Fake SSD Scams (Worse Than I Thought) – Krazy Ken’s Tech Talk

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The YouTube video Fake SSD Scams (Worse Than I Thought) – Krazy Ken’s Tech Talk by the YouTube channel Computer Clan:

Fake SSD Scams (Worse Than I Thought) – Krazy Ken’s Tech Talk

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Fake SSD and flash drive scams are spewed all over the Internet, so I investigated one!

And it’s worse than I thought.

Stay tuned for part 2…

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Superheroes | A Repeating Survival Dream? | Futuristic Vehicles? | A Virtual Reality Video Game Where You Can Die | A Wet Hard Drive In A RV

Dream 1

This was yet another dream that was probably inspired by the web television show The Boys (Season 1).

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it involved superheroes living and working at a building, and they would go on missions et cetera.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream now unfortunately.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that maybe it was a repeating survival dream where I possibly kept repeating trying to survive a life and death situation where one or more threats were attacking a multi-story building, but I am not sure.

If I am correct then this is the type of dream that will keep repeating (when I die or fail) until I survive or wake up from the repeating survival scenario; basically these types of dreams seem to be my mind trying to prepare me for various possible future scenarios.

At the end of the dream there were one or more threats attacking inside the building, it was chaos, and people were running and screaming for their lives.

This scenario was familiar to me like I had repeated it several times, and so I was more prepared than everyone else.

I remember being on an upper floor and I remember running, jumping, climbing, et cetera through familiar areas in stairways and other areas.

I probably helped other people during this by probably telling them to follow me and maybe sharing other advice of things that I possibly learned during various repeats of this dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I traveled to a fictional city during the day.

I needed to decide where to eat, I wanted to shop at some stores, and then I wanted to find a hotel to stay at later.

I remember stopping in an interesting parking lot in the middle of several businesses, and there were some futuristic vehicles in this parking lot among some normal looking ones like this was in the future; and maybe some of the vehicles could hover, but I can not remember.

The parking lot was interesting and unusual with various statues (probably of people and maybe some other things), and maybe some charging stations or something.

I probably shopped at some stores, and when I was outside someone said something to me; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream started inside a video game, I guess a virtual reality (VR) video game, and in this video game you would die in real life if you died in the game.

I was with several other people inside this video game, we were in a battle outside on maybe a hill of grass and dirt getting attacked by various creatures on both sides, and one of the people I was with had a video game avatar that looked like the character Kirito.

We were close to losing the battle when another player joined the game to help us, and he looked like the character Eugeo from the anime television show Sword Art Online: Alicization.

Eugeo started out doing good but we were too outnumbered, he got surrounded and separated from us, and his health bar was at %1 but he did not realize it.

Kirito notice this and he yelled for Eugeo to leave the game, Eugeo was about to get attacked before he could leave the game, but then another player joined the game to save him.

The other player was Eugeo’s wife, she entered the game with a very short somewhat Yoda-like old humanoid creature who had a cane that was also a weapon, and she blocked the attack that was about to hit him.

She casually walked onto the battle field, she did one special attack, and this one attack killed all the enemies.

Thanks to her we won the battle, her and Eugeo invited me to their house, and so we all left the game.

When we left the game I was inside their house, in the real dream world they both were old and very short and they had light-color skin with gray/white hair, and the husband looked and sounded and acted and moved almost like the character Quentin Fleming from the television show American Horror Story: Coven.

Someone rang the doorbell at their house, they asked me to get the door oddly, and so I did.

At the door was a short old suspicious looking and acting woman with light-color skin with long gray/white hair, there was something not right about her, and she seemed like someone who was passing through and noticed this house near the highway or something.

The old woman asked me to come with her, I did not trust her at all, and so I asked her why but she would not say; and she only smiled and repeated herself, and it seemed that she was trying to lead me into a trap/ambush and/or like she was trying to lead me away for sex or something oddly but I was not sure.

I continued asking her for details but she would not give them, and she just kept trying to get me to come with her without saying where or why.

The husband of the house walked over because he noticed that it was taking me longer than expected, I explained the situation to him, and so he asked the woman for details but she continued the same pattern.

I looked at the husband and I nodded my head no, which meant to not trust her or follow her or let her inside, but I was not sure if he knew that is what I meant.

He was the sassy type, and he quickly got frustrated with the old woman.

It seemed that the creepy old woman was probably only trying to get only me to follow her, there was no way that I was falling for this assumed trap, but I woke up.

Dream 5

This dream had various transitions without me noticing, unfortunately I only remember two of the transitions, and the first took place at a fictional version of The BP Library during early in the morning before we were open.

I had just arrived and was working in a fictional windowless version of the break room that was also an office it seemed, we had a fictional somewhat older short bald or balding male boss or supervisor with light-color skin, and I remember my female coworker JB being there.

Our fictional boss or supervisor had us doing various tasks, JB was at a desk to my left, and she looked tired and not fully awake yet as she probably drank some coffee.

I remember saying hello to my few coworkers who were there as I worked, at some point our fictional boss or supervisor asked me to do two different tasks, and JB offered to do one of the tasks while I go do the other so I thanked her.

I remember JB making a facial expression while looking at me, I asked her why she was making that face at me, and she smiled and she started laughing and then I did the same because I somewhat understood why she had made that facial expression; it was because something that I did or said after our fictional boss or supervisor had asked me to do those two tasks.

We said a few more things, JB seemed a bit more awake now after some coffee and laughs and conversation, but then I went to do one task while she did the other task for me.

The next thing that I remember is being outside in a courtyard between some brick buildings, I was familiar with one or more of the buildings like maybe they were in some earlier forgotten parts of the dream and/or a past dream, and maybe some of my family was there.

There was a family with light-color skin (a husband, wife, young daughter, young son, and a baby) with an RV, some of my family was possibly with them, and I went inside the RV.

They needed my help with something in the back of the RV, I went in the back, and I opened a box that had an internal hard drive connected to a cable.

They said that it was not working so I had a new one to install, but as I disconnected it I noticed that there was moisture/water in there.

Under the box was the muffler pipe or whatever, I did not want to install the new hard drive if there was moisture there, and so I started investigating and I was able to make more water shoot out when I did something that I can not remember.

I assumed that this water leak issue was the problem and would need to be fixed first, I was going to tell the family, but a male police officer with light-color skin knocked on the door asking me what I was doing so I explained the situation to him and he walked away once he believed me.

I then carried a large load of laundry inside and outside a plastic basket as I walked to the front of the RV to give it to the family and explain the water leak and hard drive situation, they were all there, but my hands were too full to open the door so the mother asked the girl to open the door for me.

Some laundry fell against the RV, but I was able to pinned it against the RV until they helped me get it all inside.

I then explained the situation to them as they held the baby, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Brother GC Gets A Subdermal Implant?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had a dream that took place at my parent’s house and my brother GC showed me what I think was a large subdermal implant that he had that went down the middle of the front of his body like a flatter and wider spinal cord or something that caused that area at the front of his body to bulge out unnaturally.

I wondered how and why did he get this and did not tell us about it, when he got it, if it was safe, was it really under the skin or was it on top of the skin and just was made to look like it was under the skin, was he put to sleep when it was implanted, was the person who did it certified, and what would happen if he decided he did not want it anymore.

It looked strange, painful, not safe, disgusting, et cetera and I felt that he should talk with a doctor / professional and decide how to have it safely removed as quickly as possible if it was safe to remove now.

My brother GC went to sleep in his bed before I could tell him any of this, I remember thinking about the situation and trying to decided what to do and say when he wakes up, and maybe I went to sleep and maybe I woke up into a false awakening dream so I thought that I was in the real world but I was actually still dreaming.

My brother GC was still sleeping and I wondered if he really had a subdermal implant or not or if that was just in the dream, he was under his bed sheets so I could not see, and so I was going to have to wait for him to wake up to ask him so that I could determine if he only had that in the dream and not in the real world.

The next thing that I remember is either part of this dream or is another dream, and I just remember being at a fictional smaller version of The BP Library during the day it seemed.

At some point a fictional slightly overweight male leader of a possibly middle eastern war-torn country with light-medium or dark-light color skin came to visit the library with male and female bodyguards, this was a dangerous move since his country was possibly still at war and there were people who wanted him dead, but he seemed to be trying to project strength and courage et cetera as a public message to others including his enemies.

His bodyguards tried to form a loose perimeter around him as he moved around greeting people and smiling and waving and looking around, they did a better job than security usually does in my dreams, but I still did not feel that their security plan and setup was as good as mine would be in this situation.

I remember trying to stay outside of the perimeter that his bodyguards were trying to keep while trying to not look like a threat, but I also possibly considered trying to approach him to talk to him about maybe how dangerous this was and maybe some other things.

I also was looking around for threats as well and checking out the flaws in the security, and I remember signaling to a female bodyguard with light-to-medium color skin with long black hair to let her know about a weak point in the perimeter and that I was about to move to a new area and / or I pointed out a somewhat suspicious man who was moving toward another weak point and / or that I was going to cover a weak point briefly until they cover it.

At some point I am not sure if the middle eastern leader and his bodyguards left or not but they were no longer focused on at this point if they were still there, and I remember seeing my female coworker Mrs. C (who is an assistant director at The BP Library) trying to help a somewhat older man with light-color skin with yellow hair who was at the computer section.

The man was angry and asked Mrs. C a question, Mrs. C reminded him that she had already answered that question and reminded him that the answer was that there was nothing that they could do, and so the man got angrier and cursed her out and maybe called her an unhelpful worthless b###h and started ranting at her until I interrupted him.

I stopped the man’s rant and I let him know that he was out-of-line and I asked him to apologize to Mrs. C, I apologized to Mrs. C, and then I continued calming the man down by offering to try to help him.

He told me that he had smelled and maybe saw smoke coming from his laptop and then it turned off and it would not come back on, he was afraid that his hard drive had burned up and that he had lost his data, and he said that he needed that data now because maybe he was trying to do his taxes or something important like that and he had other irreplaceable data on there.

I told him that there was a chance that it was just the power supply that burnt up hopefully which happens sometimes and that hopefully his hard drive was safe, I told him that there were devices that you could connect your internal hard drive to that would allow them to function as an external hard drive, and then we could connect it to a computer here at the library to see if it can detect the hard drive so that he can start backing up his data to it and / or online to something like Google Photos which has unlimited video and image storage up to a certain quality for free and / or to a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

I looked at his laptop while thinking about how to handle this situation, I am not sure if I daydreamed this and / or if it really happened, but I remember having the device that he needed to connect his internal hard drive too and then we were able to connect it to a computer where I showed him how to start backing up video and images to Google Photos and to the computer et cetera.

I then let him work on that as I helped another man who needed help trying to recover his data too, and this man was Titanic Sinclair who had a computer that stopped coming on that had some of his data for some Poppy videos et cetera that he was working on so it was important for him to be able to recover this data or he would lose all of that work.

I recommended that he back up his data to Google Photos et cetera and that him and the other man install the Google Photos app and set it to automatically backup files by folder and that they also backup their data to another physical device so that they can have their data backed up in at least 3 locations to be safe, and then I helped him possibly using the same type of device that I used to help the other man and Titanic Sinclair started backing up his data as well.

While they worked on that I also had a black tablet computer with keyboard case that needed to be worked on (it looked like my mom’s tablet that I bought her except it was black, and I assume that it belonged to her or someone else and that they wanted me to fix it) and I still wanted to talk to Mrs. C to see if she was okay, but the next thing that I remember is that it seemed to be evening or night and now I seemed to be on the clock here at the library like I was supposed to be working now maybe.

But I was on a computer in the computer section trying to work on the tablet and maybe connect it to the computer to back up the data et cetera just in case, I also had to stop and check on the Titanic Sinclair and the other man sometimes, and I still wanted to check on Mrs. C to see if she was okay.

At some point I remembered or felt that I was supposed to be working and I wondered if my female coworker DT had noticed that I was not working all of this time (other than helping those two patrons), and so I tried to hurry up.

I remember the tablet getting super hot (I could feel the heat even though I was touching the plastic case, and so it was hot) and going black, I thought that it was off, but it was not so I tried to turn it off before the heat damages it.

I wondered how much time had I lost and how would I get all of this done in time and continue working, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Drug Dealer At A College Dorm / Apartment Having A Drug Operation / Money Problem And A Woman Taking Advantage Of A Man For Fun

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a lot of short dreams because for some unknown reason(s) I kept waking up during the night and during these times I went to use the bathroom at least four times without voice recording my dreams, I also was awakened by heat when someone turned up the heater and they left the bedroom door open and so I got too hot, and so I only barely remember part of about five short dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream that I barely remember involved the HDD Regenerator program scanning and trying to repair bad sectors on my hard drive (which is also really happening in real life) but unlike in real life the scan started moving faster after finally moving past one small area of the hard drive where it had been stuck at (in real life it has been stuck on one small area of the hard drive slowly finding over a thousand bad sectors and counting), and so I was happy to see the scan moving again and there was hope that it could fix all the bad sectors on my hard drive; but that is all that I can remember of this dream, and in real life the scan is still stuck in that one small area of the hard drive still finding bad sectors (1,091 bad sectors and counting).

Dream 2

The second dream that I can barely remember part of probably involved my brother CC and his girlfriend JH, the dream probably took place during the day but I can not remember where it took place or what happened in the dream, and that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

Dream 3

The third dream that I can barely remember part of probably took place in the city of D during the day, I remember my parent’s yard, and I think that an event or something like that was supposed to take place downtown in the city of D; but that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

Dream 4

The fourth dream that I can barely remember part of probably took place during the day in a fictional city probably at a fictional college dorm/apartment area, something was happening that I can not remember that might have involved people moving from building to building for some unknown reason(s) but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

Dream 5

The fifth/last dream that I can barely remember part of took place during the day probably at a college dorm/apartment from the fourth dream but I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, and inside the college dorm/apartment was a man who sold drugs who somewhat looked like one of the members of the YouTube channel RoadToHollywoodTv (sorry I do not know his name) and he had light brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair and facial hair; and he had a drug selling operation where he would get shipments of drugs and he would sell some of those drugs to other drug dealers, and so he was the main drug dealer and drug supplier of this college dorm/apartment area.

But recently he was having a hard time with his drug selling operation like some of the characters on the TV show Justified, his drug shipments were not coming in and/or were being robbed and he was having money problems, but he did not tell the other drug dealers about his problems out of fear because they would demand that he pay them money because the drug supply stopped; and so he was desperately going around trying to make money, trying to figure out what was happening with his drug shipments, trying to hide the fact that his drug selling operation was falling apart, trying to avoid people who he owed money to, et cetera.

The college dorm/apartment that he was in was nice, clean, and modern with mostly whitish/grayish colored walls/carpet/ceilings/furniture/et cetera; but it also seemed like an affordable dorm, anyway, at some point he was in the dorm/apartment room of a man/student with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair who wore glasses and who fit the nerdy stereotype trying to get him to pay him some money and/or something like that.

But they were interrupted by a man with medium-to-dark brownish colored skin who was a drug dealer who had come to find out why the drug shipments had stopped and he was angry, and I guess he over-heard the main drug dealer admit to having problems with his drug operation; and so he confronted the main drug dealer demanding his part of the drug shipment or money, but the main drug dealer was used to being in control and so he started acting tough trying to intimidate the other drug dealer but it did not work because it was clear that the main drug dealer was having money problems and problems with his drug selling operations that made him seem weak now.

The drug dealer pulled out a pistol and he robbed the main drug dealer of all the money that he had left that was in his pockets, and he told the main drug dealer that he wanted his part of the drug shipment or the rest of his money soon or he would come back for it and/or would kill him and/or something like that; and the drug dealer walked off, and now the main drug dealer was more desperate than ever now that he had no money and no drug shipments and he owed people money who were ready to kill him.

The dream moved to another part of the same college dorm/apartment to a tall thin attractive woman wearing a bit too much makeup and who barely wore any clothes and who had yellowish/light brownish/whitish colored skin with long straight blackish/dark brownish colored hair, and I remember her talking to someone and she described her ethnicity/the ethnic group that she considered herself to be part of as Asian; and she seemed like a high maintenance, self-centered, materialistic, et cetera type person who liked to have fun/show off her body/have sex/et cetera.

At some point in the dream she was bored and she felt like playing around with a man/student at the college dorms/apartments (she liked to treat people like toys/objects that she could use, and then throw away when she got bored with them) who(m) she described as an unattractive nerd, who had whitish colored skin with short blackish/dark brownish colored hair with a bowl-style haircut who wore glasses with a long sleeve button shirt tucked into his pants that were up above his waist too high, and so she approached the man/student inside the dorm/apartment.

The man was attracted to her already, she knew this and she used this to her advantage, and then she started seducing him; and at some point they were outside, she was naked, and they were having sex outside oddly; and then they walked and talked together still outside, she was still naked but she did not care because she liked to show off her body.

Her plan was to trick him into thinking that she loved/liked him, use him for sex and for other things, and then she was going to break up with him knowing that it would emotionally/mentally/socially hurt him badly; and she was doing this for fun because she liked to do things like that to people.

They had sex again several short times outside the college dorm/apartment, and I woke up at some point when they were about to go back inside the building.

The end,

-John Jr