This was creepy & well done, especially the dialogue, except that Thomas’s voice was a bit too distorted, which made it difficult to understand what he said sometimes; like some of the best & most chilling & difficult to hear lines by Thomas:

I have seen past the farthest star… And I have gone to the edges of the earth… I can take you there, if you so choose. I can give you all the things you never knew you wanted, taste from the tallest chalice, dine at the largest hall… All I ask in return, is your soul. Your soul for a chance at a life without pain, without heartache. All of this I can give you and more… Just for your soul. Drain thee of woes… Your God has turned his back on you. That’s why my tracks still push me forward…

Trying To Get Into “Heaven”? | Michelle Forbes?

Dream 1

I had a variety of dreams after falling asleep a few hours on the couch that are mostly forgotten now because in some of the dreams I recorded my dreams and / or thought that they were being recorded, some of these were probably false awakening dreams, and some involved movies that were being filmed like one or more Fast & Furious movies.

These dreams moved in and out of normal dreams, dreams of movies being filmed, probably false awakening dreams, and one of these dreams involved a multi-purpose building.

Key & Peele – Fútbol Flop

Source: YouTube

Here is a comedy video that I should have posted during the FIFA World Cup by Comedy Central called Key & Peele – Fútbol Flop:

Here is how Comedy Central describes this video:

A seemingly minor injury to a flopping player during a soccer game becomes something much more dire.

One of the greatest soccer (football) flops of all time. 😀

-John Jr

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