My Coworker TR Moving Into A House And Weighing Myself?

I had more dreams but I did not record them, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

The dream possibly took place during the day and I was inside a house that my female coworker TR seemed to be moving into, and it seemed that me and my dad and someone else (possibly her husband Mr. R) were helping her move in.


Planet Of The Apes-Like Humanoid Apes (Aliens?) & The Leader Of The World? & Zombies & Codes & Symbols?

*I started typing this early but got interrupted by Super Bowl LI so I have slowly tried to type this off and on during the Super Bowl with many distractions so expect errors and missing details and expect this to be poorly typed*

Last night I fell asleep on the couch for about two hours after my brother GC and I finished watching some Japanese anime, and I suddenly woke up from my dreams but I forget them because I got up quickly to get in bed and I went back to sleep and I had several more dreams during the night.


Je Ne Sais Pas

Last night my sleep and dreams got interrupted several times, I remember getting too hot because of the heaters, and so that disturbed my sleep and dreams until I was able to cool down enough to go back to sleep.

I was possibly awakened at least once by someone because they said that I was snoring, and I woke up to use the bathroom during the night at least once.


The Alligator

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered a small part of my last dream, which took place at my grandfather’s house.

It was late in the evening and I had went to my grandfather’s house to do something, I just remember talking to him, and we went outside; there one of my uncles, one of my cousins, and my mom joined us in our conversation.

At some point I remember seeing a baby creäture, which I think I recognized as a known animal, but oddly I think that the creäture looked like a small very skinny reptile-like baby humanoid; but I could be wrong, because I remember knowing what it was and I picked it up, but my uncle told me to put it down & so I did.

Then we saw a small medium-sized alligator walking toward us, which I have never seen in my birth town before, and we started to back away from it in shock/surprise.

My uncle grabbed his machete and chopped its head off with one chop, and I asked him & my grandfather had they ever seen an alligator in their neighborhood before; and they said no, and they were surprised as well.

Oddly I do not remember what happened to the baby creäture.

Something weird happened inside my grandfather’s house later in the dream, but all that I remember is an unknown man being inside the house with us and something (plural) was in the house spreading & we could not defeat it (them) so we had to exit the house & someone was going to destroy the house if necessary to stop it (them); maybe it is somehow connected to the baby creäture, I do not know.

There was a panic and I think someone turned on the gas on the oven in the kitchen & the gas on the heaters, and they were going to attempt to blow up the house to kill what ever it(they) was (were) in the house; so it must have been pretty bad.
I remember trying to get everyone safely away from the house, and I was wondering how they (who ever it was going to try to blow up the house) would blow up the house without getting themselves killed; I just remember running with my mom away from the house, as we expected it to blow up.

I think the unknown man and my uncle ran out of the house, I think that my grandfather was already out of the house & my cousin as well, but the house did not blow up; but we could smell the gas.

Then there was a pause as we wondered what to do about what ever (plural) was still in the house, since it had not blown up, and I think we started trying to decide if we should go back inside to fight.

I think that my uncle, the unknown man, and I told my mom, grandfather, and my cousin to go to my parent’s house for their own safety; while the three of us would possibly go back in the house to fight, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Living At NF’s And / Or Parent’s House?

Dream 1

Before I type my dream fragment from last night, I will type the small part that I remember of my dream fragment from the night before.

I only remember at some point in the dream hovering, not in a body, but some how hovering over a city that appeared to be the city of L.

I spotted a road with a some small businesses on both sides of the road and I hovered down to a little shopping center/area, I saw a small empty business with a small second floor that looked like a one bed room apartment.

I remember thinking to myself that would be a nice little place to stay and start my computer business or something, and I think at this point I had a body or I just went inside of the empty business/apartment room; but that is all that I remember.

Dream 2

Last night I can not remember most of my dream at all either, I just remember being in a modern looking building / house that seemed to be one floor with sunken floors in some rooms and maybe even a basement or something.

Parts of the building were like a house with whitish colored carpets, walls, and ceilings I think and some other parts seemed more like a building than a house I think.

I just remember seeing my online female contact from Germany NF there and I guess we were talking and/or playing a game and/or walking around.

I guess we were in Germany but I never could see the outside since there were no windows, and I felt that I was temporary living here with her and/or her parents.

I just remember at some point NF talking about how she felt that I was distancing myself from her or something and then she started ignoring me, I tried to explain how that she was mistaken about the situation, but she would not listen and she laid on a small bed in a corner-like area of the house with her back facing me & next to the bed was a water based heater or something I think and a small music player.

It seemed that she thought I was me being distant or something and was not going to take it anymore and I guess she was going to start ignoring me or something until I changed and/or it was a punishment and/or something.

I think I started to think about the situation standing near the area where she was trying to sleep as the music player played, and I walked off for a moment I think, and I think NF’s parents came walking from another part of the house.

They asked me where NF was I think and I told them that she was asleep or trying to sleep, all in English, and then I think I thanked them for letting me temporarily stay at their house or something.

They walked off and I walked back over to where NF was sleeping to turn off the music player, I did it quietly so she would not wake up, and then I sat there for a moment thinking and wondering what NF was thinking/dreaming; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂