When You Watch Too Much Attack On Titan

When You Watch Too Much Attack On Titan

What Is It?

The YouTube video When You Watch Too Much Attack On Titan by the YouTube channel Cilvanis.

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I mean, it’s understandable the show is just that good 😤

▶Featured Actor: @CosmosZR


Attack on Titan OST – Founding Titan Theme

Attack on Titan OST – Ashes on The Fire

Attack on Titan Ending – Name of Love

Attack on Titan OST – Call your Name

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An Inappropriate Professor | Talking To My Grandmother DE | Lomax

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in college in a classroom in a class, our teacher / professor was a man with light-color skin with eyeglasses, and at some point he started to make inappropriate statements & ask inappropriate questions to maybe a female student & the class.

Our class started to confront him about this, he was defiant & he argued with us about it, it was clear that we probably were going to have to report him to the college & that none of us wanted him as our professor after this, and most of us were probably going to change classes if he was not replaced as our professor.


The Foundations And Pillars Are Gone

What Is It?

A poem that I made back in maybe 2011.

The foundations and pillars are gone.

A fallen house remains.

As the survivors crawl away divided and lost until the day that they die, and fade away… fade away… fade away.

– John Jr (2011)


Buying Food And My Grandmother DE Is Alive Again

The end of this dream took place during the day, I remember being outside standing in the street outside my parents yard, and my mom and some of my brothers were in my parents yard; and our neighbors Mrs. CG, her son JW, and maybe two of Mrs. CG’s grandchildren were playing outside in their yard.

There was a small fictional food stand next to Mr. J’s (Gas Money’s) House on the right side, I noticed that it was open to my surprise, maybe the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was still going on; but I am not sure.


My Grandmother DE Never Died?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was possibly outside with maybe a father and mother, and there was something that I can not remember that involved something about being married and dealing with your wife in certain situations.

This got interrupted by a woman and man and their son who all had light-color skin, and they were on the front porch; and the son started to harass his mom, and the father did not help because he said that the mother should not have been there or something like that.

I walk over to deal with the situation, but they were on drugs and were angry and wanted drugs.

I started trying to talk them down, the father and son act like they want to fight and the they walk up to me, but they got scared when I did not back off.

I took out my mobile phone and I started filming this for evidence in case I needed to call the police, and while I filmed this I continued trying to talk them down which seemed to have started to work at this point.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in a LC-like city during the day, I remember being outside when maybe I magically no longer had a shirt on, or I became a man with light-color skin who did not have a shirt or he became the main character of the dream.

He or I noticed some male college students lined up outside a multi-story fraternity-looking house like they were trying to enter a party there, they mostly had on maybe mostly blue graduation-like robes, and he or I decided to walk over there to see if I could get inside and maybe get a shirt.

The main character of the dream shifted for sure this time to another man or should I say that the previous man became a different man who had no pants, and he wrapped a shirt or something around his waist to cover himself as he waited in line outside the fraternity house.

To get inside the men had to quickly show their penises, the new main character did this super quickly, and he was let inside.

Inside it was pretty dark and a pretty well organized party was going on, it was strange though, a bit like some kind of secret society/vampire party.

The man sat at a table and an underage-looking girl or young woman with dark-color skin sat next to him and started talking to him, she was very strange, and she started talking about drinking blood or something weird like that like she was a vampire or something.

At some point a group of men or vampires snatched up the man and took him somewhere else where they held him and interrogated him for a while before maybe finally letting him go.

Then I was the main character again and I went to a work-like place for The BP Library with some of my coworkers, and then we moved to a new area that looked a lot like the family room of The E House.

I then noticed my supervisor Mrs. JR talking to a very old fragile woman, and then I noticed that it was my grandmother DE who died years ago and she looked like how she probably would if she were still alive.

I was shocked and confused, I walked over to confirm if it was her and she said yes, her voice was frail and she could not hear that well so I had to repeat myself a lot.

I can not remember what Mrs. JR and my grandmother DE were talking about at first and I am not sure what I talked about with my grandmother DE, but I do remember thinking that maybe she had not died and had been living in a nursing home all this time without anyone telling me for some reason.

I felt bad for not visiting my grandmother DE all these years, even though I had no idea that she was still alive, and it seemed that she did not have much time left to live so I wanted to try to catch up as much as I could.

But I wanted to find out where this assumed nursing home was so I remember picking up my grandmother to take her to my automobile so that I could drive her to the assumed nursing home, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr