Steve Harvey Leaves An Interview

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Unfortunately my memory of my dreams from last night faded very fast after I woke up as I was trying to organize them in my mind, and so I was only able to barely remember part of each dream before I could voice record them.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I remember one part of the dream taking place in the day and this was possibly the only dream that I can remember possibly being in (I probably was not in the other dreams, which is odd if that is correct), I think that this dream involved traveling, and maybe there was a woman in the dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was probably inspired by a news article that I read yesterday that was similar to this article by The New York Times called: Steve Harvey Defends Telling Staff To Avoid His Dressing Room.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and it involved a young man with light-color skin who was the main character of the dream who was a YouTuber who made videos on YouTube and maybe he did some other things like that online on maybe some other services, and one day he was somehow being interviewed by Steve Harvey in a small studio that I assume belonged to Mr. Harvey.

Mr. Harvey would ask him a question and as he would be answering the question Mr. Harvey would often interrupt him, besides that the interview was going pretty good until something happened where the young man used the word N###a or N####r, and Mr. Harvey stopped and sat there for a few seconds looking shocked and angry before walking away angrily.

The young man made a mistake using that word but he did not use it in a negative way, and he tried to apologize and explain this but Mr. Harvey did not stop or say anything and he just kept walking away until he was gone.

The young man sat there feeling terrible and asking if the interview was over and he was apologizing and asking Mr. Harvey to come back to finish the interview but no one responded, and so he sat there alone hoping that Mr. Harvey would come back to finish the interview.

At some point it was clear that Mr. Harvey was not going to return so the young man walked outside the small studio, which was in a nice field of grass and maybe some flowers, and it was a nice day outside.

I remember the young man thinking out-loud to himself about how stupid a mistake that was et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream is unclear and confusing but I think that it involved a small animated possibly floating and flying talking creäture who was the main character of the dream, the dream world itself was not animated, but some or most of the dream characters were animated.

I remembering this creäture floating and / or flying and / or walking around through some indoor and outdoor areas during the day, including a house that looked like The E House and the yard of The E House and some fictional areas past the yard, and the creäture was traveling with some other animated creatures.

Along the path there was / were one or more entities who involved death, maybe some kind of grim reaper(s) and / or reaver(s) and / or some other type of entities that involve death, and the creäture wanted to avoid it or them because it or they could turn you into something like them which would then make you an entity involving death.

This was somewhat explained in the dream because the small creäture seemed to know a lot about this dream world and about the other dream characters but I can not remember the details, one of the death entities or creatures had a male voice, and the small creäture briefly said a few things to this death entity.

The small creäture told the death entity that he knew who and what he was, and that is why he was avoiding him because he did not want to get turned into a death entity or deity or whatever they were.

The death entity probably smiled and laughed and said a few things that I can not remember, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a man with light-color skin who was playing a simple video game and / or who was using a simple program.

This dream possibly took place in France or Canada somewhere else where French is spoken, the man in the dream probably only spoke and thought in French but the dream was mostly quiet, and so this dream was in French but there was not much French because not much was said or thought in this dream.

Part of the video game or program involved changing dates, I remember the man changing between different months, and this was possibly reflected in the dream like this video game or program would actually change the date and month in the dream so it was possibly like the dream world jumped back and forth in time depending on what date and month he set.

The last month that he went to before I woke up was September, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr



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3 Memorable Dream Characters (Antagonists) That I Want A Rematch Against

The Super Fast Sword Fighting Clown

This first dream antagonist was the best sword fighter I ever had in a dream, and maybe the fastest fighter ever in a dream too.

In the dream I was at a Ryan’s Buffet Restaurant with my family, and two of my brothers and I had to use the bathroom.

We went to the bathroom and I opened the door, and saw about four police officers getting killed by a clown with sharp teeth with blood all over his mouth.

I told my brothers to run & I told them tell everyone else to leave the building, and I would fight the clown long enough for everyone to escape.

The clown was biting, scratching, and hitting the police officers.

They were getting beat so bad that they could not even shoot their guns and the clown was smiling, eating some of the police officers, and he was drinking some of their blood.

I closed the door and I hoped that the officers would win, I was outside the door at this point, and I could not see what was happening.

I heard some gunshots from inside the bathroom, and I started to try to give myself courage, for if I had to fight.

I started to get serious and I felt like I would not survive the fight, and some how I had a katana at this point.

When I stopped hearing noises I went into the bathroom and all the police officers were dead, and the clown was eating and/or drinking the blood of one of the officers.

The clown saw me and he stood up smiling with blood on his teeth, he saw that I had a katana, and he started to laugh.

Then he pulled out a katana, and I think that he said that it will be fun killing you.

Then he ran at me super fast, so fast that I could only see a shadow-trail/blur of him. (He was moving so fast that you saw part of him standing while he was really somewhere else, and so he was so fast that my brain could not process his image/movements fast enough)

I started to block his attacks barely, the clown seemed surprised and he was excited that I survived his first few attacks, and he said that he had not fought anyone that had survived his attacks for that long for a long time; and that he was really going to have fun killing me.

The clown started laughing and moving around fast, but I kept blocking his attacks.

It was like the fight in the movie Blade when Blade was fighting Deacon Frost at the end, and sparks were flying off of my sword every time he attacked.

I knew that I could not survive longer, he was too fast and I could not even attack, and all I was doing was blocking & trying to dodge his attacks.

I started to feel like giving up, but I knew that I needed to waste enough time so that everyone else could escape.

So I started trying to give myself courage again, I reminded myself that this was my last fight, and that I wanted to die giving 100% of my full potential/power in this fight.

I then felt powered up like a hero fighting his last fight in a movie, and I started to attack the clown.

The clown was surprised, and we both started to block, attack, and dodge.

The clown was on the defensive now and he seemed to enjoy the fact that I was fighting better, and the clown even congratulated me for fighting so well.

But at this point I became tired, I knew that I had wasted enough time and that the clown was not tired at all, and so I knew that I was about to be killed by the clown soon.

So as the clown was moving in to finish me off/kill me, I woke myself up from the dream.

After waking up I went back to sleep, and I had a dream that a young woman from Japan (Japanese) was going to teach me how to sword fight better.

The young woman found me at Walmart, and she told me that she would come to my parent’s house to train me.

We went to my parent’s house, and we started to train in the yard.

She had a butler holding a pillow with a lot of rapier / fencing swords (foils) on it.

She had a katana and Japanese samurai styled clothing.

The butler gave me one of the fencing swords, and it was super thin and it felt weak.

The young woman said that she was going to test my current sword fighting level/skill, and so we started to fight.

My sword was so weak that it broke after blocking a few attacks, and so I got another sword from the butler.

Each sword kept breaking until there were none left.

I asked her that next time could she please give me better swords, and I asked her why did she not give me a katana.

She did not answer my questions, and I woke up.

The Yellowish Circle Shaped Being (Entity)

My next dream took place at my parent’s house on a sunny day, that seemed like a Saturday.

I was in the house, and suddenly members of my mom’s side of the family kept coming inside our house.

I thought it was a family reunion or something, but I heard one of my aunt’s saying that some strange yellowish colored thing had brought them to our house.

I went outside and everything seemed normal except some yellowish being (entity) that had a circular shaped body and a circular shaped head, arms, no legs, no eyes, no nose, no mouth, and it had yellowish hair that was styled like Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, it flew over our yard and it dropped off two of my cousins in the yard & it flew off.

I tried to run out of the yard so that I could follow the thing, but there was a force field preventing us from leaving the yard.

We went inside my parent’s house, and everyone was talking about what had happened to them.

It seemed that this entity was collecting everyone on my mom’s side of the family, and it was bringing them to our house.

For some reason it was trapping us in our yard, and no one knew why or what it wanted.

A few of my cousins (ME, DW, EE, ME, MG) and I went to the kitchen to think up a plan to attack the entity the next time it came to our yard.

We decided to take some alcohol, put it in some bottles, put a rag in it, light it, and throw it at the thing to burn it. (Basically a Molotov cocktail)

As we were making them, we heard people going outside, and so we went to the back door of our house to see what was going on.

The yellowish entity was floating outside near the back door, and members of our family were asking it what it wanted and why did it bring them here.

It just stood there and it said nothing, so my cousins ran to the kitchen to get the cocktails, and attack the thing.

All of them ran outside but each time one of them threw a cocktail at it, it just raised its hand and it would shoot the cocktail back at them, and then it would send them flying backward through the air knocking them unconscious.

I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a Molotov cocktail, and I ran outside to throw one at it while it was not paying attention.

But it raised its hand and the Molotov cocktail flew at me, but I dodged it, and then I ran to attack the entity but it sent me flying unconscious across the yard.

I then woke up in the dream on the ground in my yard, and my cousins were on the ground just waking up too.

I saw my dad raking the leaves, and then my cousins and I started to try to make a new plan to attack the thing with for the next time that it came again.

Then I woke up.

The Grim Reaper

My last dream was short, and I had this dream right before waking up one day, a few years ago.

I was at a dance, it seemed almost like a senior high school dance, and I was dancing with some unknown young woman.

We were having a good time and we were talking about something as we danced, but suddenly a portal opened up behind the young woman in the air.

Something that looked like the Grim Reaper pointed toward me from the portal, and it started to drain my life / life force / energy / whatever away.

I could not move and I felt like all my energy was being taken/drained, and that I was going to die.

I tried to fight it but it was too strong and right when I was about to give up and die, I woke up or I woke myself up from the dream.

I hope in the future that I will one day get a rematch against each of these dream antagonists, especially the clown.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂