A Gone Girl Inspired Dream

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Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the video game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, I and/or a character that I was controlling was a vampire, and the dream involved various things from the video game like vampire clans and vampire sects and more.

Dream 2

This dream seemed to be somewhat inspired by the film Gone Girl, which I have never seen, except the dream was about a family with whitish colored skin (husband, wife, young daughter), and the wife probably paid some men from Mexico who spoke Spanish (they also seemed like gang members) to kill her husband; but they failed, maybe the husband killed them, but he was wounded.

The husband probably figured out or assumed that his wife had paid the men to murder him, he also realized that his wife had a backup plan already in place if the men failed to kill him, and he realized that the place where the men had tried to murder him was set up to make it look like he was the one trying to murder his wife; and so he started trying to gather enough evidence to prove his innocence and prove that his wife was the one trying to murder him.

The place where the men tried to murder him was on a dirt road or trail through a forest near their home I think, the automobile was crashed in a hole but I did not see the bodies of the men so I am not sure if they were still alive or not or where they were, and there was a pistol and an AK-47 on the ground; the husband probably did not tell his family that he was still alive, but his wife found out somehow and so she called the police to activate/start her backup plan (which was to make it seem like her husband was trying to have her killed).

The husband decided to run and continue his investigation because he did not think that the police would believe him based on the crime scene and how the wife had set up things, the police arrived and talked with the wife, and then they looked at the crime scene; and they found a bloody shirt on the tire of the crashed automobile covering a hole that was in the tire, and it seemed to be the husband’s shirt and the husband’s blood from when the men had tried to murder him.

One of the detectives actually seemed to be considering the possibility that the husband might be the victim but the other detective seemed to think that the husband was guilty, the detective who thought that the husband was guilty wondered how could he have patched his wounds when he was not a doctor or nurse, and so he assumed that the shirt and blood belonged to someone else who he assumed the husband had murdered.

They collected the evidence to have it tested, they also found both guns, and they sent police to search for the husband; but I woke up as the husband was running and hoping to find enough evidence to prove his innocence and prove that his wife had set him up and was trying to murder him.

The end,

-John Jr