Genocidal Organ (Project Itoh: Genocidal Organ)

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Genocidal Organ (2017)

What Is It?

The 2017 anime (animated) movie Genocidal Organ (Project Itoh: Genocidal Organ).

Project Itoh: Genocidal Organ – Official Trailer

This is how Metacritic describes this anime movie:

Starring: Akio ÔtsukaChristopher SabatClifford ChapinDavid WaldIan SinclairJosh GrelleKaito IshikawaKazuhiro YamajiSanae KobayashiSatoshi MikamiTakahiro SakuraiTakehiro HasuTakuya KirimotoYûichi NakamuraYuki Kaji

Summary: Based on the captivating sci-fi novel by Project Itoh, Genocidal Organ takes an introspective look at a post-9/11 future, exploring freedom, security, and a bizarre shift in terrorism throughout the world.

After a homemade bomb decimates Sarajevo, developed countries rely on advanced surveillance to free them from the threat of terrorism. =

But while the United States enjoys heightened security, the nations it once considered threatening are mysteriously plagued by genocide within their own borders.

Strangely, these massacres all link back to one American by the name of John Paul.

Special agent Clavis Shepherd is sent to capture the elusive target, but even with combat meds to numb the pain and a life rooted in the bliss of ignorance, nothing can prepare this soldier—or the world—for the truth behind humanity’s darkness.

[FUNimation Films]

Director: Shûkô Murase

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Animation

Rating: Not Rated

Runtime: 115 min

This is how The IMDb describes this anime movie:

Set in a time when Sarajevo was obliterated by a homemade nuclear device, the story reflects a world inundated with genocide.

An American man by the name of John Paul seems to be responsible for all of this, and intelligence agent Clavis Shepherd treks across the wasteland of the world to find him and the eponymous “genocidal organ.”