Going Into The Countryside With My Family And Some Pets + Wanting To Get To Know A Woman + Elves? + John Luther = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had to wake up early this morning to go somewhere and so I only had time to voice record part of the last dream that I had last night, and now I am finally typing this dream tonight after being gone/busy for most of the day.

The dream started with my family (except for my brother CC), some of my family’s pets (one or more dogs, one or more goats (which my family no longer have anymore in real life), and maybe one or two other farm-like pets), and I driving during the evening or night through a fictional countryside down a small quiet highway/road with fields and farmland and forests on both sides of the highway; and we drove to a one-story brick house next to another one-story brick house, and we spent the night at the house.

There was a jump in time where it was early morning when the sun was still slowly rising and I went outside because one or more of the dogs and/or one or more of the goats and/or one or more of the farm-like pets escaped from the back of a camper/covered truck bed/whatever that we had on the back of a dark blueish/dark-colored truck, and I remember catching a dog and putting him back in the back of the truck camper/whatever; and I think that I heard the sound of one or more wolves and/or mountain lions and/or some wild dangerous non-human animal(s) like that, this worried me a bit, and maybe I caught and put a goat and/or one or more farm-like pets back in the back of the truck camper/whatever as well.

I probably waited by the truck for a moment to make sure that the pets would be safe after hearing the wild dangerous non-human animal noises but a car stopped in the highway/road not far from me next to a ditch and a woman with whitish colored skin with short light-to-medium brownish and maybe orangeish/reddish or something like that colored hair got out of the car, and she quickly walked/ran over to the ditch like she had hit something; and so I watched from a distance waiting to see if she needed help, and then I noticed what seemed to be a whitish colored goat in the ditch and so I went to see if the woman needed help.

I asked the woman if she needed help, I thought that either she had hit the goat or that it had been attacked by a wild dangerous non-human animal and I mentioned the wild dangerous non-human animal noises that I had heard earlier to the woman, but then I saw that the goat was only stuck in a net and/or trash; and so we untangled/got the goat unstuck, and I picked up the goat and it did not seem to be injured.

We decided to try to find the owner of the goat and so I carried it to the house next to the house where my family was still sleeping in and the woman followed me, we talked a bit as we waited at the door after ringing the doorbell and/or knocking on the door, and after a brief wait I heard the owner of the house walking to the door like we had awakened them from their sleep; and an older woman with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair answered the door wearing a sleeping gown/whatever, but she barely cracked/opened the door like she was afraid/suspicious of me (she could not see the woman who was behind me).

I asked the older woman if the goat was hers but she said that it was not hers and she quickly went to close and lock her door like she was still afraid/suspicious of me, but then the woman behind me pushed/headbutted me into the door slightly making it seem like I was trying to force myself into the older woman’s house; and this scared the older woman and it scared/surprised me, I was afraid that the older woman might shoot me and/or call the police, and so I had to quickly explain to her that the woman behind me had jokingly pushed/headbutted me into the door as a joke.

The older woman and I did not think that was funny, I barely was able to convince her to not call the police on us, and the older woman angrily slammed the door in my face and told us to get off of her property or she was going to call the police; and so we walked to a ditch-like area on the other side of the road where we had found the goat, and I explained how dangerous that joke was to the woman.

At some point she got me to relax and to have fun and we started talking and having a good time, I can not remember what we did with the goat, I just remember walking up a stairway-like thing in the ditch-like area that went up in the air higher than the houses; and on the other side of it was another stairway-like thing and another area behind maybe a clear barrier with maybe some plants and/or something blocking some visibility(?) of this area.

I remember finding the woman to be very interesting and fun to be around and I wanted to get to know her better but the dreams gets confusing and unclear at this point, and I just remember us getting interrupted by four or more tall/thin male elf-like entities with whitish/light brownish/yellowish colored skin with long bright-colored hair wearing long sleeve elven/elf-like robes/whatever with maybe gold-colored trim with bright colors; and they were walking down the stairway-like thing toward us, one of them looked like the actor Paul Bettany, and I remember asking them if they were human and one of them or the woman said no that they were not human and I asked them if there were any female elves or whatever they were but they did not respond.

The woman knew them and they came for the woman to take her away and they mostly ignored me rudely even though I was asking them questions, I wanted to spend more time with the woman and to get to know her better, but she started to walk away with them and she probably told me that she was sorry but she had to go and maybe she magically turned into an elf-like entity like them but female and maybe even her hair got longer and became a bright color; and I kept trying to ask the male elf-like entities why they were taking her away, if they could let her stay a bit longer, if I could come with them, et cetera but they mostly ignored me while walking back up the stairway-like thing.

Something strange happened where I either temporarily became John Luther from the BBC TV show Luther or he temporarily replaced me or he was in the dream, I probably temporarily became him, and I remember begging them/the woman to stay a bit longer; and she wanted to but it was clear that she had to go, and so I/John Luther started to get frustrated and I/he acted out angrily a bit after losing my/his temper briefly but I/he quickly regained control and I probably became myself again.

I was at the top of the stairway-like thing but maybe a clear barrier was separating me from them or I just did not cross to their area to avoid conflict, either way I was prevented from reaching the woman, but I could see her and the other elf-like entities and I saw female elf-like entities as well; and they were on another stairway-like thing near me but behind the barrier or whatever, and they were doing a peaceful/happy wedding-like or religious-like ritual.

They each stood on a different step with a long whitish colored cloth/whatever wrapped around them around their lower backs/waists connecting all of them in a way that seemed to symbolize togetherness/unity/marriage/et cetera maybe and they probably wore plant/berry wreaths(?) on their heads and maybe they had whitish colored robes with gold-colored trim, and they happily did their ritual or whatever with the long cloth pulling it together while doing certain motions/dances; and they looked peaceful/happy and so I watched without disturbing them, but I still wanted to talk with the woman but there was a time jump in the dream again and maybe I was John Luther from the BBC TV show Luther again or I was myself but I am not sure which.

I/Luther was in the city of D during maybe late in the afternoon on a gray and maybe wet day near the former FB Church gym walking sadly and still thinking about the woman, that feeling of separation/a barrier between us and wanting to see her/talk to her/get to know her/et cetera feeling(s) was/were still there; and I/Luther was even walking with my hands in my pocket and was walking like Luther and probably dressed like Luther, and so it was a bit like the intro to the BBC TV show Luther and maybe even the intro song was playing in my mind:

In front of me/Luther near the A Charity Medical Clinic I/Luther saw a female maybe city worker wearing a long yellowish/greenish reflective raincoat and she rain into the alley(way) by the A Charity Medical Clinic to make a phone call on a pay-phone, but then I/Luther heard a man call my/his name from behind me/Luther; and so I/Luther turned around to see maybe a police officer with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair down the sidewalk, and maybe it seemed that he knew the woman and/or the elf-like entities.

I/Luther started to walk toward him to see what he wanted, hoping that he knew the woman and/or the elf-like entities, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Possessed Goat And Unknown Communication?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered part of two or more dreams but they are unclear, mixed together, and major parts or missing; so they sound crazy.

Dream 1

I have no idea how any of these dream fragments began but I do remember something about a possessed goat, I am not sure what it was possessed by, a spirit/demon/alien/deity?

I was outside in an alleyway similar to the one at my parent’s house and I was looking at a male goat that looked like one of my brothers pet goats, and I guess the goat had just been possessed by something; so I decided to try to stop whatever it was that possessed him from being able to control the goat and/or possess something else.

I did not have time to really think much so I had to make a hard decision fast, I decided to kill the goat in hopes that whatever had possessed it would not be able to escape from its body in time, and would hopefully be trapped from possessing something else.

So I grabbed the goat by its hind legs and swung the goat like a baseball bat so its head would hit a big rock on the ground, my hope was to knock it unconscious first, and keep hitting its head against the rocks until it died; I felt bad about doing it but I could not think of anything else in the short amount of time that I had.

When the goat’s head first hit the rock you could hear it and I could feel the impact in my hands since I was holding it by the legs, this knocked it unconscious like I had hoped, and then I continued to swing the goat so its head would hit the rock.

I could hear and feel its skull cracking and eventually the goat’s head came off, so I stopped, feeling disgusted and bad; but I hoped that my plan had worked so that whatever had possessed it would not possess anything else.

I waited looking around wondering if what ever had possessed it was either dead or trapped, but I could not see or hear anything, so I started to worry that maybe it escaped and/or had possessed me or something else; but that is all I remember on this part.

The next thing I remember is being at some house I think, with a few other people, and I think it seemed that we were preparing for something; like there was going to be a battle soon, oddly I do not remember weapons or armor, it was like we were an underground group (resistance group) or something.

It was like we were one of many small underground groups waiting for something and when that times comes we would defend and/or attack something, maybe, or we were just going to try to survive a battle and/or disaster; I am not sure.

I remember several times having a strange thing happen in the dream, I would somehow be in a room with no windows alone, and something or someone was trying to talk to me but I could not see them.

They were trying to give me orders or something, I think, it was like they could not be where I was so they were using me to pass on orders to others; it was like I was a general or something that would pass on their commands to the troops, but I had no weapons or armor.

I felt that I was supposed to be in charge of passing their orders own to others, but I could not see these others and I could not see who was trying to give me the orders.

The voice or voices were weak at times and it was like a signal or spirit trying to talk or maybe I was possessed like the goat had been, I have no idea.

As the voice or voices tried to communicate with me sometimes I would get interrupted, and I would be back in the other room with the people I had mentioned, they would wonder what was wrong with me; they would ask me if I was listening to them or they would ask what were they supposed to do next, I would be confused wondering how I was magically appearing in that room, but would jump back the other room once someone there tried to talk to me.

I tried to tell the people about the room and the voices, but even in the dream it was unclear and did not make sense, so they would walk off to do something, and then I would appear back in the room.

The voice or voices were trying to explain something and I would feel like I am supposed to pass the information on, and I may have even passed on some of it to people or things that I could not see; it was confusing and even unclear in the dream, it was like some type of interference was making it hard for them to communicate with me and for me to understand them.

Then I would be back in the other room with the people as they tried to talk to me again, wondering why I kept daydreaming or whatever, and I would start listening to them as they talked about something.

After this confusing jumping back and forth between the two places, I remember finally being told by one of the people in the other room that we had to move soon, and that something was going to happen soon.

I felt that I was supposed to pass on some of the information given to me and help led some of the others in some mission or whatever, it was confusing, and I think we were actually underground in a subway.

It was like above ground something big was about to happen and we were going to try to help fight something, but I do not know what.

Were we going to fight a government or governments, aliens, angels, deities, spirits, etc.?

I have no idea, even in the dream it was confusing and I still do not remember seeing any weapons.

Dream 2

Also, there was another dream fragment that involved me being at the junior high school, not attending, but I went there for some reason.

I can not remember why or what happened, then I woke up, actually this fragment was after the confusing one so I woke up after the confusing dream not this one.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂