Roof Check | My Dad Watching A Movie

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me at work at The BP Library, and my coworker Mr. CF & I were doing a follow-up check on the roofing work that was recently done.

We went into the attic to see if the roofers fixed the rotten hole in the ceiling / roof & we checked outside the building & in other areas inside the building, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


A Job In Iran And Talking To A Mummy And Someone Wants Me To Do Their Birthday Party

There was more to this interesting dream but I can not remember most of it, the parts that I do remember took place inside a windowless dimly lit multi-story and multi-purpose building with various people inside, and at some point in the dream I was on the first floor talking to my dad.

My dad and I probably talked about my brother CC being in the military, jobs, and some other things; and I remember talking with him about maybe a job opening or job offer or job idea in Iran that I was considering, I was also thinking about trying to find a job in some other countries, but after talking/thinking about it we both did not think that the job/working in Iran was a good idea because I do not know the Farsi/Persian language and the country that we live in considers Iran an enemy and could have a war with them one day unfortunately and because of various other reasons.

After talking to my dad I remember walking to another part of the building that was a bit college-like and I was walking up some stairs as many other people walked by, there was a mummy laying on the rail/railing of the stairs and it was starting to slide/move a bit, and so I grabbed it trying to adjust it to stop it from falling; and when I touched the mummy it was able to communicate with me in my mind, and the mummy was a woman with whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair from an older time period from maybe the United Kingdom (UK) or somewhere else in Europe.

I could not get her body to stop sliding and she asked me to move her body and so some people and I carried it up the stairs to one of the rooms to lay it on the floor, I sat on the floor with my hand touching the mummy so that we could finish our conversation but I can not remember the conversation, and at some point I walked to another part of the building that was somewhat store-like in some parts but lounge-like in other parts.

I remember a short somewhat older woman with whitish colored skin stopping to talk to me briefly, I remember her touching me on my arm like she was flirting with me as we talked briefly which was confusing and surprising, and then I continued walking after our brief conversation (which basically was just her making a comment to use it as an excuse to touch me it seemed) still wondering if she was really flirting with me or being friendly in a strange way.

I walked into a lounge-like room with chairs and I was approached by two very short strange-looking women with whitish/yellowish colored hair with whitish colored skin who almost did not seem human and they were twins (not identical), one of them told me that she wanted me to do something, and I asked her what and she walked up and grabbed me oddly; and she was so short that her face was level with my groin, and so her face was against and then under my groin a bit which was confusing and surprising while she had her hands on my legs and the back of my butt/lower back like she was flirting with me and like the other woman just using the conversation as an excuse to touch me.

I politely started to move her away once again asking her what she wanted, she held on to my arm/me and she started begging me to help her with her birthday party (her and her sister’s birthday party probably because they were twins), and she started to walk me around explaining what she wanted her birthday part to be like as her sister walked with us; and I was still confused and surprised, I told her that I had no experience with this, and that this was probably not a good idea but she really wanted me to do this for some unknown reason(s) even though we did not know each other.

I walked with her and her sister as she continued happily explaining the details while still holding on to me, by my arm probably, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Teacher Situations And Johnny Depp

I remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day in a fictional school that looked somewhat like the D High School combined with a fictional school with more floors/stories, and the playground/field looked somewhat like the fictional version of the D Junior High School playground that is sometimes in my dreams.

I remember going to classes in the dream and at some point during the dream I came across my brother CC on probably the second floor who told me/explained something strange/nasty to me about how our brother KD’s dog liked to greet people by licking them on their groins, for some reason my brother CC was probably naked or almost naked while he was explaining/showing this, and my brother CC said that our brother KD’s dog would lick anyone’s groin except for our brother KD for some unknown reason(s); and my brother CC guessed that our brother KD’s groin stank/stunk and/or something like that, and maybe that is why his dog would not greet him by licking his groin.

After this strange story/presentation, which I found to be strange/nasty even in the dream, the bell rang/rung so we all started going to our last class for the day; and I walked up the stairs to the third or fourth floor, there were other students having fun in the stairway running & being loud, and so when I reached the top step I decided to jump over it to the third or fourth floor for fun.

There was a classroom near the top step so a slightly obese female teacher with whitish colored skin with short blond colored hair who looked & acted somewhat like Mrs. B who used to work at D High School heard all the noise coming from the stairway, she angrily walked over to see what was going on, and I happened to jump over the top step as she was walking over; and so she assumed that I was one of the people who had made a lot of noise & running, and so she yelled at me to get into her classroom.

She yelled at a few other students and she made them come into the classroom as well but most or all of them were students of hers who were supposed to be in her class now, I tried to explain to her that I was not one of the students making noise or running & that I had not broken any school rules, but she would not listen to me; and so I did not bother to argue, and she made me stand near her desk even when I told her that I had to get to my last class before I was late.

My former classmate, the daughter of Reverend C & Mrs. C, was also forced to stand near the teacher’s desk since she was one of the students who had made a lot of noise; but she was angry, and she argued with the teacher causing the teacher to get more angry.

The rest of the class was sitting at their desks waiting for class to start as their teacher argued with my former classmate as I stood there quietly, and eventually the teacher got so angry that she got in my former classmate’s face & put her hands on her like she wanted to fight; and so my former classmate grabbed the teacher and slammed her to the ground, and they started wrestling/fighting on the ground.

I stood there doing nothing at first since I was still annoyed, I did not want to get into more trouble, I thought that the teacher deserved it, and no one was getting hurt yet really; but eventually I broke up the fight, and my former classmate sat down in her desk & the teacher sat down at her desk.

Eventually the teacher started her class with me still standing near her desk, and eventually she finally let me go so that I could get to my last class; but the school day was almost over now.

I went to the top floor and I think that the classroom for my last class was empty, and so I went to the first floor & I went outside to the playground/field; and I saw a man leaning against something alone near the fence at the edge of the playground/field that no one uses, and I went to greet him.

I guess the man was the teacher of my last class and oddly the man/my teacher was the actor Johnny Depp, he was just out there leaning against something daydreaming/relaxing/thinking/enjoying the outdoors/enjoying being alone, and so he did not even notice me at first since he was deep in thought.

I told him that his classroom was empty when I got there and I told him about my situation/why I was late, he said that he did not feel like teaching his last class today and so he had told the rest of my class that they could go home for the day, and then he made a comment about my situation with the other teacher; and we briefly talked, and then he gave me a punishment/class assignment before I could leave for the day.

He told me to run 11 laps back and forth from the fence to near where he was, then I could leave (he believed my story about the other teacher, but he felt that he had to give me a punishment to prevent the other teacher from thinking that he did not care), and so I started running my laps as Mr. Depp went back to his deep thinking/daydreaming/whatever not even paying attention to see if I was running my laps or not.

I ran more than 11 laps easily, I took my time and enjoyed the outdoors without annoying people around, and then I told Mr. Depp that I was done; but he did not hear me at first again since he was once again deep in thought.

I once again told him that I was done and that I had run over 11 laps, he was surprised and it was clear that he had not been paying attention the entire time, and then he congratulated me & said that I could go; and then we briefly talked, and then I said goodbye but I woke up as I walked away to leave school for the day.

When I woke up I turned in bed to change sleeping positions to go back to sleep since I had slept pretty good, but I got cut near my elbow by a zipper on my cheap memory foam pillow; and it started to bleed a bit but not much, I did not feel like getting out of bed, and so I went back to sleep.

Later I woke up and some of the blood from my cut got on my latex pillow and on my bed sheet, but stupidly I did not clean it until tonight; and so note(s) to self: beware of sharp zippers, deal with your cuts immediately to avoid getting blood on stuff & to avoid infection even if you do not feel like it, clean blood stains immediately, consider getting another pillow or switching it with one you already have, and work harder on finding a job or create a job because you are almost out of money or *Classified | Level: Top Secret*.

The end,

-John Jr