My Brother CC Returns From Military Deployment | A Virtual Reality FPS Fighting Game?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that my brother CC finally returned from military deployment, and either my family and I visited him or he visited us.

My brother CC seemed different, more neutral and withdrawn and numb and quieter, like he had experienced some negative things during his military deployment that he was still trying to deal with and like he was trying to adjust to finally being back home.

I decided to spend some time with him and I drove him around to various places so that we could do various things as brothers again, but I can not remember most of the dream.

I can only remember the end of the dream when it was possibly evening or night and I drove my brother CC to what I think was a park from one of my recent dreams or one very similar to it, and this park was either a fictional version of W Park in the city of D or it was a fictional park that was somewhat inspired by W Park.

I possibly parked in the parking lot near the somewhat hidden trail that led to the indoor / outdoor parts of the park that was in a past dream where my former male classmate JC briefly got into a fight I think.

By this point in the dream my brother CC was slowly returning to his normal self, I felt that returning to this park would help him even more as I remind him of past times that we spent at the park when growing up, and as I show him how things had improved while enjoying the outdoors.

The park had nice lighting and it was a very nice evening or night, I remember showing my brother CC around and reminding him of old memories and of new memories about the new improvements, and I remember my brother CC smiling and he started to have fun.

It was like a healing experience for him and it felt good to see him happy and returning to normal, and I was happy to help in that process.

But I woke up as we continued having fun around the park.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was playing a video game with several people including my former male classmate JC, we were possibly playing the video game inside The E House but I am not sure, and this dream is a bit confusing because it moved back and forth between me playing the video game and being inside the video game.

Sometimes while in the video game and outside the video game my view would move between a first-person view and a third-person view, and the video game that we were playing was like a first-person shooter (FPS) combined with a third-person shooter combined with a fighting game that was somewhat like a combination of a Super Smash Bros. video game and Doom and / or Call Of Duty.

I think that all of us had guns (probably assault rifles and carbines and personal defense weapon (PDW)), even though you could probably fight without them and maybe there were other weapons and abilities, and the video game took place inside The E House.

The video game version of The E House had some floating platforms in the living room over the area where my grandfather’s chair used to be, I remember hiding under them a lot watching the others fight on the platforms, and when they would jump down I would hide in other areas.

After watching and learning and coming up with a strategy I decided to join the fight, and I decided to use guerrilla tactics.

I would attack and then I would take cover and hide until my opponent shows up, and I would either attack them immediately or once they pass my hiding spot.

I would use corners and the end of hallways very well, it was amazing, I would peek around a corner and shoot an opponent and I would return to cover and run to a hiding spot or down the hall to the next cover spot to wait for them to run into my traps.

I kept doing this with great success which frustrated my former classmate JC, and so he kept trying to attack me but I kept defeating him.

I would use the bathroom across from the kitchen, the middle room, and the hallways to attack from mostly.

I always stayed a step ahead of my opponents predicting their movements based on my observations from watching them earlier.

I also knew this house better than any of them because this was my grandparent’s house, and so I knew various hiding spots and I was familiar with the layout.

I was having fun and I remember smiling and laughing sometimes as my former classmate JC and I continued our competition against each other, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Fighting A Humanoid Lion-Like Creature

I can not remember most of this dream from last night, it was possibly slightly and partly inspired by the Japanese anime (animated) OVA (original video animation) Wicked City, which I watched last night.

Wicked City (1987) Promo

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it possibly took place during the day.


Fighting For Eastside Against The Military?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream, which took place in D on Eastside.

The dream was part realistic, part video game-like, and part dream-like.

I can not remember most of the dream, so it does not make much sense, but I do remember that a military or some group seemed to have taken over our street and/or neighborhood.

They were using our neighbor RD’s house as a headquarters or something, where supplies & troops were brought in by vehicles & helicopters, and some masked men (wearing ski mask-like masks) & I were using guerrilla warfare / stealth attacks to get our street/neighborhood back.

I am not sure about this, but the military that took over the neighborhood might have been dressed like The United States Marine Corps and/or The United States Army and/or one or more branches of The United States Military and/or maybe it was not the US Military (maybe the US Marines since I remember something like their current Marine desert camouflage but I could be wrong since we fought from a distance mostly) with their uniforms, body armor, weapons, vehicles, helicopters, et cetera; but I could be wrong, but I think that I remember them looking like the US Military.

The masked men (there might have been some women too but I could not tell because of the masks) and I did sniper attacks, attacks on their supply lines, hit & run attacks on their headquarters & helicopter drop-off areas, et cetera.

We knew Eastside well since we grew up there and so we were able to hide and escape the military after our attacks.

I did not wear a mask but I imagine the others who did wear masks & I looked like a terrorist group or something, I am not sure if we had any armor, probably not or not much; we had assault rifles/rifles, and we tried to pack light since we moved around a lot.

I remember part of one of our sniper and hit & run attacks, where we attacked/sniped some of their soldiers at their headquarters from my grandfather’s garden as a helicopter was about to land to drop off more soldiers & supplies, and some of the masked men & I ran to attack the helicopter while our snipers covered us.

I remember one or more or all the soldiers did look like US Military with the body armor/helmets, current desert uniforms/camouflage, weapons, and everything looked like current US Military issue to me if I am not mistaken (US Marines probably, that would also explain their smaller numbers, but it could have been the US Army and/or both and/or neither); but I could be wrong.

I woke up during our attack as some of their soldiers shot back at us,

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Magical Job Adventure

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one of my dreams from last night, which took place during the day at a fictional version of my old job in a fictional area, and I had been called & asked to return to my job; and there seemed to be new management and everything was different.

I was hesitant to return but they convinced me that things were different now, and so I decided to give it a try.

My work area was the first work area near a courtyard on the left side and a parking lot on the right side, and a covered catwalk connected it to other parts of the building complex.

I can not remember what the inside of my work area looked like or who I worked with or what my job was, but I do remember getting a call from the office at some point; and they told me that the manager/CEO/owner/whoever wanted to talk with me, and so I stepped outside to go to the office but the manager/CEO/owner/whoever was standing under the catwalk waiting to greet me.

The CEO (I will just use this since it is shorter) looked like Vice President Joe Biden, he greeted me, and we walked to the courtyard to my surprise; and we sat down.

The CEO was nice and he told me that one of the reasons that he chose me to return to my job was that I had worked several times in the same job and that my records showed that I was a good worker, and he thought that I would be helpful for the company with my experience & good work.

The CEO seemed to greet all of his new workers, but then he told me the main reason that he wanted to talk with me; and he showed me a medical report of my preliminary drug test I guess, which was written in hard to read doctor writing like in real life.

He said that a certain chemical or drug, one that I never heard of before & that I could barely understand some of the handwriting to see how it was spelled, was high in my test, which was not good; and that even though he liked me and wanted me to work with the company, due to the rules he could not hire anyone if they do not pass the drug test.

He told me that he would purposely stall the official drug test for a few weeks, to give me time to get my levels normal again, and I told him that I was not on any medicine & was not taking any drugs & that I had never heard of that chemical or drug before & I had not idea how that got in my body.

I asked him how could that chemical or drug get in my body without me knowing it, he named several possible ways, one was old and/or contaminated drinking water (I drink beaucoup of water); and I told him that I would try to figure it out and get things normal again for the official drug test.

The CEO told me that he believed me and that he was sure that things would go well, and he reminded me that he would purposely stall the official drug test as long as he could to give me time; and then he said goodbye and walked away back to his office.

I stood there in shock about the drug test and about how nice the CEO was & how he was going to stall the official drug test for me, and I wanted to go to the doctor soon to figure out how that chemical or drug was in my body.

I returned to my work area but at some point I decided to ask to go to the office to talk to the CEO about taking the day off to go to the doctor, and so I went to the office; and unlike in real life or most of my dreams of my former job, the office was open for everyone to enter; the entire environment was beaucoup better than how things used to be in real life & in most of my dreams of my old job.

In the office were a few secretary work areas with desks, a conference table in the lobby area near the secretary work areas so conferences were in the open, and the management had small offices in the main office; and so things were a lot more open and comfortable, and management was not completely locked away from the workers like in real life or like in most of my dreams of my old job.

To my surprise a big meeting was talking place in the office with high level people, news reporters, politicians, business people, and I saw a man who looked like Chris Hedges sitting at the conference table; and so all the management was busy, including the CEO, who looked like Joe Biden (maybe he was Joe Biden, I am not sure).

I decided to wait until there was a break, so that I could talk to the CEO, and at some point there was a break; and I remember asking the man who looked like Chris Hedges if he was Mr. Hedges, and he said yes & we had a brief conversation.

I then went to talk to the CEO, but something happened, I am not sure what happened; but I think that there was an attack by something that was like a Dragon Priest from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game, and it had powers.

I think that someone told us that there were nine of the Dragon Priest-like beings scattered around the World, and that we needed to hunt them each down; and so several people & I left during the attack to hunt down the other Dragon Priest-like beings.

I think that we killed two or more of the Dragon Priest-like beings during our adventure around the World, each one was tough, and so we had to use guerrilla warfare; and each fight was long.

At some point we returned to my job but the building looked like something had used its power to change the appearance of the buildings to look a bit dark, foggy, ancient, and like stone & Dwarven metal; and so we sneaked around cautiously, and we split up into teams.

The building complex seemed abandoned and mostly empty now, my team of three people and I sneaked into what looked like a break room, that was connected to a smaller room; but then we heard two female voices, and so we ducked silently in the open & somewhat dark & foggy room since we did not have anything to hide behind.

Two tall women who were probably taller than any of us with whitish colored skin entered the room who looked like they probably had powers, they looked beautiful like they were immortal or did not age, they looked Royal or Bene Gesserit-like like The Woman (Lady) In White who knocked me out of one of my dreams once, they wore old style dresses or robes like The Woman In White probably, they probably had long hair too, and one of the women seemed to be the mother of the other woman; and they were looking for someone, probably someone like them, I am not sure if they were Human or not, but they looked Human except for being taller than average & they looked a bit too flawless.

The daughter who looked to be about my age (but who I felt was much older, probably hundreds of years old) stayed to search the room that we were in & the smaller room, while the mother left to search somewhere else, but oddly they did not see us even though we were silently ducked down in the open room that was only slightly dark & foggy.

The daughter walked right next to us calling out the name of whoever they were looking for, we stayed quiet & we did not move, and strangely she still did not see us; it was like she had a blind spot or she could not detect you if you did not move or her height & the fact that she was not looking down prevented her from seeing us.

Once she walked into the smaller room, I told the other people with me to go search the rest of the building complex to see if anyone else was there & then report back to me, and I was going to take out the daughter while they did that; and so they left, and I got in position to ambush the daughter from behind.

I noticed that in the smaller room there was a person with long blond colored hair sleeping on a bed who looked a bit like an adult version of the bully Michel from the Hancock film, I am not sure if it was a man or woman, but the daughter did not seem to notice the sleeping person since the bed was below her field of vision & the person was not moving; and so I decided to quietly attack the daughter before she could turn around.

I grabbed the daughter from behind by her mouth with one hand to prevent her from screaming and I grabbed her by the throat with my other hand to try to choke her unconscious and/or kill her, and then I move her to the ground with my grappling skills; my attack was so successful that she did not even get to see who I was, she could not even fight back, she could not scream, but I did not have my hand in the correct position to choke her unconscious so I was at risk of breaking part of her neck and I could feel the bone or boney part of her neck.

I started to feel uncomfortable/awkward, like I was a rapist or murder or something, and so I stopped choking her but I kept my hand over her mouth; and I told her that I was not going to kill her or hurt her, and that I was not sure if she was working with the Dragon Priest-like being or not & that we had not expected anyone else to be there.

I told her that I would remove my hand from her mouth if she did not scream, she agreed, and so I removed my hand from her mouth but I still was holding her on the ground so that she could not escape or attack me; I was still behind her, so she could not see me, and I could not see her face & I had my back on the wall & I was hiding us behind a bookshelf in case her mom or the Dragon Priest-like being came into the room.

So I sat there holding her waiting for my team to return, I forgot to mention that during my attack the person on the bed woke up a bit but went back to sleep, since my attack was quiet; and oddly I started to feel a bit comfortable/connected/attracted with/to the daughter as we sat there on the floor hiding behind the bookshelf, but then my team returned.

My team said that the Dragon Priest-like being was on his way to the room that was connected to the room that we were in, and so we prepared to ambush him; but I was still holding the daughter as I moved into position to support my team if needed while holding the daughter & watching the sleeping person to make sure that they did not interfere, I was literally holding her in my arms now, she seemed to be a bit embarrassed/humbled/depressed that a normal Human like me was able to so easily defeat her.

The Dragon Priest-like being (who I think had fire powers or a fire cloak), this one looked more like a normal Human man than the other ones we had fought, entered the room; and my team ambushed him, and quickly he gave up (the other ones would attack us on sight and they probably did not talk or talk much & they never gave up like this one did), and my team started to bring him into the smaller room but the mother walked into the room.

To my surprise the Dragon Priest-like being and the mother talked rationally & non-violently, and they all came into the smaller room to talk about the situation & the person on the bed woke up & joined the conversation as well; and we all sat at a table in the room, but the daughter was laying sideways in my lap still in a somewhat depressed mood as I sat at the table.

The conversation was peaceful and good, but the daughter and I started to have our own conversation as the others talked, as the daughter laid sideways in my lap with part of her body resting on some of the chairs; and I remember part of our conversation:

The Daughter: You are fortunate to be a mortal.

Me: Huh? I am not sure about that, but maybe, if I am mortal are you an immortal?

The Daughter: Yes.

Me: Interesting, but what is so great about being mortal like me or what is so bad about being immortal like you? *I predicted that one of her answers would be that watching people you care about grow old & die while you stay the same is hard to deal with, and maybe also watching the World change so much and/or boredom.*

The Daughter: *Like I predicted one of her responses was:*: It is hard watching people you love/care about/know grow old & die. *And she mentioned a few other things that I can not remember.*

Me: I imagine that can be hard, but I imagine that you somewhat learn to deal with it or accept it, and I still do not see what is so great about being mortal like me; but maybe you are right.

Me: So for example, if we got married, I would grow old & die, while you would not age or die?

The Daughter: Yes.

Me: So how old are you?

The Daughter: 1,500 years old (I think, it was between 1,200 – 2,500).

Me: Wow! You are older than I expected, I was thinking between 500 – 1,000 years old, you look great for a super senior citizen. *Laughs*

But I woke up as we were still having our good conversation.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂