DT & Ants & Diatomaceous Earth | Work & College | Two Vaccines

Dream 1

In this dream, I think that my family & I let my female coworker DT stay a few nights at a hotel-like apartment-like house-like room or building that I assume we owned or were renting or were allowed to use.

It had large windows with large curtains, things looked pretty good, except for the closet.

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Knocked Out & Operated On & At The Park With My Dad

Lazy dream overview:

In this dream, which took place during the day, some people possibly got knocked unconscious from behind and got operated on the back of their neck / spine and maybe head and maybe somewhere else; maybe some kind of implant(s) (possibly some kind of advanced technology) was attached to those areas.

They do not remember and are not sure what happened, I am not sure if it happened to me too or not, I only had partial memory like my memory was mostly erased.

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Decapitating A Dog

Dream 1

This dream took place during a gray day and me and my brother GC and possibly one other person walked out of my parents yard to walk past The Action Packed House, and as we passed between that house and the house to the left of it we got attacked by an aggressive dog from The Action Packed House.

I was not sure if it had rabies or something so I did not want us to make physical contact with it, and so I grabbed a shovel that was leaning against maybe the house and I defended us with it.

Somehow I decapitated the dog, I was not sure what we should do, no one was around so I considered getting rid of the dog’s body and cleaning up the evidence and the handle of the shovel of fingerprints.

But I woke up as I thought about what to do.

Dream 2

This dream also took place on a gray day, my parents put a lot of raw ground beef inside the large empty plastic open storage container that was in the alley behind the dogs oddly, and oddly they left the raw ground beef that possibly was not even in their wrappers completely outside in the open container unrefrigerated in the alley for days and maybe a week.

Days or a week later they sent me outside to remove all the wrappers off the ground beef and then rinse the ground beef so that they could probably cook it, and so I removed the wrappers and I put water in the container to rinse the ground beef.

I used a rusted old garden tool that was the length of a shovel to stir the ground beef in the water, this tool was just outside leaning against the fence, and as I did this it suddenly occurred to me that this is not a good idea on several levels.

I started to partly realized that: the ground beef should be unsafe to eat from being outside in the open unrefrigerated for days or a week, being in the dirty old open plastic container, and being stirred by an old rusty garden tool that possibly had dirt on it and possibly had come in contact with feces before.

I stopped what I was doing and I told my parents this, they did not seem to see a problem at first, and so I had to keep pointing out the problems and asking them if they were sure about this.

Eventually they possibly decided to not cook the ground beef, but now we had to decide how to dispose of all of this ground beef that was in water now.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Winning A Boat Race In A Neighborhood

Dream 1

This dream took place in the living room of my parents house, and I saw a younger version of my brother CC with his head stuck in a tight fitted cover over what looked like my bed base or bed frame but somewhat couch-like possibly.

I could not see his face but I could tell that he was stuck and could not breathe and he was panicking and trying to signal this to me, and I tried to help him but he was stuck in there good and time was running out.

I thought about finding something to cut the cover open, but I accidentally woke up from the intensity of the situation because it felt so real and my brother CC’s life was in danger.

Dream 2

All that my text note of this dream on my mobile phone said was:

I was in bed on my side.

So I guess this dream involved me being in bed laying on my side, but I am not sure what else happened in this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day in a fictional neighborhood where I lived that was mostly water with houses, but I am not sure if there were any streets or not.

I was at or outside the house of someone else in our neighborhood further up the street, at least one of them was a woman with light-color skin with maybe yellow hair, and my coworker Mr. CF was with them as well but I can not remember the others.

At some point we decided to have a boat race back to my house, this part of the neighborhood was up higher than the part where my house was, and I remember using this to my advantage by using the slope to move faster.

I won the race against my female neighbor and Mr. CF, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Struggling To Balance Something And A Strange Reaction

I woke up to use the bathroom at least twice but for some unknown reason I did not voice record my dreams, maybe I had a false awakening dream where I recorded them or something, but I can not remember.

Something strange happened during my last dream that also effected / affected me in the real world and I could not got back to sleep after this or if I did it was very short low-level sleep or semi-sleep, I kept trying to sleep but I felt weird and I would have a strange reaction sometimes when thinking about what happened in that dream and something else and I wondered if it was something serious or not and if I would be able to go to work or not.

So now I barely remember part of the end of my last dream, I just remember being inside what I think was a one-story building that was a multi-purpose building with many hallways, and maybe one part of the building was The BP Library where I work because I remember seeing some of my coworkers like my coworker Mrs. MH but I am not sure.

One part of the building was possibly hospital-like but I am not sure, there was at least one other part or more, but I can not remember those parts.

At some point I remember walking through a hallway, I walked through a door to reach another area, and my coworker Mrs. MH and several other people were on the other side of the door.

I was holding several objects that I can not remember in my left hand and I had my arm extended in front of me with my palm up with the objects balancing in my palm, but I felt strange in the back of my head maybe on my left side and I felt shaky down maybe my back and at the back of my head and I was having difficulty keeping the objects balanced because of this strange feeling and reaction.

My coworker Mrs. MH commented about how I was struggling to keep the objects balanced, and I wondered what was going on with my body / brain that was causing this.

It felt weird and then I could feel my body in bed, and it was happening to my body in the real world so I woke up.

My head felt congested and when I thought about that part of the dream and when I thought about something else that I can not remember and maybe when I turned a certain way I would get the same feelings and reactions that I assumed were happening with my body which felt shaky in the back of my head and maybe my back and maybe arm but I am not sure.

This kept happening and I could not go back to sleep really and I felt strange and when this would happen I probably felt a bit weaker, and this worried me a bit.

I forgot to mention that in the dream when this was happening I think that I mentioned something to myself about a memory, that maybe this started happening when I was thinking about a memory, a memory that I assumed to possibly belong to someone else.

I wondered if this was happening because of that memory and if this reaction was somehow connected with that memory, maybe something traumatic happened in that memory that triggered this, but I have no idea.

I felt weird after getting out of bed (in my head mostly, and so I was a bit off and maybe my reaction time was a bit slower at first) and at work at first and my mood was not so good at first but I returned to normal eventually.

I will see if it happens again.

The end,

-John Jr