A Real Life Game | A Wrestling Event | A Yokozuna Documentary

Dream 1

In this dream, my former male classmate DH & I were playing a real life game inside and outside along with our former male classmate SS.

At some point, I got one of their mobile phones as they drove, and I was looking for malware on their phone; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


A Hal Yorke-Like Vampire With Mind Control Powers | An Entity Who Tortures People?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

The first dream is very unclear and I barely remember a few parts of the dream, the dream started inside of a fictional mall during the day, and among the shoppers at the mall was a male vampire who somewhat reminded me of the vampire Hal Yorke from the BBC TV show Being Human and so I will call him Hal.

Hal was an old and powerful vampire in the dream and there was/were one or more younger vampires in the dream like a Halle Berry-like female vampire who had lighter brownish colored skin than Halle Berry and larger breasts, and eventually in the dream I realized that Hal seemed to have mind control powers/abilities; and it seemed that he could mind control humans.

At some point in the dream I went to a strange dimly lit men’s bathroom in the dream that may have had showers, one or more humans and/or non-humans talked to me and gave me a warning about avoiding a non-human animal/creäture who was somewhere in the bathroom, and so I tried to be careful as I cautiously walked around the bathroom trying to find a safe/empty stall.

Eventually I think the non-human animal/creäture jumped out of a shower and/or stall that I opened, I think that it looked a bit like Cow from the animated TV show Cow And Chicken, and it seemed to be a bit crazy/goofy/talkative/et cetera; and at some point I left the bathroom, but I am not sure if I used the bathroom or not.

Eventually I remember walking outside and strangely I was in my parent’s yard by the window to my brothers KD’s and my brother TD’s room during a nice sunny day, and somehow I got a video/audio message/commercial on a mobile device that I had in my pocket of some topless women talking seductively like one those phone sex/et cetera commercials.

I noticed the Halle Berry-like female vampire from earlier was in the commercial and the commercial focused on her, she was also topless and being seductive, and she told the audience to call their number and/or come to their business in the mall; and then I noticed something that I can not remember that made me realize that Hal was able to mind control vampires as well, and I felt that he was mind controlling the Halle Berry-like female vampire and the other young vampires.

After the commercial ended the Halle Berry-like female vampire’s nose started bleeding and she lost consciousness and she fell to the ground/floor, and so it seemed that she and the other vampires had been under Hal’s mind control powers; and he had forced them to do the commercial, and other things.

I felt that Hal was going to use this business to lure humans so that he and the other vampires could drink some of their blood, and he would use his mind control powers to make them forget and/or to make them want to give some of their blood; and so I was considering going to the business to confront Hal about the situation, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream is also very unclear and I only barely remember two parts of the dream, the dream took place during a somewhat gray day in maybe T and it started in a video game-like way, and I probably was not myself; and I seemed to be controlling a man with whitish colored skin who was the main character of the game, and I was temporarily him/possessing him it seemed.

He/I sneaked into a narrow multi-story building to the top floor like this was a stealth game, he/I had to sneak past groups of armed men, but they saw him/me; and so we lost and he/I fell to the ground like we lost/died, but then a very large/tall strong man with brownish colored skin with medium length wet-looking straight/curly(?) blackish colored hair with yellowish/orangeish colored eyes walked in front of the group of armed me.

The large man came from a room in the dark hallway behind the armed men and he looked down at the main character/me and he spoke with a deep scary evil voice, it seemed that he was not really human and so he was probably a male entity of some kind, and he was going to take the main character/me to his room where he probably tortures people because I heard a man screaming in the room that he came from and I was afraid of this entity and I felt negative feelings coming from him.

It seemed that maybe the male entity would sometimes take/drag away a defeated character to his room to torture them/whatever, and so the main character/I refused to go with the male entity; and he/I tried to crawl away, and to his/my surprise the male entity walked back to his room to finish torturing the man in his room I guess and I think that the game/level restarted.

Next I remember the main character and I being on the inside of a boat that also had an outdoor area, we were separate people this time, and the boat was slowly moving on a body of water; and the main character walked outside to lay on a metal pole that went along the wall of the boat, and above it was another metal pole.

A large man with light brownish colored skin with medium length blackish colored hair approached the main character to talk with him as I watched/listen from a window that was on the wall next to them, the large man laid on the metal pole above the main character, and they both talked.

The main character talked mostly about problems in his life, some of those problems involved women, and the large man would listen and give advice/encouragement; but I woke up as I watched/listened to their conversation.

The end,

-John Jr


The B Paper Mill Gets Closed Down | Halle Berry’s Beach House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of several dreams from last night with the first dream taking place along a wilderness trail with various areas to explore that probably belonged to the B Plant/Mill, it was nice & it covered a large variety of areas possibly reaching to the borders of another city and/or state and/or country in their wilderness, but that is all that I remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 2

In another dream or the same dream I am somewhere else in a fictional version of D, maybe near or on B property, and there was probably a news report playing in the air & in my mind at the same time about The B Plant / Paper Mill getting closed down for violations involving worker abuse & a secret religious society who was found to be truly running B secretly/illegally.

The news report showed some of the people who were assumed/alleged to be members of the secret religious society/high level workers of B walking away to their automobiles ignoring the media (one of them was a slightly over-fat man with dark brownish colored skin who was bald wearing a flat cap), the construction of new buildings set to start this year was canceled, and B was closed down completely it seemed; and I assumed that everyone lost their jobs as well which I hoped was not true, and that ruined my plans on applying for a job during the construction period & maybe after if I was fortunate but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I had more dreams but I only remember part of one more dream that was a bit like the MTV TV show MTV Cribs, a male host & his camera crew went to Halle Berry’s Beach House on a cloudy depressive day that looked like it might rain, and the beach area was somewhat nice looking.

There was water, sand, and mostly wooden public pier-like/whatever areas; and along this public area on the left side there were a few single story homes connected/built into the public area and the public area had hangout areas, areas to sell stuff, et cetera.

The host and his camera crew walked on the wooden walkway on the left side until they reached the last house, and Halle Berry greeted them at her door looking a bit rough wearing something on her head (maybe a bandanna) & non-matching pajama-like/hospital gown-like clothes that did not look very attractive. (She looked/dressed a bit like someone who left a mental hospital or something still wearing her hospital gown)

The inside of her house was old/dusty/moldy/ugly/bare/et cetera, there was hardly any furniture, her bed was just two dirty/nasty old mattresses with no sheets or covers, there was a large hole cut into one rotted/molded wall that had some leaky pipes that needed to be fixed, the windows were painted with dark green colored paint to stop people from looking in which made the inside of the house seem darker & the walls/ceiling/floor were made of wood so it looked a bit dark already making it even darker looking inside her house, and one window in her bedroom was missing green paint in a few spots & clear tape was in those spots oddly which allowed a small view outside the window.

I remember Mrs. Berry saying that she kept the house this way because she wanted to relive her poor/low-income/lower-class upbringing or something like that, and she wanted to have a constant reminder of who she was.

At some point they walk outside to the beach & she joked about living alone with no pets/plants/kids/husband/boyfriend/roommate/et cetera, but she mentioned sometimes visiting with some friends; and so I guess she left the house sometimes.

There seemed to be something wrong with how Mrs. Berry was acting, dressing, and living like she was suffering from some mental/emotional/social problems or something like that; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Britney Spears Is My Wife?

Last night I remember what was either two dreams or one dream.

Dream 1

The first dream or the first part of the dream all I remember is that me and Halle Berry were at my parent’s house at night-time.

She looked like she did in the movie Gothika when she got put into the mental hospital, she seemed to be in shock and I had the feeling that someone was after her.

So I carried her outside to hide her in one of our storage buildings outside, and the inside of the building looked more like a bedroom instead of a storage building.

I sat her on the couch and told her to relax, and that I think she would be safe in there.

I am not sure what happened to her or who was after her, but I felt I needed to help her.

I think I started to ask her what happened to her, but I can not remember what else happened.

Dream 2

The next thing I remember is being in a small apartment on the abandoned side of an unknown city.

Maybe apartment would not be the best word, since I think mine was the only one, I guess town house or house would be a better word.

Next to my house was a street and across the street was another house like mine, and next to that house were two tall brick buildings with an alley between them.

A young man my age and his wife & three kids drove up in an SUV or minivan to the house across from mine.

The wife and kids started playing outside while the man came to my door, my brother CC was in my house and answered the door.

The man looked and acted like a young man I had worked with once at my former job, except he was not in a wheel chair like the man I used to work with in real life.

He came in and we all started talking.

As we all sat down and talked I noticed a nice green couch with one pillow perfectly in the middle of the couch, for some reason this really caught my attention.

We were having a good conversation when I suddenly heard police sirens, and had the feeling that the police were coming to get me.

So I told my brother and the man to create a diversion to trick the police while I run through the alley.

I told my brother to drive our automobile up the street so most of the police would chase him and I told the man to pretend him & his family had just arrived at home, and tell the police that they saw our automobile drive down the street.

I then ran into the alley, and my plan worked.

The police could not find me so I think they called the FBI for help.

I remember that the alley led to a parking lot building or whatever you call them, it was pretty dark in there and that is all I can remember for that part.

The next part I only remember somehow sneaking into what I think was a FBI building.

I was going to see someone, I think I was trying to find out why the police were after me.

I think my wife had been arrested for some crime and maybe they thought that I helped or something.

I think someone in the building gave me some information about where to find my wife, but I can not remember.

I remember getting in an elevator and there were security cameras in there, I tried to hide my face a bit without being too suspicious.

I think I went on to the third floor which was a prison, but it was like no prison I had ever seen.

It was a rich person’s prison all the walls were covered in padded orange/gold fabric, each person had their own room, there were televisions, computers, book shelves, dining tables, desks, DVD players, game consoles, pool tables, a bar, pool, dance floor, and much more.

There were no windows, men & women were there, they all wore orange/gold uniforms, they could have butlers, friends, family, strippers, and I guess even prostitutes visit them.

Anyway I had the feeling that the FBI knew I was there, so I knew I had to talk to my wife fast.

Her room was on the second floor, I saw her with some guy that was only wearing a white loincloth or something, I was guessing he was either a stripper she hired or a prostitute.

And shockingly/surprisingly my wife was Britney Spears?

Anyway, she did not tell me what crime she had committed or if I had committed a crime too or not, but she did tell me that her lawyer got her a reduced prison sentence and her lawyer had gotten her into this nice prison.

She also told me that she would let me use her lawyer if I got caught, I had the feeling that she was going to be in prison for 4-7 years and if I got caught I would get about the same amount of time.

I felt that the FBI was near, so I went back to the elevator to leave and I set the elevator to go to the 1st floor but it went to the floor 0.

Then it went to the 1st floor, but the FBI were waiting for me.

There were about 3 guys in suits and 2 guys with SWAT gear pointing guns at me, so I said “Man, you got me.”.

One of the guys started saying that my kids were going to be put into foster care, and that they would get better parents that would help undo the bad influence me and Britney had on them.

I remember thinking: that we had two or three kids, I wondered if I had I really committed a crime, if I did commit a crime I wondered what was the/that crime, and I thought that if I did commit a crime that I hoped that my/our kids would get better parents than us.

Then I woke up,

-John Jr