Mary & Her Mean / Rude Mom & High School Graduation Again

I woke up almost forgetting all of my dreams from last night like maybe I slept too deeply for too long or something like that, so I woke up with a blank mind mostly not even knowing what day it was at first, and I barely remember part of my last dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional place, and I was in a fictional dimly lit school auditorium, and I was in high school again with fictional and maybe real former classmates, and we were going to have our high school graduation inside the auditorium later in the day during the evening or night probably; and so we were somewhat practicing for the graduation I guess and some of our family/parents/et cetera and teachers were there as well.


Hiding Crazy Stuff In A Living Room?

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I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for a small unclear part of one dream.

The dream took place in a building/house that was similar to a building where my cousin ME(?) probably had his wedding and/or college graduation ceremony when I was a kid.

That building had an entrance area with a gym in the middle, a small meeting-like room on the left, and a large cafeteria-like room on the right; and this building could be used/rented for various functions/things/occasions.

In my dream it was more like my parent’s house combined with something else maybe with the living room on the left, maybe a small room with a closed-door in the middle, and most of the house & whatever else on the right side; and my family & some other people were on the right side, and each of the three areas were separate but connected so you could not see into the other areas.

I forgot most of the dream but I remember going in and out of the living room on the left side, and I remember trying to hide something and/or being worried about someone seeing something in the living room; and so I kept hoping that no one would come into the room/come exploring/come looking in.

I remember walking back and forth from the living room to the entrance area to talk from the entrance area to my mom who was in the house area on the right side sometimes, because she kept calling me and/or trying to talk to me, and so I would walk to the entrance area to avoid her walking to the living room area on the left side.

At some point I remember there being a group of probably naked or semi-naked women in the living room laying on the floor on their backs separately doing stretching / breathing / meditation / masturbation / whatever techniques/ exercises /whatever while possibly being filmed by someone but I am not sure about the filming part, I just remember walking past them to maybe a computer and/or whatever else I was trying to hide and/or avoid being seen next to a couch on the right of where the women were, but I can not remember what in the world was going on exactly.

I just remember hoping that no one walked in or walked by to see the crazy scene of what was going on in the living room and whatever else I was hiding and/or not wanting to be seen, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr


CW And The Graduates And Future Graduates

I remember part of my last dream from last night, which took place in an unknown place during the day, and I was in a building that had an open area on the left side of the building & a few classrooms on the right side of the building; and I was there with some high school graduates from a year before, some high school graduates from today, and my former high school class who were to be graduating in another year.

So basically I was back in high school again I guess, except that we were not in D or at The D High School, and I guess that I/we were also younger again; but I think that I had some of my old memories/feelings still, so I probably felt/knew that I had already graduated from high school years ago.


My Former Classmate DH Is Back From Army National Guard Basic Training?

Last night I barely remember part of one dream fragment, which took place in an unknown fictional place outside, and I remember my former classmate DH being there along with several of his family members.

I remember talking with several of his family members such as his mom & dad, and several unknown family members of his.

At some point I remember talking with DH and I was surprised that he was back from his Army National Guard Basic Training already, and I started to wonder if he had quit or something, because he was back earlier than he was supposed to be; but that was not something that I thought that he would do, and so I figured that it must have been another reason but I did not ask him & I hoped that he would tell me himself.

At some point he asked me if I thought that he had quit his Army National Guard Basic Training and come home, I answered his question, but he did not tell me if he had quit or not; and so I asked him, but there was a moment of silence.

I decided to change the conversation to another topic and I started to tell him about what some of his family members had told me earlier in the dream, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


After The Graduation The Wagons Attack?

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Lazy Overview:

Last night I only remember some of my last dream, which started inside a lobby of a building, and a high school graduation was either about to start or it had finished.

I was there with my dad, and my mom may/might have been there at first, and the lobby was like a nice walk-way in a mall.

In the lobby there were graduates in their cap & gowns, their family, their friends, teachers, a few news reporters, etc.

The graduates were lined up in a row, in the lobby, and people were taking pictures and talking; and everyone was having a good time.

I noticed my former classmate MT with the graduates and he was in his cap & gown from years ago, which was odd/strange, because we both graduated from high school many years ago; and he seemed to either be pretending to be a graduate or he was just wearing his cap & gown as a costume or something, maybe.

There was over a hundred people there, and I think that they all started going to a door that was connected to the lobby; and I think that the door either led to an indoor area for the graduation or it was an outdoor area for the graduation, maybe.

I think that my mom told my dad and I, that one of my little cousins was in a short film, and that they were about to show it in another part of the building; and so we left to go watch it, but we had to use the bathroom first.

My dad and I went to a bathroom that looked very nice, and something happened in the bathroom, but I can not remember what happened exactly; I think someone came into the bathroom and said something to us, maybe.

Next I remember my parent’s and I going into a room near the bathroom, and in that room the showing of the short film was about to start.

The cast of the short film, who all were kids, including my little cousin, were sitting in chairs in front of the screen; while the families, friends, and news reporters sat in the back of the room.

Hillary Clinton was there and she had a fictional young daughter that was in the film, and her daughter looked somewhat like a kid version of her, and her daughter was sitting with the rest of the cast.

Ms. Clinton’s daughter seemed to be a nice proper/well-mannered kid, during the showing of the short film, but she was not the main character in the short film.

I do not remember what the short film was about, but I do know that the main character was a girl who looked like the girl from the Silent Hill film; and my little cousin had a small role in the short film, and she did a good job acting in my opinion.

After the short film was finished and as everyone was clapping & the news reporters were taking photographs, an error/mistake was made, and instead of playing the ending credits, someone played the announcement of the best actor/actress award for the short film; and the winning would win a doll or a toy.

The winner was the main character, the girl who looked like the girl (Sharon Da Silva played by the actress Jodelle Ferland) from the Silent Hill film, and then she was awarded a doll or toy as she posed for photographs; and Ms. Clinton’s daughter was angry and she started to storm/walk off complaining in anger and she was acting like a spoiled rich brat.

Ms. Clinton’s daughter said that she should have won and she said that The President or someone should have pre-ordered a doll or toy for her, if she had lost, and she said a few other negative things as she walked into a bathroom to complain so that the others could not see or hear her; and I found it odd/strange that she had said The President, instead of saying her Dad/Father/Daddy/Bill Clinton, and I was a bit surprised by how quickly her behavior had changed to that of a spoiled rich brat.

My parent’s and I congratulated my little cousin and then we left the room, and I think that my mom left to go home, while my dad and I stayed for some reason.

I remember seeing my friend DH and DH, my dad, and I followed the graduates & everyone else outside to a school building that was connected to a party building/shack; and this shack has been in a few of my other dreams in the past, and it is near where the junior high school in D is.

Everyone was going to celebrate the graduation, but something happened as we all were walking through the school building; and we started to hear death screams and panic, and chaos started everywhere.

Some people were running from the outside into the building screaming for their lives, other people inside started to run around the building in a panic, some people were falling, some people were trying to hide, we heard lots of screaming, and some people were trying to get out of the building but some of the doors were locked.

I was afraid and the dream felt real (but I did not know that it was a dream), but I tried to stay calm and I thought up a plan; since the attack seemed to be coming from outside of the building & on the left side of the building, I decided that we should run toward that direction, and that we should escape through the main exit in the chaos and that we should run across the field toward the road to escape.

But as we ran toward the main exit, there were people banging/beating on the door screaming for their lives and they were screaming for us to open the door since it was locked, and so we ran up a hallway to escape through that exit but that door was locked & people were banging/beating on it screaming for help as well; and so we started to run back in the direction that we had come from, and as we were running I asked someone what was attacking.

The person said something that sounded like, The Wagons are attacking, which did not make sense to me; and I asked him what were The Wagons and were they Human or not, and the person said that they were not Human but they did not know what they really were.

I then wondered if they were aliens, zombies, or some kind of other strange beings; and I wondered if they were really Human, but/and that the person was just mistaken/wrong/incorrect.

Since most of the exits were locked and I felt that The Wagons or whatever were probably now in the building, I decided that we should hide in the ceiling, until the attack is over and/or until there is a chance for us to escape; and so my dad, DH, and I ran into a bathroom or a room, and we climbed into the ceiling and we hid in a dark corner of the ceiling.

We listened as people were running and screaming, and I remember seeing the hallway through a crack in the ceiling; and I saw what I think were large robots with two legs and guns for arms, attacking people, but I could be wrong.

I could not get a good look at them in all the chaos and I woke up as I was trying to think up another plan.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂