The Prophecy II (7/8) Movie CLIP – How Does This Work? (1998) HD

The Prophecy II (7/8) Movie CLIP – How Does This Work? (1998) HD

What Is It?

The video above is a scene from the 1998 movie The Prophecy II that I found on the YouTube channel Movieclips called The Prophecy II (7/8) Movie CLIP – How Does This Work? (1998) HD.

Here is the description for this video:

The Prophecy II movie clips:

The angel Gabriel (Christopher Walken) gets himself a gun and a radio and asks Izzy (Brittany Murphy) about them.

Christopher Walken returns as the guerrilla angel Gabriel, the leader of an evil heavenly revolution in which bad angels seek to upset the heavenly hierarchy by destroying humanity and all good angels — because Gabriel believes God favors mortals. This time, Gabriel has been spit from the bowels of Hell, where even Lucifer tired of the chaos he created. He is stalking the L.A. streets in hopes of finishing his bloody war by murdering the second incarnation of Christ, who is gestating within the womb of nurse Jennifer Beals. Protecting her is the angel Danyael (Russell Wong). As Gabriel is not literate in late-20th-century technology, he enlists the assistance of Izzy (Brittany Murphy), a depressive teen whom he saves from suicide.

TM & © Miramax Films (1998)
Cast: Christopher Walken, Brittany Murphy
Director: Greg Spence
Producers: W.K. Border, Matt Greenberg, Denise Leong, Robert Little, Russell D. Markowitz, Joel Soisson, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Gregory Widen
Screenwriters: Gregory Widen, Matt Greenberg, Greg Spence

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Fake Versions (Impostors) Of My Brothers KD And TD?

Source: Wikipedia

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I think that the dream started during the day but I am not sure because later it was pretty dark inside a house, probably because the curtains were closed, and I was either inside my parent’s house or outside in the yard when I noticed what seemed to be my brothers TD and KD walking up the street past The G House carrying what looked like maybe fishing supplies (buckets, fishing rods (poles), et cetera).

This made no sense because I had not heard that they were going to visit, they did not have their automobile and they live in another state, they are usually busy with college and American football, their fishing supplies are at my parent’s house and not at their college dorm, there is no reason from them to be walking from that direction, and so I knew that something was not right.

They were far away but I could tell that these were probably fake versions (impostors) of my brother KD and TD, and that these impostors were possibly not even human or were possibly possessed (being controlled) by something because I noticed that the assumed impostor of my brother KD’s face and the area around his eyes looked strange somewhat like the character Kaecilius from the soon to be released film Doctor Strange so his eyes seemed to glowing in a maybe orangish color while there seemed to be black stuff (maybe like charcoal) smeared around his eyes and part of his face.

I told my brother GC and I showed him, and the two of us went to approach these assumed impostors of our brothers KD and TD who had walked on the other side of The G House where we could not see them now before they could reach our parent’s yard.

Once my brother GC and I reached the other side of The G House we saw a SUV (sport utility vehicle) or van parked in the driveway that leads to The E House, and the assumed impostors either got into it or they were already in it or we did not see them anymore but I can not remember.

The driver rolled down the driver’s window and it was our aunt DE and she greeted us, I walked over to talk to her while my brother GC walked to the double-gates of The E House like he was guarding it and watching my back in case they were assumed impostors too, and she seemed to really be my aunt DE and she was in a good mood.

My uncle EE, my male cousin EE and his children, and several other people were inside the automobile but I could not see everyone who was inside the automobile to see if the assumed impostors of my brothers KD and TD were in there are (or) not probably.

My aunt DE and my uncle EE said that they were hoping to spend some time with my brothers KD and TD and maybe they were here to visit, I assumed that they wanted to maybe go fishing and watch my brothers KD and TD play American Football at L University, and hangout with them and other family members.

Something happened that I can not remember where some of them wanted to go inside The E House for some reason so maybe I unlocked the door for them (if they did not have their key), and I remember worrying about zombies getting into the yard and/or house because they left the gate open and part of the fence by The W’s House was gone and was nothing but a very short makeshift fence with an open gate so I probably wanted to keep this short before zombies come. (I have no idea why I was worried about zombies and would even think that they existed, maybe they were in the parts of the dream that I can not remember or because I watched a video of Itsreal85gaming playing The Walking Dead: Season Two video game before going to sleep last night, but I am not sure)

The inside of The E House was very dark and all the curtains were closed, I remember some of us going around slightly adjusting the curtains for a bit more light, and I remember my uncle EE making some comments and sexual comments about one or more women who I assumed to be pornographic actresses.

This confused me and I wondered why my uncle EE would be making comments like this to me because he is married to my aunt DE, who was also inside the house but just in a different room, and it was out of nowhere and inappropriate in my opinion but I can not remember what my response was but I do know that I was confused and surprised and more.

I wanted to open all the main curtains and leave the shear curtains closed but I felt that we needed to leave before zombies arrive and I worried that this would allow zombies and/or other people to somewhat see into the house during the night, and so I decided to leave the curtains mostly closed for now to be safe and I got everyone else to start leaving as I tried to find my brother GC who was missing.

When I went outside everyone was gone and I still had not found my brother GC yet, but oddly outside of the yard of The E House was a male cousin of my former male classmate DH named D.

D was calling someone on his mobile phone, to me it sounded like he was involved with something illegal and something had went wrong, and so he was calling the people who he was working for about the problem.

A large white truck (dually or dual-mode truck) drove toward him as I was leaving, the man driving the truck looked like the actor Ben Kingsley playing a fictional criminal country version of the character Trevor Slattery as a fake version of The Mandarin except he looked like himself instead of the character except he was wearing a white T-shirt, and this was the person who my former classmate DH’s cousin D had called.

Mr. Kingsley or Mr. Slattery/The Fake Madarin was angry and was not really the boss so he was also working under the real boss who was never revealed so I assumed that his boss was probably The Real Mandarin, and that he was afraid of getting in trouble because of D’s mistake.

I tried to sneak away without being seen because they seemed to be involved in illegal activities and I felt that D was at risk of being killed for his mistake, and that I would be killed too if they knew that I was a witness so I sneaked to the other side of The G House and I quietly jumped/climbed my parent’s fence to get into their yard.

As I was doing this I heard arguing and then a gunshot, I assumed that D got shot and was dead, and then I heard the truck driving away but first it reversed up the street past my parent’s yard to the dead end sign to turn around so I tried to hide as Mr. Kingsley or Mr. Slattery/The Fake Mandarin reversed and turned around and drove away.

After he left I went inside my parent’s house where I probably found my brother GC and I probably told him what had happened, and then I thought about whether I should call the police or not and tell them what had happened.

I was afraid that my family and I would be killed if I talked so I took a moment to daydream about the various possibilities and I tested various ways of handling the situation because I was the next-to-last person to see D alive so the police would probably question me and suspect me, to me the safest approach would probably be to share the facts involving me but only share vague details about who I assumed to be driving the white truck and not try to assume what happened when I heard the gunshot because I could not see what had happened.

I wanted the police to have to figure out on their own who was driving the truck and hoped that I could be vague and claim some ignorance to avoid identifying Mr. Kingsley or Mr. Slattery/The Fake Mandarin for them so that him and his boss would not see me and my family as a threat that needs to be eliminated, I wanted to share more but I was afraid for our safety, and so I kept thinking and daydreaming about how should I handle this situation.

I did consider telling the police everything regardless of the risk but I was also considering other possibilities, but I woke up as I ran these various scenarios in my mind before making my next move.

The end,

-John Jr


Kunta Kinte Gets Revenge?

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I forgot most of this dream so I only barely remember part of the end of it, it is possible that my former male classmate JC and maybe his fiancé were in the dream during one of the forgotten parts of the dream, and the end of the dream took place at The E House.

My mom, some of my mom’s side of the family, some unknown people, and I were at The E House during the day and things were normal at first.

Somehow the topic of race came up among some of the others and I remember going outside alone, and I walked into the laundry building which was slightly bigger because it now had an extra room connected to it.

Something had caught my attention that I can not remember, as I was distracted my mom walked into the laundry building, and I remember her asking me a question that was something like what am I or what do I consider myself to be.

I was a bit confused and annoyed by the question because I assumed that she was talking about race like the others and she knows how negatively I feel about race, I do not believe in or support or identify with race in any way and I am strongly against the idea or belief in race and it annoys and saddens me that most people seem to believe in and support race even though it does not really exist, and race does not physically exist in modern humans as far as I know scientifically and it is nothing but a false and failed and harmful social classification/division/et cetera system created by humans.

I reminded my mom that she already knows that I do not believe in or support race and neither does current science, and so I told her that I assume that she was asking me what social group(s) do I identify with.

I do not really identify with any social group(s), my family’s ancestors were from various social groups and cultures and most of their culture(s)/et cetera was destroyed/lost/not passed on/abandoned/and more so I never grew up with any connection with any particular culture(s) or social groups, but I did name some of the social groups that some of our ancestors probably identified with or were from.

I am not sure if the next part is another dream or not, but I will type it as another dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember is that this dream or this part of the dream was like being in a fictional version of the new History channel miniseries Roots, and it took place during the evening or night at a dock area with many slaves and/or former slaves with brown and black skin around the dock with a few armed guards with white skin patrolling the area as an obese upper class man with white skin was walking around like maybe he was picking out new slaves or something like that.

On the dock area closest to land was the character Kunta Kinte (played by the actor Malachi Kirby) from the new miniseries Roots among the crowd stalking the upper class man like the upper class man had done something terrible to him and his family (maybe he even had Kunta Kinte’s daughter killed or something like that, but I can not remember), and so it seemed that Kunta Kinte was going to kill him in revenge maybe.

The upper class man was very over-confident and relaxed and annoying like he was better than everyone and like he thought that the slaves and/or former slaves were not even human, and the guards were not even close to him so he was walking alone among the slaves and/or former slaves alone.

The slaves and/or former slaves outnumbered him and the guards easily, at some point the upper class man was close enough for Kunta Kinte to shoot him with a revolver that he had hidden on him, and the upper class man asked the crowd where was his daughter who had arrived here with him at the dock and someone replied that she had been arrested for killing a non-human animal that was probably out of season so it was not legal to hunt it at this time (I am not sure if this was true or if it was a lie to distract him while Kunta Kinte moves in for the kill).

The upper class man started ranting about how his daughter was probably arrested on the orders of the governor to get back at him, I guess him and the governor were enemies, and while he was ranting Kunta Kinte pulled out his revolver and hid it partly in a bag so that no one would see the revolver and to help reduce the sound when he shoots the upper class man.

Kunta Kinte held up his hidden revolver as the upper class man ranted loudly, and then Kunta Kinte shot him but the upper class man was so busy ranting loudly that you only partly heard the gunshot and it took him several seconds to react to getting shot.

Once he reacted to getting shot the guards, who were in the distance, started shooting the slaves and/or former slaves, and chaos broke out.

Some of the slaves and/or former slaves started fighting back, a few of them had guns, but many were running and screaming; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Shot And Waking Up In The Future

I am not sure how many dreams I had last night or in what order they go in because one or more or all the dreams took place in the future, in one of the dreams I died or was in a coma or something like that and I got brought back to life or awakened years later in the future, and in one of the dreams someone shot me with a gun and then injected something into the back of my neck with a syringe to make me forget and to knock me unconscious; and so my memory is all messed up and confused. (I had some chamomile tea before going to sleep, and so maybe that had an affect or effect me)

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during a strange-looking day (very dream-like) during maybe late in the afternoon in the city of D, and I was maybe riding a horse; and there was a woman riding a horse next to me, and maybe this woman was my girlfriend or wife but I can not remember.

I know that we were happy together and we were enjoying our ride, for some reason that I can not remember we stopped by the field by the A Plant (maybe a train was blocking our path), and some of our family and friends arrived or were there with us; and they seemed happy about us being together, and I remember everyone having a good time.

At some point the woman got on my horse with me and we rode together having fun and maybe doing some stunts but my memory is unclear after this, I remember possibly walking with my horse talking with my parent’s as we walked through a trail closer to the old C Building (I am not sure where the woman was now, maybe she was with the others by street, still waiting for the train or whatever to move), and we saw trash on the ground like someone who was homeless was living next to the C Building; and I remember my former male classmate TC approaching us, he was not doing well financially, but for some reason he gave us some money even when we told him to keep it because he needed it.

Something happened that I can not remember, it is possible that we heard gunshots in the distance and police sirens, and maybe a stray bullet hit me in the head killing me or knocking me unconscious but I can not remember; and maybe the second dream in part of this dream or it is separate, but I am not sure.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I woke up during the evening on a twin sized bed in the same field where I was at the end of the first dream, some of my family and a few other people were there (but probably not the woman from the first dream), and I maybe asked them how was I here because I was supposed to be dead or almost dead.

They told me that they had me either brought me back from the dead or they had me awakened, I guess somehow my body was preserved for years until they had the technology to bring me back or wake me up, and so now it was years into the future (maybe the 2020s or 2030s, but I am not sure).

I was confused and I probably had various conflicting feelings and thoughts about this, we talked briefly and they gave me a quick update about various things, and there was an annual competition taking place at a new area in the field where groups of people compete in a fashion competition of dress clothing.

Our neighbor Mr. RD approached us and he talked to us briefly, I started to walk away at some point to explore the competition, and Mr. RD asked my mom who was I and how old was I because I looked familiar to him but she dodged the question (only they knew that I was alive or awake again, and so they were not ready to tell others yet); and they caught up with me at some point, and my mom joked about how she had dodged the question.

There were many people dressed up in suits and other dress outfits, one of the popular groups all had brownish colored skin and they seemed like they were from maybe the city of G, and I walked through this area until I reached the street which also had people in it who were adjusting their outfits and they were showing off various suits styles from the past to now (so the newer suit styles were a bit futuristic, and a bit unusual and interesting to me); and I saw some of my former classmates like my former male classmate PL, and my former male classmate LF.

I continued walking up the street until I reached a building where I lived (maybe before I died or was unconscious for years), this is so confusing that maybe this is part of another dream that I forgot but I can not remember, and I walked inside the dimly lit building which was like a dorm and almost everyone was gone to the competition; and I walked to the room that I used to live in, and the room that I lived in was like a dorm room that I shared with several former classmates and several other people where we all had our own beds in one open room like a military barracks/dorm room.

The room was how I remembered it and my same roommates were still living there and my stuff was still in the room, it seemed that I was or had possibly been in the military, and I had a knife by my bed in a greenish colored military nylon sheath with a metal tip; and I hid it out of view, and everything was still how I had left it.

I went to check the air conditioner settings and the room was very cold even though the temperature was set to a warmer temperature than usual and the fan speed was not set on auto like it normally was, my roommates entered the room to go to sleep (my former male classmate LF was one of them, and he seemed to be in the military or was in the military), and I mentioned how the air conditioner settings were different and how I guess their future technology allowed a warmer temperature to make the room colder than it used to years ago but I woke up as they joke about how I liked having the air conditioner settings set a certain way.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it also took place at some point at the same field from the first two dreams during the day, I remember seeing something about how the actress Jennifer Lawrence was going to be in another film in a film series that I had seen part of years ago before I died or was unconscious maybe, and so this dream was in the future; and maybe she was being interviewed in front of a studio audience, and things looked a bit futuristic.

At some point I remember some fictional friends, family members, fictional people from my neighborhood, and some other people they knew welcoming me back from the dead or my coma or whatever; and maybe I also was going to be moving to a better neighborhood and maybe I was going to get a nice job, but a fictional man with dark brownish colored skin with short hair wanted me to stay in the same neighborhood and he wanted things to be how they used to be.

This man was possibly a friend of one of my family members who grew up in the same neighborhood as me so I guess I knew him since we were young, he was involved in criminal activities probably, and something happened where he tried to stop me from leaving; and he had a gun, and I remember driving away in an automobile as he chased me in his car.

At some point he drove next to me telling me how if I left that I would probably not visit them and that I would abandon my old neighborhood and everyone who lived there, he said some other things as well that made it clear that he did not want me to move up in life, and he shot me in my arm with his gun because he was only trying to stop me not kill me.

This caused me to slow down and he was able to reach his arm into my automobile, he told me that he was doing this for my own good and that things would be how they used to be once he makes me forget, and he injected something into the back of my neck with a syringe and I could feel it so it felt realistic and he said that this would make me forget and that I would wake up later not remembering anything after a certain point.

I asked him what was he doing and what did he inject me with, I told him that he was gone crazy and that he was going too far, and I said a few other things but my vision started to go blurry and my mind started to get foggy; and I lost consciousness.

I woke up in the real world feeling the same pain in the back of my neck and the same feelings that I was feeling in the dream, this faded slowly, and I used the bathroom and then I went back to sleep after voice recording my dreams.

Dream 4

I had this dream after going back to sleep and it took place during the day in what looked like the front parking lot of D High School, there was a multi-story house there where a family (husband, wife, kids) with whitish colored skin with light-colored hair lived, and I was maybe visiting them or something like that; and I remember talking with the wife mostly, and some of their teenage male family members came to visit.

I remember talking with them and one of them mentioned that they were having computer problems, I asked them about the computer problems trying to see if I could help them, and I remember him saying that they probably did not have an antivirus; and I told him that they should have one, but at some point it was time for a family gathering outside and I was invited.

More family members from both sides of this family arrived, my former male classmate JR and his girlfriend or wife were among them, and there was food and drinks; and I remember sitting and talking with my former classmate JR and his wife and some of the others.

I remember eating some cherry cake that had the cherry filling but no cherries, my former classmate JR lifted the cake to show how the cake had no cherries and how it did not have much filling, but when he put it back down the filling had spread out flat and the cake no longer looked right; and he tried to adjust it, but it was just making it worse.

I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr


Fireball UFO In The Sky | The New Territories Are Coming + Getting Shot In The Face By Reverend JM = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fireball UFO In The Sky

The night before last I remembered part of my last dream which was unclear in some parts, I think it started with The President Of The United States Barack Obama in a small dark room with several soldiers looking at a radar screen and video screen, I do not think that I was in the dream but I could see things like a camera person.

It was early morning I think and it was still dark, the building that president Obama was in seemed to be on the outskirts of a city, things were quiet outside and the military had hidden anti-aircraft weapons set up around a pretty large area.

They were tracking a UFO in the sky & they did not seem to know what it was, hence the name UFO, anyway, from the outside I saw what looked like a fireball moving somewhat slowly in the sky; and my first thought was that it reminded me of something from Hinduism, for some reason, even though I do not know much about the religion. (I guess it was the style/appearance of the fireball, that seemed to have a Hinduism/Hindu/Indian art style/appearance.)

I felt that parts of it probably were invisible and I did not know what it was either: was it a ship or was it just a floating fireball or was it something else?

Obviously it did not belong to The United States military or government in the dream because they were confused, worried, and on high alert.

At some point the UFO started to fly toward the building where president Obama was, so the  military started to shoot at it, but nothing was stopping it and/or hitting it; all the missiles could not lock on it and the missiles would fall to the ground and the bullets either missed and/or the bullets did not damage it, like it had a shield and/or the bullets were going through the UFO and/or something like that.

It was not in visible range of the building yet but the military was worried & so they started shooting everything they had at it, but then the dream jumped to me somehow traveling around to different countries.

I am not sure how but I remember talking to at least one person in each country that I visited, but that is all I can remember.

The New Territories Are Coming?

Last night I remembered part of my last dream which started normal but ended in a disturbing way, I remember playing indoor football in a small room with some NFL players and some former classmates of mine.

My team’s quarterback had handed off the ball to our running back but someone was about to tackle him & so he handed off the ball to me, but it bounced off my hands and I fumbled it, so I ran to try to get it before someone else did.

Fortunately one of our teammates got the ball and got a touchdown, but a flag was called and the touchdown did not count.

As we were getting back into position one of our teammates JS pushed a huge man on the other team or something, and the huge man got mad and he decided to get on the line to rush our quarterback; and I was supposed to block for the quarterback along with JS and a few others, but my other teammates moved out-of-the-way and they all were going to let me block the huge man alone.

I turned to ask them what they were doing and then we all started to laugh, and I wondered how was I going to stop this angry huge man from tackling our quarterback, but then the dream switched to me leaving to the outside and I was at the field next to the waffle house in D.

Other people were going to their automobiles to leave as well but my automobile was in the shop, and I had a back up car but something was wrong with it so it was parked at the FF bank; and I decided to start walking to my parent’s house, but then Eric Matthews from the TV show Boy Meets World offered me a ride before I got very far, so I said okay.

Something was wrong with his car too so he took it to a place near the bank, this place went down in the ground so the building was built at a 45 degree angle with a driveway in the middle of the building, and on the left side and right side were two buildings that were connected and it looked like a small school.

Eric went to talk to his dad about fixing his car as I waited by the car, he came back saying that his dad was busy now, and I noticed George Feeny (Mr. Feeny) (Or however you spell it) was talking to another teacher in the building & Eric’s mom was talking to someone too; I wondered where his house was so I told him that this place looked like a school and I asked where was his house, and he said that this was his home.

We then walked into the top part of the building and inside was a top area over looking a cafeteria-like room with mostly female students in the room and the students seemed to have mental and/or physical disabilities/handicaps; and I said hello and we walked to a little office for some reason, but I can not remember why or who we saw, and next I was carrying something out of the building.

But before I left the building one of the female students seemed to recognize me and she told me who I was, and she said that she knew my dad and that she recognized me from church a long time ago.

I was surprised but what really got me next was she asked me if I believed in God, I was stunned, and decided to just give her a quick answer instead of explaining the everything and I continued to leave the building but she followed me outside.

At this point it seemed like another dream intrusion, like with the scary old woman, the female student appearance changed I think and now I think she looked almost like the daughter of a preacher named Rev. JM.

Outside of the building we were on a platform that over looked the bottom area outside, so there was a drop, and there was no safety rails & so if you were not careful you would fall and hurt yourself or die; and now there were people outside, and the female student continued to talk to me.

She told me that I should believe in God because many signs were being shown or coming true or something like that, and that The New Territories were coming (or that is what I think that she said or she said something that sounded like that).

I had no idea what The New Territories were so I was confused and as she was still talking about either an apocalypse and/or the return of some God (probably the Christian god) and/or The New Territories (whatever it or they are); but then the preacher Rev. JM and a few young men walked over to us wearing suits.

Rev. JM greeted me acting strange and then something or someone started to pull me from behind toward the edge of the platform, I started to tell whoever or whatever it was to let me go or we would fall off the edge, but it or they were not listening & so I grabbed Rev. JM to avoid falling.

I told him to walk forward to help pull me away from falling but he would not do it and he kept telling me to let him go, so I grabbed someone else that was near by and told them to move forward but they did not move either, and so I kept grabbing people and trying to resist whatever was pulling me from behind toward the platform; and there were a lot of people around & so I could not tell who or what was pulling me.

I was getting annoyed and somewhat afraid as no one helped me and I was not strong enough to break free from whatever was pulling me, eventually the pulling stopped but before I could turn around to see what had pulled me or before I could walk off, Rev. JM said something to me & so I turned to look at him.

He said something to me while smiling and acting weird and then he pulled out a pistol (a M1911 pistol) I think) and he shot me in the face, and he ran off laughing with the young men that he had come with and a police officer or someone started to chase them.

Even though I did not feel the shot to the face, I was so shocked and sure that I was shot, that I fell to the ground, and the flash from the gun had somewhat messed up my vision; and then I woke myself up from the dream feeling somewhat disturbed and freaked out and wondering what this dream meant or if it meant anything at all.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂