2-3-2009 | Dream Fragment | Cousin From The Past

A boy in a children's swimming pool.

Last night I had a dream with my cousin DW, his dad, and my uncle CE.

I think my cousin DW’s dad came to my grandfather’s house to visit along with my uncle CE.

I believe they saw me outside, so I could not avoid them, even though I wanted to.

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4th Grade And My Grandparent’s House

Last night I remember a bit of my last dream, I was in 4th grade again it seemed, but I think that I was the age I am now.

In my class we had a very old man as a substitute teacher for the day, and I was in trouble for some reason; and I think that I had to go to the office.

I think I remember the substitute teacher talking to me about how I should be setting a good example to the younger students, and then he walked me to the office.

In the office the secretary was busy doing something, probably talking on the phone.

I think the principal was gone, so the secretary said a few things to me, and she let me leave.

As I was walking in the hallway, somehow I appeared in my grandfather’s house.

My dead grandmother was alive in this dream and a few family members were at their house too, and it seemed that there was going to be a small party soon.

I walked around and I said a few things to a few people, and I walked around to see what everyone was doing.

My family was there, my aunt SE, aunt CS, aunt RE, cousin DS, and cousin SS.

I remember going to a strange room in my grandfather’s house that does not exist in real life, and I remember seeing a very tall bed that was taller than a bunk bed, and on the bunk bed was a laptop.

I remember there was a news program playing on the laptop talking about some celebrity news or something, and in the room was a female celebrity and someone else; but I can not remember who.

We were talking about something, and I think that the female celebrity was talking about how the media made her look bad.

I remember someone calling us to come help with something, as I walked back into the hallway, I then appeared in the 4th grade hallway again.

I went back to class, then I only remember being in trouble again, and the substitute teacher wanted me to get in-school suspension or go home for the day.

At this point I wondered how I had gotten in trouble this time, and I felt bad.

I noticed that I was older, and I wondered why was I back in what appeared to be the 4th grade.

I also wondered why was I supposedly being a trouble maker, which is not like me at all.

I felt somewhat embarrassed, and I hoped that the younger students did not try to act like that too.

I started to walk to the office again, but then I appeared at my grandparent’s house again.

I went to the bathroom, and I heard my cousin SS talking about a few of my cousins in the living room.

I left the bathroom and I went to the living room but my cousin SS was gone, and I then saw my grandmother walk by with a motorcycle or something that appeared to be a present for someone.

She smiled at me and she took motorcycle to the family room, and I had a feeling that it was a present for my grandfather.

As I was going to the family room, my dad stopped to tell me something, and he told me that today was my grandfather’s birthday.

When I got into the family room, almost everyone was in there getting everything ready for the party.

I took a moment to look around and enjoy the experience, and I realized that my dead grandmother was alive again.

I felt happy, and everyone was working together and having a good time.

I even think my grandmother talked in this dream, usually when my grandmother is in dreams (which is rare) she usually never talks, she just smiles, and the dreams with her in them usually feel happy & calm & always have members of our family in the dream too.

After witnessing all of this I started to feel happy & sad, and I started to almost cry, so I walked to the hallway so that no one would see me cry.

I was happy about how good things were going and that my grandmother was alive again, but I think part of me knew it was a dream and that it was not real.

I started to cry a bit, but it was also a happy kind of sadness or it was also tears of joy, if that made any sense.

I allowed myself to cry but still enjoy this rare moment, and then I heard my grandfather coming down the stairs; and so I tried to stop crying so that I could tell everyone to get ready to surprise him.

Then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂