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Last night I woke up during the night needing to use the bathroom (I usually drink water too close to going to bed), I had remembered one or more dreams and in one of those dreams something happened that I wanted to tell Lost Truth about, but I went back to sleep without voice recording my dream or drams and I had some more dreams so now I can only remember part of several dreams that I will separate as three different dreams because I am not sure if these were separate or not.

Dream 1

There was more to this dream that would help it make more sense but I can not remember most of the dream, and my memory of what I remember is incomplete and possibly flawed.


My Mom Is Pregnant?

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Last night and/or the night before I remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

One dream took place in a fictional school that is sometimes in my dreams, and I was trying to find a bathroom because I had to use the bathroom, which is a common dream theme of mine; but bathroom after bathroom was nasty with human feces in and/or on and/or near the toilets and/or the bathrooms were crowded/full.

The school was a large maze-like school, a bit like my former high school in real life, but this school is bigger and even more confusing.

I am not sure if I ever found a bathroom or not where I could use the bathroom, probably not, but that is all that I remember.

Dream 2

I had another dream that took place in a school and I went to several classes and/or was supposed to go to several classes, and this dream was a continuation of several past dreams; and so I remembered details from several past dreams, and I knew which classes I had been missing.

I wondered had I dropped several of the classes that I had not been attending, because I did not want to fail them, because I knew that I had missed so many days that I would get an F.

English was one of those classes, another was a Math class, and there might have been another; and they were all college classes, and I even knew who the English teacher was, because I have had several dreams connected to this before.

Sometimes I have dreams about school/college like this where details from past dreams are remembered, and so some of these dreams connect together in a way that is like I am living another life in the dream world or something.

I felt a bit bad for missing so many days and for basically giving up on those classes, but it was too late to try to undo what was done; but I still thought about what I could do, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The last dream that I remember took place outside during the day in D in a fictional area near the woods where the A Plant should be, this area is sometimes in my dreams, but it is bigger & different from in real life.

The dream is very unclear but I remember being in this area with my mom and dad, and they wanted to tell me something private out where there was no one else around.

They told me that they thought that my mom might be pregnant, but that they were not sure, and that they wanted to keep it a secret for now until they found out for sure.

I was shocked & surprised, and it did seem that my mom might have been pregnant; but then an unknown man who reminded me of a salesman from China (Chinese) who sells cheap stuff, came walking toward us.

He was trying to sell us stuff and then he started shooting various weapons that he had for fun, and we asked him to stop because it was dangerous; but he was not listening.

He shot a grenade launcher at trees, he shot some pistols, he shot some rifles, he shot some shotguns, and more.

Fearing for my mom’s/our safety, we warned him that my mom might be pregnant and we asked him to stop shooting his various weapons or we would defend ourselves if he continued to endanger our lives; but he refused to stop.

Then he started to point one of his weapons toward us, but I had already ran toward him to attack him before he could shoot, and I killed him before he could even shoot his weapon; I killed him quickly & brutally like a wild animal.

I had prepared myself for the worst and when talking failed, I let myself go into a survival mode as soon as I sensed that the man was about to attack, and I ran at him knowing that I would probably have to kill him before he could shoot & kill us all; and so I unleashed a quick burst of raw human death mode or whatever you want to call it.

After I returned to normal mode, I was shocked & in the distance some police & police dogs had heard the noise and the police dogs were unleashed & they ran toward us, and so my dad & I started to drag the man’s body toward the woods; and we were going to try to dispose and/or hide the body & escape, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂