A College Shooting? | The Future Vampire Elder

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream dream is that it took place during the day and I was at a college, I was a new student it seemed, and it seemed like this was the first day or was a sign-up day.

I remember walking down a courtyard after leaving a building, that had various college buildings along the left & right sides of it, and at both ends; and there were various students walking around.

Shootings At A Parade

This dream involved me being inside a house sitting down watching TV with my mom, and we were watching a parade that possibly was also a race and / or competition of some kind with various individuals and companies and groups.

One of the parade floats had zoo animals stacked on top of the largest animal, I can not remember which animal was the largest, and one of the animals that was stacked on top of the largest animal was a rhinoceros (rhino).

Defeating The Kraken?

I went to sleep on the living room couch but I failed to record my dreams that I had until I woke up (I had at least 1 major dream during this) and then I got in bed, I then had at least 3 major dreams that I remembered, but I did not record them so now I can only remember part of 2 of the 4 major dreams that I had.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in the city of D, in this dream there was a video game that I really wanted to play and maybe I tried to download a bootleg of it, and I was somewhere when I met the mother of my former male classmate DH Mrs. CH.

During our conversation I learned that DH had that video game, a legal copy of it and she said that DH was at her house and that I could stop by, and so I went to her house and she was still gone.

The door was unlocked and oddly I did something that was not like me and I went inside the house, the house was a fictional nicer house than in real life, and I walked into DH’s room and he was sleeping in a chair.

I once again did something unlike myself and I looked on DH’s computer, which was on already, and I found the video game that I was looking for; and I either started trying to copy it and / or play it and / or whatever.

DH woke up and saw me on his computer, I tried to handle this awkward situation by talking in ways that made it seem like his mom had either let me inside the house or that she had said that I could go inside without bothering to knock or ring the doorbell or that he had let me inside the house but had went to sleep at some point and forgot, and this partly seemed to work and I did not lie and I just avoided ever mentioning how I had gotten inside the house and I told him that his mom said that I could come over which was true.

DH seemed somewhat unsure about what had happened and my presence seemed to be a minor annoyance to him, and so I tried to make it clear that I probably would not be long and just wanted to get and / or play the video game; and that seemed to be working.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the night in a fictional somewhat larger city with many multi-story buildings with lights and many windows, and I lived in an apartment with my parents and my brother GC by a lake near the main bridge of the city that was possibly in the middle of the city but I am not sure; I just know that this area was pretty quiet which was nice.

A giant ancient squid / octopus-like creature with tentacles that was or that reminded me of The Kraken lived in this lake, and it would sometimes attack but probably not that often because it was usually deep under the lake out of sight most of the time.

Something happened in the dream before this that I can not remember where my brother GC and I possibly came in contact with The Kraken or something, and somehow we got changed like it where we gained many or most of the special abilities / powers that it had except we still looked human but we could transform into giant versions of ourselves who would become even more powerful in our giant forms; and whatever happened caused me to be even more powerful and larger than The Kraken or my brother GC (my brother GC became maybe equal in power and size as The Kraken), and so I must have been exposed to whatever for longer than my brother GC.

The Kraken was assumed to be ancient and thousands of years old like maybe he was semi-immortal and maybe a demi-god, and so maybe this was the same for my brother GC and I now but even in the dream I was not sure.

After whatever happened to us we possibly returned to the apartment where we lived with our parents and we possibly briefly talked with them, and the next thing that I remember is my brother GC and I facing The Kraken; but I am not sure if he had risen on his own to attack or if we brought him up, either way, my plan was to get The Kraken to agree to become a protector of the city instead of attacking it or to stop attacking the city or I would probably kill him.

I did not expect talking to work on The Kraken at first so I expected that he would try to fight us and I would have to prove that I was stronger before he might listen to my offer, and that is exactly what happened even when I tried to handle the situation peacefully.

I warned The Kraken but he did not listen so my brother GC and I transformed into our giant forms, I was the largest and strongest, and I easily defeated The Kraken and my brother GC had only helped briefly by grabbing him at first.

I let The Kraken know that I was stronger and that he could never defeat me and so he could take my offer or die if he dared to attack the city / my family / my apartment / et cetera again.

Eventually The Kraken agreed to my offer, I made it clear that if he broke his promise that I would possibly kill him depending on the situation, and that I did not want to kill him because I hoped that we could work together to protect this city because he was ancient and powerful and could do a lot of good if he only tried.

I was not completely confident that he meant it but I hoped that he would not do something stupid because I really did not want to kill him, and I started to walk away while transforming back to my normal size form while thinking about this; but while doing this I got shot several times.

I turned to see The Kraken holding maybe a black pistol and my brother GC was still in his giant form behind him in the distance standing in the lake, I was confused by this, and I felt and saw the gunshot wounds.

I was not completely back in my normal form when I got shot, this seemed to hurt me more than it normally should have and it did not seem to be healing or healing fast enough, and so I wondered if I needed to start transforming back to my giant form to heal quicker and to pushed out any bullets that may still be inside my body.

I quickly disarmed The Kraken and I either killed him or knocked him out or something, I can not remember which, and I remember briefly wondering if my brother GC had given The Kraken the gun and whether my brother GC had done this out of jealousy of me being more powerful and larger than him with maybe plans to use The Kraken to kill me and then use / control The Kraken.

I hoped that this was not true and this thought only briefly crossed my mind as I tried to act like the gunshots did not hurt me while trying to make sure that I was healing and trying to make sure that I was okay, I did not want to show weakness in case my brother GC was behind this, and I was also disappointed that The Kraken had lied and that I had either killed him or would possibly have to kill him now if I could not get him to accept my offer one last time.

But I woke up as I thought about this while saying something to my brother GC.

The end,

-John Jr

The Prophecy II (7/8) Movie CLIP – How Does This Work? (1998) HD

The Prophecy II (7/8) Movie CLIP – How Does This Work? (1998) HD
Source: YouTube

Here is a scene from the 1998 movie The Prophecy II that I found on the YouTube channel Movieclips called The Prophecy II (7/8) Movie CLIP – How Does This Work? (1998) HD:

The Prophecy II (7/8) Movie CLIP – How Does This Work? (1998) HD

A year or two or so ago I was flipping / glancing through television channels when I stopped on a new television channel (El Rey Network I think) that I had not seen before, and this movie was playing.

Fake Versions (Impostors) Of My Brothers KD And TD?

Source: Wikipedia

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I think that the dream started during the day but I am not sure because later it was pretty dark inside a house, probably because the curtains were closed, and I was either inside my parent’s house or outside in the yard when I noticed what seemed to be my brothers TD and KD walking up the street past The G House carrying what looked like maybe fishing supplies (buckets, fishing rods (poles), et cetera).

This made no sense because I had not heard that they were going to visit, they did not have their automobile and they live in another state, they are usually busy with college and American football, their fishing supplies are at my parent’s house and not at their college dorm, there is no reason from them to be walking from that direction, and so I knew that something was not right.

They were far away but I could tell that these were probably fake versions (impostors) of my brother KD and TD, and that these impostors were possibly not even human or were possibly possessed (being controlled) by something because I noticed that the assumed impostor of my brother KD’s face and the area around his eyes looked strange somewhat like the character Kaecilius from the soon to be released film Doctor Strange so his eyes seemed to glowing in a maybe orangish color while there seemed to be black stuff (maybe like charcoal) smeared around his eyes and part of his face.

I told my brother GC and I showed him, and the two of us went to approach these assumed impostors of our brothers KD and TD who had walked on the other side of The G House where we could not see them now before they could reach our parent’s yard.

Once my brother GC and I reached the other side of The G House we saw a SUV (sport utility vehicle) or van parked in the driveway that leads to The E House, and the assumed impostors either got into it or they were already in it or we did not see them anymore but I can not remember.

The driver rolled down the driver’s window and it was our aunt DE and she greeted us, I walked over to talk to her while my brother GC walked to the double-gates of The E House like he was guarding it and watching my back in case they were assumed impostors too, and she seemed to really be my aunt DE and she was in a good mood.

My uncle EE, my male cousin EE and his children, and several other people were inside the automobile but I could not see everyone who was inside the automobile to see if the assumed impostors of my brothers KD and TD were in there are (or) not probably.

My aunt DE and my uncle EE said that they were hoping to spend some time with my brothers KD and TD and maybe they were here to visit, I assumed that they wanted to maybe go fishing and watch my brothers KD and TD play American Football at L University, and hangout with them and other family members.

Something happened that I can not remember where some of them wanted to go inside The E House for some reason so maybe I unlocked the door for them (if they did not have their key), and I remember worrying about zombies getting into the yard and/or house because they left the gate open and part of the fence by The W’s House was gone and was nothing but a very short makeshift fence with an open gate so I probably wanted to keep this short before zombies come. (I have no idea why I was worried about zombies and would even think that they existed, maybe they were in the parts of the dream that I can not remember or because I watched a video of Itsreal85gaming playing The Walking Dead: Season Two video game before going to sleep last night, but I am not sure)

The inside of The E House was very dark and all the curtains were closed, I remember some of us going around slightly adjusting the curtains for a bit more light, and I remember my uncle EE making some comments and sexual comments about one or more women who I assumed to be pornographic actresses.

This confused me and I wondered why my uncle EE would be making comments like this to me because he is married to my aunt DE, who was also inside the house but just in a different room, and it was out of nowhere and inappropriate in my opinion but I can not remember what my response was but I do know that I was confused and surprised and more.

I wanted to open all the main curtains and leave the shear curtains closed but I felt that we needed to leave before zombies arrive and I worried that this would allow zombies and/or other people to somewhat see into the house during the night, and so I decided to leave the curtains mostly closed for now to be safe and I got everyone else to start leaving as I tried to find my brother GC who was missing.

When I went outside everyone was gone and I still had not found my brother GC yet, but oddly outside of the yard of The E House was a male cousin of my former male classmate DH named D.

D was calling someone on his mobile phone, to me it sounded like he was involved with something illegal and something had went wrong, and so he was calling the people who he was working for about the problem.

A large white truck (dually or dual-mode truck) drove toward him as I was leaving, the man driving the truck looked like the actor Ben Kingsley playing a fictional criminal country version of the character Trevor Slattery as a fake version of The Mandarin except he looked like himself instead of the character except he was wearing a white T-shirt, and this was the person who my former classmate DH’s cousin D had called.

Mr. Kingsley or Mr. Slattery/The Fake Madarin was angry and was not really the boss so he was also working under the real boss who was never revealed so I assumed that his boss was probably The Real Mandarin, and that he was afraid of getting in trouble because of D’s mistake.

I tried to sneak away without being seen because they seemed to be involved in illegal activities and I felt that D was at risk of being killed for his mistake, and that I would be killed too if they knew that I was a witness so I sneaked to the other side of The G House and I quietly jumped/climbed my parent’s fence to get into their yard.

As I was doing this I heard arguing and then a gunshot, I assumed that D got shot and was dead, and then I heard the truck driving away but first it reversed up the street past my parent’s yard to the dead end sign to turn around so I tried to hide as Mr. Kingsley or Mr. Slattery/The Fake Mandarin reversed and turned around and drove away.

After he left I went inside my parent’s house where I probably found my brother GC and I probably told him what had happened, and then I thought about whether I should call the police or not and tell them what had happened.

I was afraid that my family and I would be killed if I talked so I took a moment to daydream about the various possibilities and I tested various ways of handling the situation because I was the next-to-last person to see D alive so the police would probably question me and suspect me, to me the safest approach would probably be to share the facts involving me but only share vague details about who I assumed to be driving the white truck and not try to assume what happened when I heard the gunshot because I could not see what had happened.

I wanted the police to have to figure out on their own who was driving the truck and hoped that I could be vague and claim some ignorance to avoid identifying Mr. Kingsley or Mr. Slattery/The Fake Mandarin for them so that him and his boss would not see me and my family as a threat that needs to be eliminated, I wanted to share more but I was afraid for our safety, and so I kept thinking and daydreaming about how should I handle this situation.

I did consider telling the police everything regardless of the risk but I was also considering other possibilities, but I woke up as I ran these various scenarios in my mind before making my next move.

The end,

-John Jr

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