restaurant before I could do any of the things that I wanted to do.

I was afraid for their safety and I remembered that my cousin DE had just got his firearm license in the dream earlier & so I asked him to hand me his Glock-like pistol which was probably a 9mm, but he had no ammunition; and so I told everyone to pretend to not notice the man as we walk past him & his BMW-like car, because our automobile was parked behind his.

I hoped that the serial killer would not kill us, we managed to get into our automobile, and I quickly got our pistol & got it ready just in case; and I took a photograph of the back of the BMW-like car with my mobile phone.

I told everyone about what I had seen & about the serial killer, I waited for a chance to photograph the serial killer & then I was going to call the police once I got the photograph (I am not sure if I got the photograph of him or not), but I feared that if I called the police they would record my information (standard procedure); and the serial killer or someone would kill my family & I in revenge for calling the police (this happens sometimes, that information is not protected very well in some places, like where I live).

I hesitated trying to decide how I could contact the police anonymously with my information, so that I would not risk having my family & I killed by the serial killer, who I was sure would escape the police again as usual; and I felt that he would hunt us down.

I wanted to report the serial killer and have him stopped, but I was afraid of the risks; and so I tried to decide what & how to do it.

But I woke up as the serial killer was getting into his BMW-like car to leave as police sirens were going off in the distance, I am not sure if the police were dealing with something else, or if someone else had called them.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂