Getting Paralyzed By An Alien?

Last night I was so tired that I went to sleep before I wanted to go to sleep, I fell asleep on a couch in the living room, and I woke up after 3 AM to get in bed and then I went back to sleep.

I woke up from my first dream below feeling some things that I felt in the dream, paralysis and fear et cetera, and I woke up in a strange sleeping position laying on my stomach with my hands at my sides (like someone who is planking, which is not a sleeping position that I usually use) feeling like I was shivering (shaking or vibrating like maybe a static or distortion-like feeling or something like that, it felt strange, whatever was happening) from fear and / or like I was trying to break out of the paralysis and my right arm was very numb.


Trying To Help My Former Classmate JH And Her Daughters | Talking With A Teacher Librarian

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the end of the dream took place during the day inside a one-story school-like building before and/or during a terrible storm and/or natural disaster and/or unnatural disaster, and I was there with other people seeking shelter from the storm or disaster I assume.

At some point I was approached by my former female classmate JH and her two young fictional daughters who had whitish colored skin with somewhat curly yellowish colored hair, and she seemed to be afraid and on the run from something.

She wanted me to help her protect her daughters so I carried (held) one of her daughters while she carried her other daughter, and we ran around trying to find a safe place inside the building as the weather got worse.

My former classmate JH said that there was something special about her daughters that probably involved aliens and alien abduction, maybe they were part alien and/or had been experimented on by aliens and were probably abductees of aliens, but I am not sure.

I know that my former classmate JH said that people did not believe her and they thought that she was crazy, and that her daughters were in danger and that she did not want them taken (abducted) again or anymore.

As we ran around the building strange things started to happen like maybe aliens were trying to pull us and/or her daughters into the sky to their spaceship, and I remember seeing flashes in my mind of memories and/or illusions and/or dreams of aliens and alien abduction.

The aliens were probably similar to the Grey aliens, some of these memories and/or dreams and/or illusions were possibly from the daughter who I was holding, and some were possibly from suppressed and/or forgotten memories and/or dreams of me being abducted by aliens.

This caused a very strong emotional reaction in me to want to protect the daughters, my former classmate JH, and myself even more from the storm and any aliens.

I was determined to protect them and I let them know, there was more to this dream, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it also took place during the day inside a school, similar to the one from the first dream but bigger and more durable, and maybe there was a storm taking place as well but I can not remember.

I remember going to the school library where a female librarian and teacher was teaching a class, I joined the class, and I remember being very interested as she talked about ancient history and showed us artifacts and things like that.

I remember being the best student in the class as I asked questions and answered questions, the other students did not seem very interested, but it was interesting because she was talking about ancient history that I had not heard about before that possibly made you wonder about the ancient alien hypothesis maybe.

After the class I remember having a good conversation with the librarian and teacher wanting to know more, we talked in the classroom and library, and she showed me around before we started to walk and talk around the school.

There was something else that happened that I can not remember that was possibly similar to the first dream, possibly involving trying to avoid the storm and something else, but I can not remember.

I just know that the librarian and teacher and I were having a good conversation and sharing ideas and I enjoyed spending time with her and learning, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Protecting / Hiding A Baby / Our Baby From Other Aliens?

I have almost completely forgotten all of my dreams from last night due to a repeating dream fragment that kept repeating and it was very long & it was like it was erasing my memories of my other dreams, so long that I started to forget all of my dreams before it & after it almost, even the repeating dream fragment itself was mostly forgotten.

I had several dreams but I can only remember some of one dream before the erasing repeating dream fragment, but my memory is so unclear that my guesses of what happened in the dream could be wrong.


An Old Woman And Several Small Strange Entities And An Offer

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember the end of my last dream, which is a bit confusing, and it took place where the Burger King in D should be, I think.

Where the Burger King drive-through window should be outside, there were a few couches on the right side & left side, I think.

On the couch or one of the couches, on the left side, was an old woman with whitish colored skin & grayish/whitish colored hair; I think that she was human, but I am not sure, she looked human to me.

I came to this area & I talked with the old woman several times in the dream or dreams last night and/or a dream or dreams in the past, but I can not remember, and she seemed to know me and/or she was interested in me for some reason; but I am not sure if I knew her and I can not think of anyone that I know that looks like her.

I think that she summoned / invited me several times to talk with her in that area, but I can not remember how she summoned/invited me, because I never remember her leaving her couch; I guess she sent messengers and/or she somehow communicated/led me to that area.

The woman was Very Old, so old that I think that she had been alive longer than any human on the current record books, and I think that I remember the old woman mentioning an Elixir or something that she had used to extend her lifespan or something like that; she did not go into detail, but she did make several jokes about the Elixir or whatever she called it.

One joke that I somewhat remember her saying was: “That Elixir (Or whatever she called it), sometimes makes me feel open/open up (something more)/or something like that, but she is getting to old for that now-a-days, *laughs*.”, which I think meant that one occasional side effect was increased sex drive or something.

I think that each time that I came to talk to her, I asked her what she wanted to talk with me about, and so I guess that she had somehow summoned/invited me each time.

On the couches on the right side were several small strange-looking beings (entities) who were smaller than the so-called Grey aliens and I think that their eyes looked more human-like, but I can not remember.

I do not think that they had hair or clothes, and they might have been kids but they were not human, but I do not remember ever learning what they were and the word alien was never used and so I do not know what they were.

They had strange skin that was probably the color of some Grey-type aliens and some other grayish-greenish colors, but I can not remember; they could have been human/non-human hybrids or something.

I am not sure if they could talk, but I do know that they did not seem to talk normally, they either barely could make sounds and/or they could barely talk (like very young kids or a non-human trying to communicate in a way not familiar to them) & they had to whisper in the old woman’s ear and/or they could speak with their minds, but I am not sure which; but I do remember that the beings seemed child-like, and non-threatening.

They seemed to treat the old woman like she was their mom and/or in charge, I do not remember the beings ever talking to me in a spoken language, but I think that they tried to use some sign language & facial expressions to communicate with me a few times; I think that they were playing with toys or something and/or each other, and they wanted to show me something funny. 😀

They stayed out-of-the-way most of the time as the old woman talked with me, but they would stare at me sometimes like they were curious about me and/or that they thought that I looked funny or something; so I am guessing that maybe they could smile, but I am not sure.

Their heads were not as large as Grey-type aliens, their arms were not as long as Grey-type aliens, their fingers/hands were not as long as Grey-type aliens, they were not as thin as Grey-type aliens, they were not robotic-like like Grey-type aliens, and they were not emotionless like Grey-type aliens, probably, but I am not exactly sure.

I can not remember what the old woman wanted to tell me each time or what she said most of the time, but it was obvious that she either somehow knew me and/or she had followed me somehow and/or she had plans and/or offers and/or information for me.

I think that she was testing me at first, to see if she could trust me with more information, but I could be wrong; I wish that I could remember more of what she told me, because I imagine that it was some interesting information about her, the past, the present, and some possible futures.

I do not remember the old woman ever getting up from the couch and she might have not even been able to sit up on the couch, I think that she was laying down on the couch all the time, because she was Very Old.

The strange little beings would do anything that the old woman would tell them to do, like little kids obeying a parent or something.

I went to talk with the old woman at several different times in the dream or dreams, and so each time that I left, I had time to think about some of the information that she had given me throughout the rest of the dream or dreams.

During my last visit to the old woman in the dream there were several male human-looking beings who wore clothes like a normal human & the old woman wore normal clothes as well, I am not sure if they were there the other times or not, and the old woman told me about something that was to happen in the future and she gave me an offer & another dream character the same offer, who had come with me to this last visit of the dream.

The other dream character was a man who I had come across at some point in the dream, but I can not remember that part, and for some reason he followed/came with me to my visit to the old woman & so I guess that the old woman felt comfortable enough to share the information with him there; visit is not the correct word, because I came to talk to the old woman when summoned/invited, probably.

What the woman told us shocked/surprised the other dream character, and the old woman told me that she now trusted me enough to make an offer, and she said that she would give me time to think about her offer; meaning that I could leave & continue the dream thinking about her offer and/or I could think about her offer when I wake up & that I could make my decision on a later date or something.

I can not remember what the old woman had told us, but I do partly remember her offer, she seemed to think that I would accept her offer; but I am not sure if I accepted her offer or if I told her that I needed more time to think about it, I probably asked her for more time to think about it, but I do know that the other dream character refused her offer & the male human-like beings seemed worried about him sharing the information that the old woman had told us & so they asked the old woman if it was safe to let the other dream character leave.

The male human-like beings seemed ready to prevent the other dream character from leaving, the information shared by the old woman was only supposed to be shared with certain people it seemed & only certain people who receive the offer, but the old woman seemed confident enough that the other dream character would not share the information & so she told them that he was free to leave but I think that she asked him to not share the information with anyone except those who were approved to receive the information; and the other dream character walked/stormed off in anger.

I do not remember the old woman giving me any restrictions on sharing what her offer was, but I am not sure, and I can not remember what she had told us before the offer in reference to a future event & something else; and so that important information I could not share even if I wanted to.

I can not remember her offer in detail, but I do know that she offered me/us a chance to leave this planet/place/whatever, when the time comes, but I do not know where we would go or how we would get there; but her offer was safe passage to leave this planet/place/whatever, when the time comes, but no date or location was given, probably for safety/security reasons.

I told her that I was definitely interested in her offer, but I know that I wanted more time to think about it and more information if possible, before I make a decision; and she told me that I could leave & think about it until I make a decision, so I guess she will return for my decision one day if this dream continues again one day.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Tall Humanoid Entity / Alien In A Field Dream?

Source: Wikipedia

*This is a very old unclear dream(?) from many years ago & my memory of it is not very clear, but I will do my best to put the pieces together and/or guess what happened*

I am not sure if I wrote about this before, but I just thought about an old dream(?) from many years ago.

I was either a kid and I had this dream(?) or I was a teenager/or slightly younger and I dreamed(?) that I was a kid again or something, but I am not sure which of these is correct, since/because this is an old unclear dream(?).

I remember being a kid, it was during the night at my parent’s house, and I remember going into the living room; I am not sure if I had awakened out of bed or if I was already awake.

I remember looking out of a window in the living room, but I am not sure why I decided to look out of the window, and it was a very dark & foggy night, I think.

I think I saw something either land and/or it was already in the field near my parent’s house, it was somewhat hidden by the trees & fog, and I might have seen a light or something on it, but I am not sure; and I am not sure if I heard any sounds, I probably did not.

I remember going to wake my dad (my mom was sleep and/or stayed in bed) up to tell him that something either had landed and/or was in the field near our house or my dad was already up & I told him, and my dad came into the living room to look out of the window to see what I was talking about; and I think that he saw it/the thing too, and so he decided to walk outside through the alley that led to the field, to see what it was.

I remember my dad telling me to stay inside and so I watched from the screen-door, which was foggy from the cool night air & fog, and I watched as my dad walked out of the yard & into the alley.

I noticed a humanoid being/alien (I am using the word alien here since/because it did not look human & it looked somewhat like a tall Grey-like / type alien) standing near the thing (which was probably a spaceship) that had landed and/or was in the field mostly hidden by the trees, fog, and darkness; and I remember wanting to warn my dad about the being/alien that I saw, but I can not remember if I tried to warn him or not. (I think that I felt a bit afraid and/or paralyzed and/or that my dad would not be able to hear me from inside the house and/or that it was like everything was quiet in the area like something was blocking out noise/sound & that I could not yell/scream, but I am not sure).

I was far away inside the house trying to see through a/the foggy screen-door during a dark & foggy night but I think that I remember seeing that the humanoid being/alien was tall & thin (probably at least 6 foot or taller), I am not sure if it had clothes on or not (probably not), it probably was an odd peach-like color (I am not sure what color would properly describe it) and/or a strange color(s), it probably had two thin long arms & two thin long legs, it had an odd-shaped head, it probably had two large solid colored eyes that might have been black, it had no hair, and I am not sure about the rest. (It probably looked somewhat like an alien in the 1989 film Communion, which I have never seen yet, but I have seen a clip from the film this year for the first time & I plan on watching it one day soon.)

I remember my dad walking through the alley in a zombie-like way at some point, it was like the being/alien was now controlling him and/or it had him in a trance-like state or something; and the being/alien was standing there waiting on my dad, and it might have even reached out one of its hand, like it was pulling/moving my dad forward/toward it and/or beckoning him.

I then noticed that my uncle CE, who lived on the street on the other side of the field, was walking through the alley toward the field too (probably to see what was going on); and as he got into the alley I noticed that he was now walking in a zombie-like way, like how my dad was now walking, like the being/alien had both of them under control and/or in a trance-like state.

I once again remember wanting to help and/or warn them but either I was too afraid and/or I was paralyzed and/or I could not yell/scream and/or something seemed to be blocking out noise/sounds in the area, but I am not sure.

I just remember standing there looking out of the screen-door watching my dad & my uncle CE walking zombie-like toward the being/alien that was standing near the thing (which probably was a spaceship or something that had either landed and/or was there somewhat hidden by the trees, fog, and darkness).

I am not sure if I woke up or if I lost consciousness or what happened next; that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂