A Haunted Building And A Woman Gets Possessed?

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Last night I kept getting awakened by someone because I kept snoring (which kept interrupting my dreams and sleep), I never voice recorded the dreams that I would remember each time that this happened, I was tired and sleeping well and it was cold, and so now I can not remember most of my dreams except for barely part of one dream that was interesting but it is not so interesting now because I have forgotten most of it.

This dream possibly took place at a multi-story college-like hospital/apartment/dorm-like building where I was possibly moving into or living, and there were other people moving in there and living there and maybe some or all of them were college students but I can not remember.

The earlier parts of the dream possibly took place on upper floors in the maybe hospital-like areas, and the end of the dream took place on maybe the first floor which had dorm/apartment rooms.

I remember hearing people tell stories about supernatural and/or paranormal things that were said to have happened in this part of the building in certain rooms, and certain rooms were said to be haunted by maybe spirits/ghosts and/or some kind of entities.

I heard stories about several incidents that happened in some of the rooms years ago, it was said that those rooms were still haunted, and so I started trying to investigate this.

During my investigation it did seem that something supernatural and/or paranormal was possibly going on, I remember feeling that something was not right, and maybe I saw and heard some strange things but I kept an open mind and I did not jump to conclusions.

There were some interesting things that happened during my investigation around this area as I walked around near and/or in certain rooms, but I can not remember the details now unfortunately other than I possibly saw and/or heard and/or communicated with a ghost/spirit/entity who possibly confirmed that different rooms were haunted by various ghosts/spirits/entities.

One of the rooms was said to be the worst or most haunted, it was said that maybe a powerful ghost/spirit/entity was haunting that room, and so people avoided it.

At the end of the dream a woman with medium-dark brown skin with black hair arrived to pick her dorm/apartment room, at the time a man had just finished warning me about the most haunted/dangerous room, and I possibly warned the woman that some of the rooms were possibly haunted but she was possibly on a mission to investigate and face this herself so she was not afraid.

I kept a distance watching to see which room she would pick so that I could give her a specific warning about whichever room she picked, I was also keeping a distance because I was not sure how far from the rooms could the assumed spirits/ghosts/entities go, and I did not want them coming after me and I wanted to investigate them from a distance for now until I figured out what I was dealing with and how could I defend against them.

The woman started walking to the most haunted/dangerous room so the man who had warned me about that room ran to warn and stop her, the woman entered the room before he could reach her, and I felt danger and something powerful and that something was not right so I hide around a corner watching from a distance.

The man knocked on the door and the woman answered but the woman acted differently and I felt that she was possessed by the spirit/ghost/entity who haunts that room, and he went to warn her but then the assumed to be possessed woman responded with a different sounding voice and she killed him.

I continued hiding until she closed the door again, I sneaked away to think about what to do, and I wondered if people’s spirits/souls/ghosts get trapped in this building if they die and so I wondered if the spirit/soul/ghost of the man who was killed was now haunting this building too or not.

I wondered if there was something special about this building that was causing these hauntings, I probably thought about the television series American Horror Story, and I wondered if what was going on here was a bit like some of the things that happens on that television show.

I assumed that the spirit/ghost/entity who was possibly possessing the woman could now leave the room and go almost anywhere she wanted using the woman’s body, and so I assumed that the situation was bad and I needed to be careful but also focus on watching her to see what she does while continuing my investigation to figure out what was going on and how to deal with it.

I woke up as I was trying to figure out what to do.

The end,

-John Jr


A Haunted House And Property?

A bit after 3 AM this morning I was awakened from my dream not feeling well, I felt sick to my stomach like something that I ate was probably making me sick and that I was going to have diarrhea, and so I got out of bed to drink some water and apple cider vinegar and to use the bathroom to try to get as much of it out of my body and hope that I can get back to sleep and wake up feeling somewhat better before work.

I had already went to bed an hour later than I should have so I was not going to get enough sleep for work as usual, this interruption made things worse, and so I lost even more sleep time and it caused me to forget most of my dreams.


Hiding And Playing A Prank At Tyler The Creator’s House

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I went to bed very late last night, I got awakened early this morning by my alarm clock and I did not voice record my dreams fragments before going back to sleep, I did not have much time to sleep or dream, and so I forgot most of the dream fragments that I did have.

Dream 1

I really can not remember my first dream or first few dreams, but I think that they were somewhat related to what I have to go do this morning; and so my mind was probably dreaming about things related to that, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during early in the morning and I was at a small 1 1/2 story house that belonged to the music artist Tyler, The Creator (Tyler Gregory Okonma) and maybe some of his friends / band members / family, and I guess that I had spent the night there on the first floor; and two or three other men I knew where there too, but I can not remember who they were.

It seemed that this house was a small party / hangout house that Tyler, The Creator and the others would use sometimes to entertain guests, I assume that Tyler, The Creator and the others were there with us maybe during the night, but I guess that most of them left before we woke up in the morning; but that is just a wild guess.

Tyler, The Creator and the others had a legend that they would tell people about the house being haunted by a ghost or ghosts, and they would hide in the house sometimes playing pranks on people pretending to be ghosts; and when we woke up in the morning we heard some women talking with a man on the 1 1/2 floor, and so we decided to hide and pretend to be ghosts as a prank.

The house had whitish/light grayish colored walls and carpet, I hid under the stairway, and the others hid in a bedroom; and the others made some noises as the women were about to leave the house, and so the women went to investigate; but the women did not see us hiding, I heard them talking about the legend about the house being haunted, and then they assumed that it was true and they left the house.

A tall thin man with pale whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair wearing a strange whitish colored bathrobe where you could see the entire left and right side of his body/skin walked down the stairs drying his wet hair with a bath towel looking in the direction of the door that the women went out of, and then I came out of hiding because he was one of the people who sometimes lived at the house it seemed.

He instantly realized that I had been hiding under the stairway and that I had played a prank on the women, he told me this and he congratulated me, and I told him that a few other people were part of the prank as well; and he started to tell me about some of the pranks that they played on people in the house in the past, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Powerful Being (Entity) Who Controls / Possesses / Haunts A House / Building?

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I feel like ending this public blog after/before typing this dream, and there is so much that I experienced/felt that I am having a hard to time trying to even get myself to type all that I can remember, for some reason(s); and a lot of it is hard to describe and even in the dream I could not understand parts of it.

It took me almost two days to finally fight my feelings/brain lock to finish this dream and I briefly made my blog private due to my strange unknown feeling of wanting to close my blog as a result of this dream and maybe a few other reasons, I am not sure what happened in this dream to give me that feeling, but it must have happened during the parts that I forgot, probably the parts where I communicated with the being.

Due to the difficulty in fighting to type this dream, rushing through typing it, unclear memory after all that happened & how long I took to type it all, et cetera; what I typed below will not properly describe what I dreamed/experienced, it was too hard to describe, and I forgot a lot of the important parts so expect a lot of jibber jabber/a bad translation of my thoughts/experiences and a lot of errors and missing parts/details.

I had an amazing almost complete dream last night that had a lot of details, was long, had a pretty clear plot (if that is the word) & characters but it still had mysteries, it had action/drama/scariness/et cetera, it had strange unique feelings/experiences, and more but due to getting awakened by someone’s alarm clock/being a bit afraid when I woke up & a bit afraid/cautious to go back to sleep/annoyances in my environment/et cetera I forgot a lot of the important parts & details of this dream; unfortunately, but I do remember enough of the dream to give a basic overview of the dream, somewhat.

I woke from this dream at 7:Something AM still feeling a variety of hard to describe feelings like fear, surprise, feeling of being a bit drained, feeling the presence of the being, amazement, and a variety of other feelings that left me cautious to go back to sleep & I stayed in bed 3 hours after this dream never really going back to sleep deep enough to dream since I probably was too cautious to sleep deep enough to dream & so I kept waking up & mostly having semi-daydreams & thinking about the dream.

The dream had a beginning but I forgot it, there are some dream characters in the dream that I might have met during the beginning and/or I met them in some other dreams during the night or in the past and/or I had false memories of having known/met them, and so I only remember closer to the middle of the dream.

My direct family (except maybe my dad) and maybe a few other people were in a slightly fictional version of D near a fictional area not far from the FF Bank, there was a nice fictional house in this area, that might have been near or connected with another building.

I know that the beginning of the dream explains how and why we went to this house, who owned it & who lived there, and what happened exactly; but I forgot those important parts, unfortunately.

I just remember that something strange happened and my family (except maybe my dad), the other people, and I got trapped in the house by a unique/unknown hard to describe powerful being who I never learned what it/she was exactly.

It was like this being was semi-omnipresent in the house, like it was the environment (air, gravity, electricity, energy, magnetism et cetera) or was part of it and when you, it could communicate with us out-loud & in our minds & in other ways in a voice that was mostly female probably mixed with a male voice and/or a robotic-like voice, it probably would sometimes manifest/form itself in a living female form or a non-living female form (dolls, electrical devices) or a female ghost/spirit/energy/mist/whatever form), it felt like it might have drained us a bit and/or slowly learning everything about us and/or slowly connecting with us and/or slowly learning how to control/manipulate us et cetera, I think that when you first enter its environment/zone/it you can see an misty bluish and/or greenish and/or some other color(s) in an electrical/digital grid-like web that fills the environment, and there is so much more that could be said to try to describe this unique being but it is too hard to describe & my memory is unclear.

I remember us running around from the being but it had us trapped since it seemed to be the environment and so gravity felt heavier, the air felt thicker, you could feel the beings presence everywhere since it seemed to be almost everywhere at the same time like its body was the environment, you could feel a static electricity-like feeling on your skin & body, you felt like maybe it was slightly draining and/or connecting to us and/or breaking down our defenses to possess/control/become one with us or something, and it was slowly learning more about us using its many senses since we were trapped in it/its environment; but the being did have two weaknesses that I found, it was limited to the house/building it seemed (but maybe it could expand further if it trapped/used more people to power/energize itself, but I am not sure), and even though it was semi-all knowing of everything in its environment/it, the being could sense where you were & communicate with you but it could not see you or use all of its senses on you until it could lock its eyes/awareness on you (if that made sense) so it had to find you directly but if you moved around a lot or fast enough it took it longer to lock on to you with all of its senses.

This being communicated with us throughout the dream as we tried unsuccessfully to run and hide from it (but unfortunately I can not remember any of our conversations with her/it), since it was pretty much everywhere at the same time, and it came across as being female to me; but it only took a female form when it was able to lock on to us with all of its senses (maybe it would take a female form to better communicate with us in a way that would make us/me more comfortable), and I think that I felt that maybe it wanted to make its own family/world/whatever and/or wanted to trap people for energy maybe but I am not sure.

The being seemed to be part physical, part spirit/ghost/energy, part artificial/robotic/like it could go inside electronics/the internet/et cetera, part multi-dimensional, part deity, and many other things; like nothing that I have ever met before and it felt powerful.

Since we seemed to be in the being/in its environment it seemed connected with us in a way that probably allowed it to also communicate through feelings/knowings with us, but it seemed that this would only get stronger the longer that we stayed trapped & so it had to mostly communicate with us out-loud & in our minds.

Being in it/in its environment was unlike anything that I have every experienced, it was like being underwater without the water and without the floating or holding your breath, it was like being in consciousness or something; and like I said before it had heavier gravity, thicker air, a static electricity-like feeling, a slight digital/electrical-like grid-like web feeling & look (if you enter or exit it at first maybe or during occasional flashes if you tried to resist it), a mist-like look, a spirit/energy/whatever feeling/look/whatever, and more, it was something that you would have to experience/feel to understand.

The being was able to possess a few Human sized female dolls that were in the house and it moved & communicated through them during some points, at other times it took a ghost/mist/spirit/energy female form that could float/fly/et cetera, at other times it might have formed its own physical body or possessed someone (I am not sure about these two, just a wild guess), and it/she probably could sometimes appear to us in our minds.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of the important parts or details of what happened during the parts in the house/building running, hiding, and communicating with this being; I just know that I/we slowly started to learn some of its weaknesses, and I started trying to use that knowledge to escape and I kept trying to resist it though it was probably harder & it probably got stronger the longer that we were trapped.

Since moving around a lot and/or fast made it harder for the being to lock on to us, since it had to keep tracking you until all of its senses could lock on to you, I kept running around trying to escape some of its senses & I keep resisting it long enough so that I could escape; but it still could communicate with me/us in our minds & out-loud, but it could not see me or materialize/form its female form or completely sense me during the times that I kept running & moving around.

I remember that it locked on to me once as I got closer to one of the rooms that had an exit and it materialized to me in its spirit/energy/mist/whatever female form, before this it was communicating with me in my mind & out-loud but I tried to ignore it mostly, and we had a conversation but I can not remember what was said; and then I kept running & moving, and I was able to escape some its/her senses again and I finally with a lot of effort/resisting, I escaped through a door that probably went into a building that was connected to this house or something.

The being was not able to follow me or did not follow me (though she/it wanted to and/or wanted me to come back) and the being was not in this part of the building, and so the environment felt normal; and I escaped outside during the day, and I ran to an area near where FF Bank should be to get help from a fictional dream character who I somehow knew from past memories.

I had memories of this dream character who looked like Alcide Herveaux’s father (Jackson Herveaux) from the TV show True Blood, played by Robert Patrick, and I knew that he had knowledge/experience with supernatural-like things from my past memories that are probably fictional or from past forgotten dreams; and maybe he was not a normal Human or Human (on True Blood he is a werewolf), and maybe I was not a normal Human but I am not sure & I was not sure even in the dream.

He lived in a small somewhat dirty one floor house with a porch, he was a bit dirty literally with old dirty jeans and an old dirty t-shirt or muscle shirt, he acted a bit like he had somewhat given up on life & mostly sat around drinking beer & watching TV & reading & sitting on his porch, he had no friends or family who visited him really it seemed & he seemed to be more of a loner & a bit paranoid, but I knew that he had knowledge/experience with supernatural-like stuff & I trusted him and he was probably the only person who I trusted and who could help give me the information that I needed.

He had the door open with the screen door closed but unlocked, his house was dimly lit & pretty dark, and I found him in the kitchen getting a beer or something; I forgot to mention that he did not trust a lot of the electronics/technology of the modern world like the internet/computers because he felt/knew that certain people could easily spy/track you and your information, and so he stored most of his knowledge in his brain & maybe a bit of it encoded in writings that he hid in his house and I remember recommending that maybe he save some of that information digitally & offline & encrypted on a computer but he would not & I could understand why but I felt it was sad that a lot of that knowledge would be lost when he dies.

His knowledge involved a lot of supernatural-like things that he had experienced and researched over the years, things that many people have not seen/heard/experienced, and things not currently proven by science yet; and he had directly met a variety of beings not currently recognized by science yet, and so he knew of some of them personally.

I told him that I needed his help, that he was the only person that I knew that I could trust, and that I needed help now; and he was wondering what the big deal/problem was, and so I told him how serious the situation was and that I would not be bothering him if it were/was not serious.

He knew that I was not the type to be playing a prank on him and he had never seen me act so serious, and so he knew that whatever I needed help with was serious; and I tried to explain the situation and the being to him.

From what I described he said that he heard of a being/some beings before that might fit/match what I described, but he needed to see it for himself to be sure; and so he asked me to take him to the house/building (which was only about two buildings from his house) to see the being, and I explained to him that we could not get too close or it would trap us/pull us/attract us into it/its environment.

We walked to the building that was connected to the house or near the house, there was a business or offices or a restaurant or something there, and one of the bathrooms in a hallway of the building might have led to the house because we went outside one of the bathrooms & I could see/sense the being in there; and so I once again explained to him not to get too close and do not touch the area where the being is or you will being pulled/attracted into it and it would start connecting/controlling/draining/learning/whatever you.

There were a few people walking through the hallway as we stood outside of the bathroom and I might have went inside, and I might have reached my hand inside the bathroom to touch the air to see if it was the being in there; and it was and I briefly saw the colored digital/electrical grid-like web/mist and I felt the many feelings/differences that I described when inside the being/its environment, but I pulled away as quickly as I could.

I went back out and he went near the bathroom entrance to investigate while I stood outside the bathroom, but then an obese woman started walking into the bathroom & I tried to warn her not to go inside; but she went inside anyway.

I waited for a moment and I called out to him & the woman, but they did not respond; and I walked toward the entrance to investigate and the obese woman had walked into the being/its environment and he was in it as well, but the woman was further in it.

I did not want to go into the being/its environment because it could trap me too and I feared that since I had already been trapped once that it would be easier for it to trap me again, but I also felt that my resistance to it was stronger; but I needed to save them, they were slowly moving further inside in a hypnotized-like state, and then I entered the being/its environment.

It felt stronger now, like he and the woman’s energy had made the being stronger, it seemed that his energy had really given the being a boost; and I was having a hard time resisting but my resistance was stronger and I felt the same strange differences in its environment like I described earlier like being underwater without water & the heavy gravity & thick air & static electricity feeling et cetera.

I grabbed the obese woman’s hand and his hand, and I used all my concentration resisting & pulling them back out of the bathroom; and with a lot of effort I managed to pull them out of the bathroom, and we returned to normal but their memory of what happened after they stepped in the bathroom was gone I think.

I asked him why did he not follow my instructions about not getting too close to the being, and he told me that he just remembered feeling attracted/pulled toward it; and then that was all that he could remember.

I might have seen or predicted that other people who walked into the bathroom had already been pulled/attracted inside, and that maybe that the being was getting stronger and maybe it was spreading further out; and I feared that it would keep pulling/attracting people to and so we needed to do something to stop people from going near it and/or stop the being.

I do not think that even he knew what the being was or how to stop it or how to contain it, and so we left back to his house to search through his hidden notes & his library to try to figure out what the being was and what could we do about it; but I got awakened by someone’s alarm clock.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂