Some Teachers Want My Help | Justin Bieber In The City Of D And Zombies And Trying To Save My Grandfather?

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Dream 1

The first dream took place in the city of D during probably the evening when it was somewhat raining off-and-on while I was at my parent’s house with my family, and at some point my brother GC and I rode some bicycles to or near the BP Library when the rain had stopped briefly; but on our way back home it started to rain lightly again, and eventually the rain stopped again and I went outside the back door to try to fix something near the back steps.

I saw several female teachers in the yard of the abandoned house near the chicken cage near the big tree outside the fence by the back door, they saw me trying to fix something, and they thought that maybe I could help them with a problem that they were having; and so the female teachers walked over to ask me for help with opening the windows for their classrooms at the school they worked at, they said the windows would not open, and they wanted me to come to their school tomorrow to see if I could fix this problem.

One of the teachers knew me and I knew her because I think that she was my former classmate NA or another former classmate of mine who I can not remember, I told them that I would ask my dad if he could check their windows for them tomorrow or find someone else to help them who also works for the BP School Board because my dad worked for them as well, but if that did not work I told them that I might try to help them with the problem.

The teachers thanked me but then one of the teachers asked me to help her with another problem, she wanted help finding a certain plant/flower and the name of this plant/flower which she heard was only found at a certain abandoned property on the outskirts of the city of D, and so I asked her to describe the plant/flower; and I told her that I would investigate it for her, later in the dream I found a newspaper article about that plant/flower and the abandoned property where it grew, and so I went to the abandoned property to investigate and/or I took the newspaper article to the teacher but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in a slightly fictional version of the city of D during a gray day and I was at a fictional multi-story high school on an upper floor where I had graduated from years ago, I was visiting the school for the memories looking at items from the past when I went to school there, and there was a framed photograph of the music artist Justin Bieber on a wall because in the dream he had went to this same school when I was at the school even though I am years older than him in real life; and in the dream I think that Justin Bieber was even born in the city of D, and I knew him somewhat.

At some point I left the school to go shopping at a grocery/general store and I met Justin Bieber who recognized me as a former schoolmate of his, and we greeted each other with a special somewhat long handshake; and we briefly talked, and maybe Justin Bieber came to visit me and some other people later in the dream at a house where we seemed to be staying but I can not remember.

In the dream Justin Bieber would come to visit his home town of the city of D sometimes because it is quieter and smaller, and to visit people from his past; and eventually in the dream I went to a fictional house where my aunt JE’s house should be.

I think that there were zombies in the world now and so my family, some of my fictional friends, and several other people were living together in this fictional house and a fictional multi-story mansion-like house where my parent’s real house should be to increase our chances of surviving zombie attacks; and I remember talking with my fictional friends and my dad, and then some more fictional friends or fictional friends of friends came.

One of them was a tall and strong young man who liked to wrestle and he wanted to challenge me to a friendly grappling match to see who would win, but we got interrupted a call from my mom telling us that a group of dangerous-looking men were breaking into the house where my parent’s house should be and that my grandfather was on the upper floor of that house; and we looked at a group of monitors/screens of surveillance video of the outside of the house, and we saw the group of men breaking into the house.

I knew that we needed to stop the men before they found my grandfather because I felt that they would rape/robe/kill everyone in the house and use it for themselves, and so I ran outside to the house with no armor or weapons; and my dad and the tall/strong young man, and a few of the others said that they would join me soon once they got their weapons and/or their shoes/et cetera.

I ran into the yard and I sneaked to the window where my brother TD’s and my brother KD’s room should be, too my surprise I saw my mom on the second floor standing at a window signaling with her hands for me to climb through the window where I was staying, and so I opened the window quietly and I climbed into the bedroom; and the door to the bedroom was closed.

I heard some of the men talking and I quietly waited for my dad who was the first person to arrive after me and he climbed through the window into the bedroom with me, and he walked out of the bedroom first to confront/face the men; and past the stairway he came across one of the men who tried to attack him with a weapon, and another man with a weapon came out to attack us and so I fought him.

My dad killed the first man, I killed the second man, and then I killed a third man who had a gun; and then I heard a gunshot from behind us that came from near the stairway, and we turned to see that a fourth man had been shot and killed by our friends who had just saved us because the fourth man was about to shoot my dad and I from behind after he came down the stairway because of the noise from our fight with the other men.

I thanked my friends for the help but then a man with dark brownish colored skin wearing a baseball hat knocked on a window of the house from the outside, he seemed to be carrying an injured woman or girl, and I told him to go to the front door; and I sent one of my friends to let him in, my dad and the others continued to search the house for more threats and to see if my mom and grandfather were okay, and I went to check on the man with the injured woman or girl to make sure that they were okay and/or if we could trust them.

After that I was going to continue searching the house for threats, check on my mom and my grandfather, talk with the man and the injured woman or girl some more, and then I was going to focus on better securing the house and yard; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Favorite Teacher Abby Martin

Dream 1

I barely remember part of several dreams from last night with the first dream taking place in a fictional version of D during day, I remember going to a rectangular shaped one story building in fictional part of town & some other people were there, and I went to this area several times during the dream.

More people slowly continued coming to this building, my former classmate SS & some people like Nigahiga (Ryan Higa) from YouTube were there having fun as well, and maybe some pranks and/or conflicts started at some point but I can not remember what happened exactly.


A Military Murder Mystery

I remember part of one dream last night that became a murder mystery, I remember that my former classmate JC, maybe SS, and I either signed up for the military or we were in the military some how even though we did not really want to join really but we did for various reasons that must have been pretty serious (maybe serious economic reasons, and more), and then we arrived at basic training; this took place in the future where I was a bit older, whether it was days/weeks/months/year(s) in the future, I am not sure how far in the future but it did not seem too/that far.

All of us new recruits waited uncomfortably in our combat uniforms in a cafeteria & JC & maybe SS were sitting next to me at the same table, waiting for the drill instructors to pick which groups of us new recruits that they wanted to train, and I remember most of us trying to sit straight & quiet while trying to decide where to put our hands (I was trying to decide whether to put my hands on the table or under the table); and the first drill instructor entered the cafeteria, and most of us got nervous & even more quiet & still.

The drill instructor was a man who was only a few years older than us and he had medium-light colored brownish skin with a bald head & he looked like one of the characters from the film Drumline, and he walked in the room looking serious & he looked around to decide which table of new recruits to pick; and he chose our table/group.

He leaned in to talk to us and he told us a few things seriously, but then he quietly told us that we would mostly be playing basketball; but that he did not want us to tell anyone, and he made us each promise to not tell anyone about the basketball part & we each had to shake his hand several times while looking him in the eyes while promising to keep the secret.

I remember going through the promise ceremony, which he was serious about, if we did not do it he would not let us in his group; and everyone at our table did the promise ceremony.

I remember that we felt very hopeful once we realized that we had a cool drill instructor, who was going to teach us the basics required, but he wanted us to have fun mostly; and so we anticipated a very good basic training experience.

We walked outside to an area under trees with shade and it was a very nice day outside, and we met our other drill instructor (who might have been the real main drill instructor for our group) who looked like Charlie Sheen wearing a colorful headband and the old woodland military combat uniform; and there was an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with short-medium blond colored hair with him, who might have been a military medic assigned to our group & who seemed to be in a relationship with Mr. Sheen probably.

Mr. Sheen looked like a fake soldier or a military veteran who was now anti-war(unnecessary war)/anti-unnecessary violence/against the current policies of the military/government and/or unorthodox compared to the normal military culture and the woman seemed like that as well, which was interesting, and that made me feel more comfortable.

Mr. Sheen and the woman introduced themselves and they talked with us, and Mr. Sheen told us that we would be taught the basics so that we could pass basic training and so that they could keep their jobs as drill instructors (since they would lose their jobs if they only focused on having fun only instead of teaching us and we would not be ready and we would fail basic training); but we would spend the rest of the time having fun, except when the higher-ups came to check on our progress and/or if they felt that we were being watched.

Doing/learning the basics, exercising, playing basketball, and having fun when done properly could have us fit enough to pass basic training & be ready; and so it was not all about fun & games.

Mr. Sheen said that we would start with learning to march, then we left to practice marching, but the dream jumped in time to after marching practice; and we were walking to a special event in town.

I think that Mr. Sheen and the woman were activists & active politically trying to improve things but somehow they managed to keep their jobs in the military, the promise ceremony/their teaching style/and blending in when necessary seemed to have been what allowed them to survive so far; we learned more about them and their beliefs & activist activities, but I can not remember those parts.

The woman was gone and she had probably left to town earlier, and we walked into a town that looked like a slightly fictional D during the day and we walked through downtown; and on a quiet street we found the dead body of a woman with probably some of her clothes off, who we were guessing was the woman who was probably a military medic, but her body was damaged by what seemed to be acid or some kind of liquid/chemical so we could not exactly identify her.

Who ever killed her had left clues/messages that seemed to indicate that the killer was a military veteran who had probably killed her because of her activism & political activities that were not orthodox to military culture, this shocked and angered us; and we started trying to investigate and Mr. Sheen & the other drill instructor probably called the police, and they told us to go ahead to the special event.

We wanted to stay and help, but they wanted us to attend the special event and they did not want us to have to continue to see the dead woman in that condition & they wanted to look out for our mental/emotional health; and they told us to stay together in case the killer was trying to hunt all of us.

We left and walked near where the H Funeral Home is and where the church should be there was a courtyard and a one floor building were the event was, and some politicians/military veterans/security/Secret Service/press/et cetera were there.

The press were mostly outside in the courtyard, where some people were eating and drinking, and security let us inside the building after verifying that we were military; and the inside was crowded with tables of people eating and drinking.

I saw local business people, high level School Board members, a few military veterans who were mostly now successful civilians, a few politicians (one of which I think was Mitt Romney with Secret Service protection, security was pretty high for a city like D), high level police officers, and other local elites I guess you could say; and my group did not feel very comfortable or fit in, and we were still focused on finding the woman’s killer.

I had a strange feeling that the killer was at the event and that the killer was a man who was a member of the local élite and/or élite and who was a military veteran, and so I kept a close eye on the people around the event looking for threats and/or the killer; and I felt almost like a Secret Service agent watching everyone, and constantly on alert.

It was a bit annoying watching and listening to all the elite-types who we did not have much in common with, but they were enjoying themselves; I might have seen Mr. Romney sitting down eating & talking across the room while Secret Service agents were protecting him, and he was having a good time it seemed.

I also noticed one or two men wearing dress shirts with ties and slacks/dress pants with dress shoes, and I think the man and/or men were military veterans who now were civilians with good jobs; and the man or men gave off a vibe that made me think that one of them were the killers.

I felt that there was only one killer but one or two men at the event seemed suspicious, and one or both of them even looked at me with a smirk like they were letting me know that they were the killer; my memory is unclear, but I think that the man who I thought might have been the killer had somewhat dark-colored short hair in a business style haircut with whitish colored skin & he seemed to have a good job of some kind.

I am not sure if we talked, maybe, but I do know that I watched the man or men very closely for clues.

I remember the other soldiers with me talked about various things, one of which was why did SS’s dad not recommend the military to him earlier since he was a military veteran, and SS said that his dad was against him & his brother joining the military so they had never considered it until now; my guess was that SS’s dad did not want them to experience unnecessary wars like the ones that he had to fight in.

I gathered as much information about our murder investigation that I could while at the event, and at some point we left early; and as we were walking through the courtyard I noticed one or two suspicious people approaching, and something happened & one or both of the suspicious people got shot.

I think that security shot one or both of them when one or both of them pulled out pistols and started shooting in the courtyard; but I am not sure what happened exactly & I might have helped stop them, but I do know that they were not the killers of the woman.

The dream jumped a year in the future during the day and I was walking to the grave of the woman for the anniversary of her murder and the rest of my basic training group were supposed to arrive as well, and her grave was not far from the murder site; and it was next to a building that might have been a church.

There were some large concrete blocks around the grave that formed a partial wall-like structure that were some ruins of a structure that was knocked down in the past that you could also sit on, and my former classmate KC was there since he knew the woman even though he was not a solider; he knew her personally since she lived in his neighborhood.

KC was still angry about her murder as well and he also wanted to find out who murdered her, her murder was still unsolved, and so I told KC about what I had seen at the event a year earlier; and I shared with him all the information and evidence that I had gathered in my year of investigating the murder, and I even had the woman’s smart-phone that had a video of her pointing her phone camera at something/someone who you could barely see hiding behind something & she was saying something about him following her or something.

The video was unclear but the person that was mostly hidden behind something appeared to be a man with whitish/grayish colored hair with a long bear wearing shades & he looked like a biker gang member who was a military veteran, but I could be wrong; and so I told KC to keep an eye out for anyone who fit that description, so we could investigate them.

KC was so excited that he left instantly to find anyone who fit that description, and I hoped that KC would not attack them.

Then some of the soldiers from my basic training group started to arrive to the grave site, and so I greeted them; a year had passed, so we were no longer in basic training, but I was awakened by people being annoying in the real world again.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂



The Boss (Rick Ross song)
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Lazy Overview:

I forgot most of my dreams due to being awakened suddenly, and so I only remember a few pieces of three dream fragments.

Dream 1

One dream took place during the day in D at C Elementary School at the bus stop, and there were a few fictional sidewalks facing the road; and a group of my former classmates were lined up on both sides of a sidewalk.

I walked down the sidewalk greeting various classmates by name, shaking hands, saying nicknames, doing special handshakes & hand gestures, and having a good time walking up the sidewalk.

If felt a bit real, it was like being a general greeting the troops or a leader greeting the citizens or being honored by my former classmates; it was nice.

I clearly remember seeing my former classmate RB and I greeted him by name, and then I loudly said his nickname in a fake Rick Ross-like way: “Boss!”.

RB, a few other classmates, and I started laughing & shaking hands; and then we started talking about what we have done all of these years since we graduated from high school, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I had a dream before this that took place in a fictional area at a fictional house, but I can not remember the rest.

Dream 3

After my second dream I had a dream where an unknown person and I were at a fictional dock-like place or something, and we got into a fight with two other people; and later the dream became like a movie where we would do different fight scenes in various locations.

We would sometimes stop a fight and re-do the fight, most of the fights were from a distance, where we would throw stuff and/or shoot stuff and/or use powers or something like that while hiding behind things for cover.

My mom & someone else were our opponents during the end of the dream, none of the fighting was real or serious, it all was for fun/show; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂