Let’s Gripe About Villains

Let’s Gripe about Villains

What is it?

Recently, the YouTube channel PlagueOfGripes had a good video about villains called Let’s Gripe About Villains.

Here is a description for this video:

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Good Versus Evil? | Tomb Raider Combined With Fallout | Strange Lights In The G House

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Dream 1

This dream was interesting and symbolic and philosophical, unfortunately I can not remember most of it, but it involved me seeing something that happened far in the past involving possibly ancient history on Earth or another planet or somewhere else.

There was a probably somewhat advanced and maybe somewhat angelic procession, it somewhat reminded me of the procession in the book God Emperor Of Dune, and at least one of the vehicle carriage-like things was possibly white with maybe wings and/or feathers with a man or male humanoid entity or alien or angel or god or demigod or whatever inside it along with one or more small humanoid kids or kid-like entities or aliens or angels or deities or demi-deities or whatever; and I assume that the rest of the procession was security.


8-7-2011 | Dream Journal | The Brothers Good And Bad

Brosnan Pierce at Cannes in 2002.
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The last two days (now three days) in a row I did not feel like typing or thinking about my dreams, and so last night before I got in bed, I Very Briefly reminded myself to try to remember some of my dreams; and I woke up this morning still not feeling like typing or thinking about my dreams, but the feeling was not as strong as before.

I decided to try to resistance this feeling and so I closed my eyes, and I started trying to remember some of my dreams; and to my surprise I was able to remember parts of my last dream, and I once again felt like typing & thinking about my dreams again. 🙂

I remember being inside a private area of a station-like place of some kind and I seemed to be following a husband, wife, and their many kids; and they seemed to be the main characters of the dream at this point, not me.