11-27-2012 And ? | Dream Fragments | Unknown Dream Fragments | Dream Of Going To A Somewhat Dark Gas Station-Like Place?

Filling station and garage at Pie Town, New Mexico
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I had to wake up earlier than I expected to go help someone, and I had to deal with the usual morning annoyances; so I forgot most of what I dreamed about last night.

One of the dreams might have had something to do with the animated TV show Young Justice, where there was a back and forth mental conflict about something that I can not remember.

Another one of the dreams might have had something to do with something else that might have involved sleeping/staying in bed/being comfortable/or something, but I am not sure and I can not remember.

I just remembered part of either a dream or real event from years ago (I am not sure how many years ago, but it is probably from many years ago), probably a dream, but I am not sure.

I was younger (still public school age(d)) and I remember my mom, my dad, and I riding in an automobile; and some of my mom family members like my uncle CE and maybe a few other people were either with us or driving with us in their own automobiles.

My brothers might have been with us but I am not sure, and maybe a few people who(m) my dad knew might have been with us but I am not sure.

I remember that we were driving up a straight road/highway in the middle-of-no-where/the country/somewhere and the sunlight outside had an orangish glow to it, and we stopped at a gas station-like place that was either abandoned or very quiet & somewhat dark inside.

I remember us going inside the somewhat dark gas station-like place, and I remember there being a  somewhat older man with whitish colored skin with whitish/grayish colored hair wearing a cowboy hat with a long sleeve button shirt in a checked-like pattern that might have been white & blue colored with blue jeans & cowboy boots; but I can not remember if the man had traveled in the group with us or if he was already in the gas station-like place or if he arrived after we arrived, my guess is he was one of the people who knew my dad & that he was probably driving in an automobile leading our group somewhere.

I think that maybe we were headed out in the country to fish on some private property or something, and so the man with the cowboy hat probably knew where it was and maybe even owned it.

We probably bought/got/found some fishing bait/equipment, snacks, gas, et cetera; and then got back in our automobiles to continue the journey, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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An American Horror Story: Murder House Inspired Dream Fragment

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Last night I barely remember part of two dream fragments, with one of the dream fragments probably being inspired by the TV show American Horror Story: Murder House, which my brother GC and I were watching last night for the first time when we accidentally/randomly came across it.

All that I can remember of my first dream fragment was walking in D during a very nice day and I was walking near the HS School, C Elementary School, SB Church, and the A School.

This was one of those dreams that I have sometimes of myself walking in this area, and these dreams are usually very realistic with natural lighting/the environment looks correctly/the people act normal/et cetera; it is like walking around in a real memory or memories.

I remember walking around enjoying the outdoors and looking around at all the familiar things and comparing them with my memory/memories, and it was very relaxing and nice; and I remember seeing a few people and maybe a few automobiles pass by, and I smiled & waved at them.

I remember walking through the SB Church field near the graveyard, my dad used to cut the grass there when I was a kid and I would sometimes be there with him when he cut the grass, and here I remembering thinking of a lot of past memories.

This was a very pleasant dream but I can not remember the rest.

The second dream is so unclear that I can not remember anything except that it seemed to be inspired by the TV show American Horror Story, and I remember a few women and men being in a house; and something was going on that was similar to something that happened on that TV show, but I can not remember what.

At some point one of the men took of a hat or mask or disguise, and he looked like an older version of Vin Diesel; but I can not remember if he was a villain in this dream or not, I just remember the women & other people being surprised/afraid/in shock/whatever.

I remember them talking but I can not remember the rest.

The end,

-John Jr

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