My Brothers Have A Pet Gorilla

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This dream involved me maybe traveling from somewhere and I needed somewhere to stay for the night, and so my mom called my aunt JE to see if I could spend the night at her house and she said yes so I spent the night at her house.

In my dream my aunt JE was somewhat different than she is now, and her house was a much larger and cleaner and nicer one-story house that was so large that there was a lobby in the middle of the house.

The house was being remodeled, and when I woke up the next day the construction crew were there remodeling the house and some people (maybe construction workers) were sitting in the lobby in the middle of the house.

I did not want to leave without asking my aunt JE if there was anything that I could do for her since she let me spend the night, and she told me that I could buy something for her that was on her shopping list that had 7 items on it.

I said okay and I asked her what she wanted me to buy, and she said a large bottle of liquid Xtra Laundry Detergent.

I told her okay and I asked her to give me the list so that I could also buy the rest of the  items on her shopping list so she gave me the list, and then I left and I bought the stuff and I returned.

After giving her the items we talked briefly as we watched the construction crew, and then I said goodbye and thank you and I drove home.

When I got home all of my brothers were there, and they had a large pet male gorilla in a cage, maybe in the house, but I can not remember.

I accidentally did something that made the gorilla angry, and he went wild so I walked away and told my brothers.

When he calmed down they let him out of the cage so that he could run around in the yard, and while they were outside I started to worry and wonder if the gorilla would try to attack me the next time he sees me.

But I woke up.

After work in the real world I learned that my brother CC and his family were going to be arriving today, I did not expect them to be arriving this early in the week, and so I thought that it was interesting that I had a dream with my brother CC in it and he just happened to arrive later that day.

-John Jr


Former President George W. Bush Gets Confronted By His Wife

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Dream 1

I barely remember three parts of this dream from last night with the first part of the dream starting inside a large windowless college/school-like room that was like a combination of a lounge, bedroom, cafeteria, living room, et cetera.

There were various people there, possibly including some of my former classmates, and at some point I ended up being in a competition against a young woman with medium-dark brownish-colored skin with black hair who was a gymnast I think.

I am not sure what the competition was about exactly other than it seemed to involve doing stunts and gymnastics and things like that around the room trying to do the most extreme and complex stunts/whatever I assume, I did not expect to win against this young fit gymnast, but at some point I was barely winning the competition (only because I went first this time and I had focused on using the easy areas to force her into the difficult areas, and I was one turn ahead of her because she had not done her turn yet).

We had moved around the room doing our stunts/whatever (you could only do your stunts/whatever in each area one-time, so if your opponent did a stunt in a certain area you had to move to the next area, and so this was maybe the last area) so now we were almost near a corner where there was a bunk bed and/or shelf full of objects against a brick wall, and so trying to do a stunt/whatever here would be dangerous and/or impossible.

The young gymnast tried to figure out how to do a stunt in this area, the others and I felt that it was too dangerous, but she was going to try it anyway but we managed to convince her not to do it for her own safety so I automatically won the competition because she had to give up on the last stunt/whatever area which cost her the victory.

The young gymnast was disappointed and she walked outside so I followed her so that I could give her some words of encouragement, and I was thinking about forfeiting my victory because I felt that she deserved the victory.

Oddly the outside was my parent’s house and yard, we walked across the front porch to the front of the yard, and I stopped the gymnast to talk with her but I can not remember what happened.

The second part of the dream possibly took place after my conversation with the gymnast and after she was gone, and I remember walking to the back of the house to enter my parent’s house through the back door.

As I was doing this I noticed a car pulled up in the field by The Now Abandoned House, I entered my parent’s house and I stood by the screen door looking outside to see what was going on, and then I noticed a large orange gorilla or gorilla-like ape move near the car.

The orange gorilla-like ape started to run around in the field along the yard of The Now Abandoned House and my parent’s fence, I was confused and I wondered if the gorilla-like ape was with whoever was inside the car, and then I was worried that the gorilla-like ape might hurt someone and/or destroy some property but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The third part of the dream took place inside a somewhat fictional version of my parent’s house, and I needed to defecate so I went to the bathroom and my brother GC needed to use the bathroom too but I got there first so he had to wait.

As I was sitting on the toilet defecating there was a window with a view to the outside and there were probably no curtains, and in the window was a television I think that was playing a fictional film or television series that showed a family (husband, wife, adult children, and maybe some other adult family members) with whitish-colored skin doing what I assume was an evil ritual or something like that.

Unlike most of my dreams that rarely involve magic, what they were doing seemed clearly negative/evil/maybe even demonic/paranormal/supernatural/whatever instead of having magic just seem like powers and special abilities like in my other rare magic-like dreams, and it seemed that they were doing this ritual to cast a spell on a group of people who were maybe sitting down inside a building or house.

The family cast their spell/whatever on the group of people, and this spell seemed to cause their deepest and worst desires to surface so some of the people started daydreaming and hallucinating and thinking about their worst desires and some even started acting them out on the other people the room.

There were possibly more effects to this spell but I can not remember, I just remember that there was a somewhat older woman with whitish-colored skin with short hair who was looking at a man in the room daydreaming about having sex with him, and then she probably started trying to have sex with him.

While the room was in chaos the family who cast the spell were laughing and smiling and celebrating et cetera, but then I finished using the bathroom and I started washing my hands several times with water and soap as my brother GC entered the bathroom to use it after I leave.

While I was washing my hands our dad sat somewhere outside the bathroom to eat some food, but then he started vomiting up the food on what was left of his food on his plate so I asked him if he was okay.

Our dad said that it was probably some medicine that he had just took that caused him to vomit, he said that one of the medicines bothers his stomach, and I asked why did he try to eat right after taking the medicine if he knew this and I commented about how he had just wasted that food; and I asked him which medicine was it that caused this.

Our dad did not answer the first question but he did try to answer the second question, but our dad does not even know the names of most of the medicines that he takes so he struggled trying to name various possibilities and one of those possibilities was maybe Iodine.

My brother GC was using the bathroom at this point because I was outside the bathroom now as our dad cleaned up his vomit, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the night and I was inside my parent’s house, and some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family were partying/having a family gathering at The E House.

I could hear them talking, laughing, and listening to music and when I looked outside the window I saw a strange red glow and red light coming from outside The E House where they were partying which I thought was strange and interesting but I assumed that someone was using a red light instead of a normal light to provide light to the party outside.

As I was walking out of a bedroom I saw my male cousin DE and a girl (maybe one of his sisters or another family member) walking through the hall to my surprise, and so I asked my cousin DE if he needed anything because he seemed to be looking for something.

My cousin DE said that he needed some aspirin (maybe he had a headache or some kind of other pain), I told him that we probably did not have any but that we had some ibuprofen, but he said that would not work for him or something like that and he thanked me and they left back to the party at The E House to find some aspirin and to continue partying with our family members I assume.

Looking out of the window I saw them leaving my parent’s yard walking toward the party outside of The E House as they past/passed The G House, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

I was probably not in the last part of the dream but I am not sure, and all that I can remember of this last part of the dream is that it took place maybe during the night inside a dimly lit windowless dinning room where the former President Of The United States George W. Bush (George Walker Bush) was having dinner (maybe Thanksgiving dinner, but I am not sure) at a nice wooden rectangular table with his wife (who was possibly a fictional woman with whitish-colored skin, and so I will not call her Laura Bush because I am not sure if it was her or not) and several of his family members (a woman and her two young daughters and young son, and they all had whitish-colored skin).

They were having a good time eating and talking until one of the young girls (family members) started mentioning a message that former President George W. Bush had sent her, and as she was talking it started to sound like it was an inappropriate message (maybe sexual, possibly sent while he was drunk, but we did not get to find out) that he had sent her but before she could finish talking former President Bush’s wife interrupted her and she stood up at the table.

The mood had already changed from positive moving toward negative but now it was even worse, and it was clearly negative now as everyone got quiet and serious as they watched and listened to his wife talk and former President Bush stood up too (only him and his wife stood up).

Former President Bush’s wife said something to him that I can not remember, he looked serious and a bit sad and he did not deny whatever it was that she said, and she said that she had found out something so she was confronting him about it.

Former President Bush continued to listen without saying anything, his wife then pulled out a photograph and/or piece of paper, and she showed it to him as evidence of what she was accusing him of.

Former President Bush looked at the photograph and/or piece of paper like someone who had just got caught with evidence proving that they were having an affair, he did not respond and he just looked down still looking a bit serious and sad and disappointed in himself, and so I assume that his wife was accusing him of having an affair but it still was not clear exactly but that was my assumption (guess).

His wife then angrily said: “I hope she was worth it!”, and then she walked quickly/stormed out of the room angrily and sadly as everyone sat there quietly looking serious and uncomfortable and a bit shocked and confused.

Former President Bush sat down at the table with the photograph looking down at it and he started talking, I think that the photograph showed him smiling and hugging a woman with whitish-colored skin who was also smiling, and he started to tell us about when he first met the woman in that photograph.

He said that he was approached by this woman one day about a business proposition/deal/idea/whatever, he described her and this moment in vivid detail, and he said that he had given her some money as an investment in this business idea in hopes that it would work out and maybe he would make some money on his investment.

He said that after this he had not seen the woman or his money again for a while, but then one day she returned but then I woke up as he was still telling the story so I did not get to find out if he had an affair or not.

The end,

-John Jr


A Documentary | My Mom Mentions Strange Light And Weather Changes

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at my parent’s house, I remember watching a trailer for a fictional documentary on a smaller device like a mobile phone or laptop, and I am assuming that this dream was somewhat inspired by two documentary trailers that I watched last night like the trailer for The Nightmare and Room 237.

One of the video clips in the trailer looked like it was a video clip that someone in my parent’s yard filmed, the video clip took place during the day from my parent’s yard, and the camera was filming a metal pet cage/kennel outside my parent’s yard in the field; and the cage looked empty, behind one of the metal poles there were several sudden quick movements like something was there, but this made no sense.

It was like either it was super thin, was invisible or camouflaged at first, came from a portal, and/or something strange like that but you could not tell what it was because the video clip was too small and far away and the quality was not high enough; and then the camera moved to the right and standing in the distance was a tall and strong and mean-looking gorilla-like creäture standing on two feet staring toward the cage, but this creäture looked a bit fake to me.

I wondered if this video clip had been filmed by me or someone in my family and/or did someone sneak in our yard to film it, the rest of the trailer showed a few more video clips, and this documentary seemed to be about strange occurrences/sightings/et cetera that the creator of the documentary has studied and documented; and maybe it was focusing on one or more of them in particular.

I had no idea what that was that moved in the cage, that seemed real but the gorilla-like creäture seemed fake, and so I wanted to learn more about this documentary and the creator and the video clips/evidence (especially the one that seemed that it was possibly one of my video clips that I filmed myself, but maybe I did not notice the movement in the cage originally; and maybe the creator of the documentary found my video clip online, and he noticed it).

The creator of the documentary had whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair and he was maybe a middle-aged man who seemed dedicated to studying/documenting things like this, I remember watching a video of him being interviewed, and maybe I contacted him in the dream but I can not remember; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is being inside my parent’s house and my mom told me that early in the morning (maybe at about 3 AM) that there would be a strange darkness to the sky (I do not think that she mentioned darkness, but I added this part because the darkness looked strange with the colors in the sky) and then strangely the sky would become bright (maybe the sun would rise) and then there would be strange bad weather, according to the weather forecast I think, and maybe it was during the night when she told me this but I can not remember.

Later in the dream I remember being somewhere else during the day, I remember talking to my dad and maybe we talked about the job that I recently interviewed for, and then my dad left in his automobile; and then I started walking home, and I remember being stopped by some traffic when I reach the BP Library.

There were some other people walking as well, we cross the street eventually, and we continued walking until we past/passed the D Post Office; and suddenly there was a strange darkness like it was night, I stopped and I turned around to see the people behind me because I recognized one of their voices, and among the people was my former male classmate BH and maybe my former male classmate TT was among them.

There was a woman with whitish colored skin with them as well, we walked to the right side of the street to talk near the field by the abandoned C Plant and the street was higher than the ground so the side was a bit like a ditch that you had to be careful to not fall in, and I remember thinking about what my mom had told me about the weather; and I remember talking with the others, and we talked about the weather.

We probably started to notice a light in the sky like the sun was starting to rise and so the weather predictions that my mom had told me seemed to be coming true, we wondered what was going on and how bad the weather would get, and we decided that we should continue walking to avoid getting caught in the bad strange weather; but I was awakened by chainsaw noises in the real world as trees were being cut up and cut down.

The end,

-John Jr