Crying | Pauline Croze | Flying | Bible Commentaries

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I have forgotten a lot of my dreams right after waking up for almost two weeks now, it is like the dreams are now not that important to me or something, so my brain starts to let them fade and starts thinking about something else when I wake up.

Actually for maybe almost a week or two I have woken up feeling weird, the only way I can really describe it is:

I wake up feeling empty, blank, like my mind has been erased or is erasing things, I feel neutral, I almost do not even know who I am, what time it is, where am I, what day it is, whether I should get out of bed or not, I usually do not care either way, I just go back to sleep, when I finally get up most my memory of dreams and other things are mostly blank, I slightly feel like I barely exist at all but that fades, and then I start feeling somewhat normal (whatever that means) again.

Dream 1

I know I had several somewhat emotional dreams that involved current things that have been on my mind and the dreams directly involved some of these things, I remember crying and/or almost crying in at least two of the dreams.

Dream 2

Also I probably had maybe two dreams with Pauline Croze in them, one involved her and a group of other musicians on some TV show or something, but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 3

I probably flew in one of my dreams at least and I may have even awakened myself from one dream too, maybe, and I may have dreamed of living in another house somewhere.

Dream 4

I know I had a few dreams involving my brain pondering decisions and thoughts from when I was awake like choosing between the HarperCollins Bible Commentary and The Oxford Bible Commentary, and a few things involving video games and some other things.

Dream 5

One of those somewhat emotional dream took place in a classroom with the teacher talking directly to me about getting a job, facing my fears, etc.

Hopefully by taking the time to write these random memories of some of my dreams from the past week or two, it will help bring dreams back to some importance to my brain so I can remember them when I wake up, because I know I have lost many good dreams recently and throughout my life.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂